Samantha · Feb 14, 2013 at 04:00 am

Multitasking Fun with Floating Stickies and Floating Draw

With the new ‘phablet’ trend that’s been happening since the debut of Samsung Galaxy Note, multi-tasking has become a more integral function of smartphones. Floating apps such as Floating Stickies and Floating Draw simplify this by allowing apps to float or hover over other running apps. This allows users to more easily perform multiple actions at once. We here at XDA love this concept of floating apps, so it’s great to see more of these being developed and introduced right here in the XDA forums.

XDA Forum Member wutk3ksHD introduced to us two creations: Floating Notes and Floating Paint. Developed with XDA Senior Member pingpongboss‘s very own StandOut, the applications’ functions are similar to and Floating Stickies and Floating Draw, which are, to jot down notes and to illustrate over another app, respectively. Up to two resizable and minimizable notepads can be opened simultaneously. Transparency can be adjusted. and notes can be saved, shared, copied, and pasted. Floating Paint allows up to four resizable and minimizable windows to doodle on. A pane slides out from the right of a window to allow users to set the window transparency, color of the paint, and the thickness of the paintbrush.

The practicality and usefulness and for some, novelty, of floating apps cannot be denied. The more of these apps appear, the more growth and innovation we’ll see from this relatively niche market. Wutk3ksHD has made Floating Notes and Floating Paint available for free to all users of Android versions 2.1 and up. For more details, check out the original threads for Floating Notes and Floating Paint.

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