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Two New Moto X and New Moto G – Specs & Details

Today’s Moto event just ended and now we have a clear look at all of Motorola’s upcoming phones, including not one but two refreshed versions of their Moto X line. So how do these phones stack up against the competition? Motorola promises no compromises for affordable prices in every bracket, and this is what they have to offer:     Motorola wanted to focus on 5 aspects: meaningful exchanges, making and sharing memories, Self Expression, being always there for you...

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The All New Moto G Is as Impressive as Ever

The first of today's Motorola events is over, this one held in New Delhi in India and dealing simply with the announcement of the new Moto G. We're expecting more releases later today from events across the world, but at the moment Indian fans should be pleased to hear the specs and pricing of the Lenovo-owned manufacturer's new budget handset.   The 2015 Moto G comes in two versions, one basic model with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM for ₹11,999...

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How Strong Is Your Connection? – XDA Xposed Tuesday

Everyone is always talking about their bars. How many bars of WiFi do they have? How many bars of 4G? What does a bar really represent? Does it give you any indication of the “strength” of the signal? Does it give you the throughput? If you had this information, you could know more about your data connections. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that gives you the ability to put certain...

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OnePlus 2 Announced: Specs, Price and Details

The OnePlus 2 has just had its Virtual Reality Launch event, and at the XDA Office we all watched it live to see the new Flagship Killer attempt to make us never settle for anything else. The event itself was streamed through the OnePlus 2 Launch application, and now that it is over, we know plenty about the specifications and everything the new device is offering.   The device features a premium design with metal edges and buttons and a...


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A Helpful Guide to Music Streaming Services

With the launch of Apple Music, music streaming services have recently gained a lot of consumer interest, and as usual, Apple's foray into the market has caused disruption, as competitors scramble to introduce new features and modify their pricing structures in order to better compete, and as fresh users new to the market continue to evaluate and decide which service would suit them the best.   While many people are quick to denounce all streaming services as being a variable of...

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An Inside Look at the Redesign of Business Calendar

The much-acclaimed calendar app, Business Calendar, underwent a major design overhaul earlier this year. Smashing Magazine goes in-depth with the team in charge of the new user experience at Opoloo Studios. Read on to learn about the process of building a world-class Android UI...

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New Android One Device Dead On Arrival

Today, Google announced the second generation of Android One devices, with the new Lava Pixel V1. The Lava Pixel V1 is made in collaboration with Lava International Limited, a handset company in India which competes in the domestic market against other competitors like Micromax, Karbonn and Spice. The device features a premium looking design, with a plastic back emulating a metal look and thin bezels on the front. The spec sheet of the device includes a Mediatek MT6582 processor clocked...

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How To Reverse Engineer Android Apps

Reverse engineering an Android app can be useful when scouting for security holes or simply for those looking to learn more about how successful apps are made. The Infosec Institute have published a useful step-by-step guide on how to create legible Java from an APK file - check it out!

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OnePlus 2 Leaked, Actually Prettier Than Expected

The OnePlus 2 launch event is mere hours away, and we have been treated to clear, hands on pictures courtesy of XDA Member chinaleakking, who claims to be a beta tester for the OnePlus 2. So without much ado, let's get on with it! The OnePlus 2 was spotted earlier when it paid a visit to TENAA, and the general reaction that followed was that the device looked bad. However, with these clear pictures, it should be no surprise that the...

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New Samsung Monitor Will Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

Wireless charging is certainly a technology of the future, having tremendous scope to make our lives a tad bit more convenient. And that is the aim of Samsung's newly launched SE370 Monitor, as it claims to be the world's first monitor with an integrated wireless charger for smartphones. The monitor will work with all devices that support the Qi wireless charging standard. Apart from the integrated wireless charger, the Samsung SE370 has a fairly standard setup as far as being a...

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Security Vulnerability Found in Majority of Android Phones

Security firm Zimperium has announced that it has discovered a vulnerability in Android versions 2.2 - 5.1, independent of Google Play Services. Specifics won't be published until August, but it is claimed that a hacker could use a video within a Hangouts MMS to access the target phone without the user being aware.

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LG G4 Variants Rooted! OnePlus 2 Invites Open! – XDA TV

The LG G4 Carrier Variants have been rooted! That and much more news is covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this week. Included in this week's news is the announcement of the opening of the OnePlus 2 invite queue and be sure to check out the article talking about the rooting of the Dell Venue 8 7840. That's not all that's covered in today's video! Jordan talks about the other videos released this week on XDA...

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Smooth Your ZenFone 2 with CyanogenMod 12.1

The ZenFone 2 now has a CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM that serves as a much needed trim to the user experience of stock ZenUI. XDA Senior Member ansebovi has provided a step-by-step guide for getting it running on your device from scratch. In case you haven't, be sure to check out our impressions first!

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TWRP Recovery Released for T-Mobile LG G4

Hot on the heels of the recent LG G4 carrier root method, TWRP has been released for the T-Mobile LG G4 (H811). You'll need root and an unlocked bootloader to proceed. Happy flashing!

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Sunday Debate: Software vs. Hardware Keys

Join us in a fun Sunday Debate on navigation keys. Come with your opinions and feel free to read some of our thoughts, then pick your side or play devil’s advocate to get your voice heard and engage in friendly discussion. You can read our food-for-thought or jump straight into the fray below!       Touchscreens have the virtue of being able to represent all sorts of buttons and prompts on a screen, making for interactive and dynamic interfaces. But...