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oStream Brings a Faster Facebook Experience

A while back, we brought you a modified version of the Facebook app that was slimmed down and faster than the official. It’s been quite some time, but another development team is going for the faster Facebook experience. This time it’s not just the interface, but the well known network issues as well.

XDA Forum Member oStream released an open beta for oStream. oStream is a Facebook application that not only promises a faster experience, but one free of network connection errors. It does this by synchronizing your profile data every now and again so things appear instantly. You can then interact with your profile and the profiles of others, and oStream am will get it to Facebook as soon as it can. Some of the features include:

Instantly available because when you open oStream, your news feed appears Instantly. No loading times. No delays.

Always available. You are in a place with no internet connection. You want to check your notications: oStream will show you the ones that existed the last time you were connected to the internet.

No connection drop problems You are checking your news feed and the connection suddenly drops: you will be able to continue to read and interact with your news feed. You won’t even notice connection problems

Forget about data errors You are uploading a photo and your internet connection drops: oStream will simply detect the error and re-upload the photo for you as soon as you’re back online.

This could be a big step forward for third-party Facebook apps. While we’ve seen exceptions, most apps at this point haven’t done much to add new features, but rather try to refine the obviously flawed stock Facebook experience. This application does a lot of that, but this actually adds some features not found in the Facebook app. Keep in mind, though, that this is a beta and thus not everything will be working properly.

The beta is currently open to XDA members. So if you’d like to give it a shot, head to the original thread to find the download links.

[Thank to XDA Resident Ninja and Moderator Committee member stylez for the tip!]
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