egzthunder1 · Aug 3, 2010 at 03:00 pm

New Wiki Officially Launched!

Lots of people were eagerly waiting for this, and we are happy to announce that the new and improved xda-developers Wiki has been officially released. Some of you are probably not aware, but XDA has had a Wiki for many years where users would put in guides, troubleshooting tips, useful links, among many other things to complement this huge knowledge database. Recently, we were having several security related issues with it and the “rejuvenation” project for the wiki, which was in the talks, had to be pushed a lot sooner than expected. As a result of that, the current Wiki had to be taken down temporarily.

Unlike the old style wiki, this new one (which resembles that of Media Wikis across the web) has a fresh new look with updated articles and pics to make the information searching experience a breeze. For instance, if you went there in the quest of something like “how to cook a rom for your HD2″, you would simply have to go to the main wiki, scroll down until you find the picture of the section related to the device in question, and click on it. You would then be taken to the page dealing with everything HD2, from specs and carriers to cooking roms, unlocking, and more! Everything is neatly organized with links to the relevant sections for each device’s forums and threads.

Another feature that has been greatly improved over the old version is the “Search” function, which would yield better links to the information that you are looking for, based on your search criteria. Finally, the wiki is tied up directly to your XDA username, and as such, it allows you to do certain things:

  • My Watchlist: The new wiki allows you to monitor and receive alerts if certain pages that you are interested have received updates or changes to them.
  • My Contributions: If you are a regular contributor of knowledge on XDA and you like to share everything  in the wiki, this is a good way of keeping track of what you have and have not done yet. This logs your additions to the wiki page.
  • My Preferences: Allows you to change things like appearance, personal information, tracking preferences, and more.

The following are some examples of useful content found in the Wiki, dealing with the latest and greatest projects on XDA:

We would like to thank everyone who helped with the transition, migrating content from the old wiki to the new one. The job is not 100% complete as there is still information in the older wiki that needs to be ported over, but we still would like to thank all those involved for doing such a great job:

If you would like to contribute, or simply want to find something about your device, please take a look at the Wiki.

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