Google Keep 3 Brings Material Design, Sharing Options


Google has begun rolling out an update to one of its lesser known (but still amazing) apps: Google Keep. It was fairly easy to predict that the newest version of the note taking app would be re-designed to meet the new Material Design UI instructions, and sure enough, it was.

In addition to the visual changes, Google Keep received a long list of under-the-hood changes. New in version 3.0, users can finally share their notes. This useful feature lets you share items like shopping lists, for example. A note can be shared with multiple people, so this is a nice way to orchestrate collaboration.

Searching notes is also much simpler, as you can now filter the notes by color or status (shared, etc.). The list of changes is q. . . READ ON »

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SuperSU Beta 2.23 Increases Root App Support

SuperSU Beta 2.23

You may recall that back when Android 4.4 KitKat was the cool kids’ Android version and Android 5.0 was just a name floating on everybody’s lips, we spoke about the next Android version bringing root headaches. Fast forward to the present, Lollipop is rolling out quickly to Nexus devices and most of this year’s flagships, and we already have root access on it thanks to CF-Auto Root being patched accordingly. But due to the aforementioned hurdles and subsequent exploits, some root apps are still unable to acquire root permissions.

Earlier today, XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire pushed an update to the SuperSU Beta flashable zip on his website, which bumps up the version to v2.2. . . READ ON »

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Nokia N1 is a $249 Android-Powered Tablet


It’s been a few months since Microsoft successfully acquired Nokia’s mobile technology division. As a result, we’ve seen a cut of 15% of Nokia’s global workforce of 18 thousand. More recently, Microsoft decided to cut the ties with the Nokia heritage by releasing the self-branded Microsoft Lumia 535.

If you thought that Nokia was but a ghost company, we’re pleased to announce that you are wrong. Nokia–the real one based in Finland–has announced a new device. This new device is a tablet that can favorably compare with the latest Nexus 9. The Nokia N1 tablet will be powered by Android and licensed by Google. This means that we will likely see Google apps pre-inst. . . READ ON »

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Download Status on the Notification Bar – XDA Xposed Tuesday


If you’ve ever had to download something on your phone, you know that big files can take a while. Depending on your data coverage, small files might also take a while. So to kill time during a download, you go do other things on your phone. It would be nice if you didn’t have to pull open your notification tray to check the status of your download.

In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that shows a visual download completion indicator on your notification bar. XDA Recognized Contributor C3C076 created the Statusbar Download Progress module. TK shows off the modules and gives his thoughts, so check out this Xposed Tuesday video.. . . READ ON »

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Improve the Hardware Speaker on Google Glass


Google Glass is one of those ridiculously expensive toys that every practically grown-up gadget lover wants pretty badly. Glass is like gadget enthusiast jewelry that has to be worn to Android-related event. But for all of its positives, there are some problems inherent to its implementation.

People with larger heads might have a problem with Google Glass’s audio quality. Due to a poorly positioned speaker, this can then lead to loads of frustration. Our favorite hardware hacker, XDA Recognized Developer AdamOutler, did what he always does with his tools and prepared a handy solution that makes the speaker sound better for those with slightly larger heads. The process is very simple and not that exp. . . READ ON »

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Google Play Services 6.5 Updates Fit, Drive, and Wallet APIs

Google Play Services 6.5

The last time we saw a major update to Google Play Services was back in September with the launch of Play Services 6.1. This update brought new ecommerse analytics tools, a tag manager, and an improved Drive API. Google Play Services 6.1 was then rolled out to all Play-enabled users via the Google Play Store roughly one month later, alongside a revised app settings icon. Now, approximately another month later, Google has yet again updated Play Services, this time to 6.5.

Google Play Services 6.5 brings quite a few additions to the company’s fragmentation-thwarting tool. For starters, version 6.5 updates the recently released Google Fit API. Using the Fit SDK, you can “supercharge your fitnes. . . READ ON »

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Lollipop Finally Lands on the Xperia Z3


No more than a few weeks back, we talked about a video in which the Sony Xperia Z1, Z2 and Z3 were running an AOSP build of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It didn’t take long for them to deliver a device tree and the unified kernel that can be used to compile a ROM on your own build machines.

The provided source is enough to compile a ROM and boot it, but the ROM itself isn’t ready to become a daily driver. Some crucial things like RIL and camera were broken. XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor krabappel2548 focused on providing the most stable AOSP ROM for the Sony Xperia Z3, and in doing so, they managed to fix multiple software issues like WiFi, calls, and texting (sort of). While this ROM is still an early previe. . . READ ON »

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Unlimited Screen Recorder Captures Screencasts on Lollipop

Unlimited Screen Recorder

There are plenty of reasons why one would want to capture video from a mobile device. Perhaps you’re showing a friend or parent how to perform a certain task on Android, or maybe you’re in the mood to show off your skills in Angry Birds. Heck, you could even be a developer trying to educate your users. Whatever the case, creating and capturing screencasts can be quite useful.

Unfortunately, most applications that allow users to record a screencast are of the freemium variety. As such, there’s often a recording time limit, watermark, or abundant advertising toget in the way. Moreover, many of them don’t even work on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Luckily, XDA Senior Member Syntaxer came up wi. . . READ ON »

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ADB WiFi Connects Your PC and Phone–Even on Lollipop


ADB (Android Debug Bridge) can be used to perform various actions like pulling a logcat, pushing and pulling the files, and much more. To connect your device to your computer, you normally need to use a USB cable, which must be plugged in to your device and a computer. Unfortunately, cables seem to like disappearing at the least opportune moments–when you have to pull a log, for instance.

With the ADB WiFi tool by XDA Recognized Developer bartito, you can put the cables to rest. ADB WiFi is an application that allows your device to be connected to your computer through your home WiFI connection. It works with every operating system that can be configured with ADB, as long as you own a rooted Android device. I. . . READ ON »

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