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Newsplat with Caplat – 22 May – XDA TV

In today’s episode of the Newsplat with Caplat on XDA TV, Sam talks about a CM7 Nightly ROM featuring some Kingdom goodies; A HoneySense ROM featuring a mix between 2.1 and 3.0 UI’s; ClockworkMod Recovery for the HD2; A custom built Google Analytics app, Google Analytix, featuring some unique abilities over other apps; A collection of Portal articles and we witness something you shouldn’t do at home. Click on for the episode!


HoneySense ROM
CM7 InsertCoin Nightly ROM
ClockworkMod Recovery for HD2
Google Analytix app
Interview with Pof
Hardware skinning
Azrienoch’s Weekly Roundup
Chad Hughes’ guide

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Jimmy McGee · Jun 30, 2015 at 06:00 am · 2 comments

Make Your Network Smart – XDA Xposed Tuesday

We rave about the features and abilities of our smartphones. However, in order for the device to be so smart, there is a lot of items running in the background. Running all these processes behind the curtain can impact battery life. If you can control how often something runs in the background, you may be able to get some more battery life out of your device. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed...

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Do You Have Insurance on Your Smartphone?

While affordable smartphones are becoming more available, the majority of high-end flagships are still upwards of $600. With these devices carrying such a hefty price, people look for different ways to protect their investment. The most popular way to protect your smartphone is just to buy a case, but many people like the added peace of mind that comes with insuring your phone. We're interesting in seeing just how many of you actually buy insurance on your smartphone. Let us know why or why not in the comments below.

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