Welcome to the XDA-Developers NFC resource page! You must have received an official XDA NFC keyfob. This page will help you learn about NFC and how to re-program your tag to perform devices actions, launch websites, and more.

Q: What is NFC?

A: You already know the answer to that :)

Q: How do I re-program my NFC tag?

A: Easy! Just download one of many NFC programming tools from Google Play like NFC Task Launcher.

Q: Why would I want to re-program my NFC tag?

A: Here are some scenarios where you might want to have your NFC tag perform certain tasks:

  • In the car: tap your phone to an NFC tag on your dashboard to open up Google Maps, turn on Bluetooth, turn off WiFi, and increase ringer volume
  • At home: tap your phone to an NFC tag on your nightstand to silence the ringer, turn on WiFi, and launch the Play Books app
  • In the office: tap your phone to an NFC tag to launch your email, and silence your ringer

Other resources:

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