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HTC One X Gets Root for 1.85 While Supplies Last

The HTC One X has had its share of problems with some hardware issues and lawsuits. Along with the rough debut and hardware issues, another problem facing HTC One X users is rooting the latest firmware. The current method requires users to downgrade their firmware, then root. This process can take some time and can be potentially dangerous if something flashes incorrectly. The One X now has a root method for the 1.85 firmware, but users are advised to use it quickly because the door could be closed at any minute.

The exploit was posted by XDA Senior Member beaups and is only usable for the AT&T and Rogers version of the One X. As stated, the root method will likely not last forever, as beaups states:


This is because during the method, users are to check for updates on their phone. This gives the device a file called local.prop, which is essential for the root method to work. Aside from the time sensitive nature, the root method itself is easy and pretty basic. Simply download a few files and carefully type in some commands and that Superuser box pops up in no time.

The full method, download links, and additional information can be found in the original thread

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