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SuperSU v2.78 SR1 Released with su Binary Bugfixes and New Versioning Scheme

XDA Recognized Developer Chainfire has released an update to his SuperSU app, involving a few bugfixes and one critical update to supolicy. The critical update to supolicy is best explained in the...
September 15, 2016 3:11 PM

Would You Buy an Android Phone With No Headphone Jack?

The launch of the iPhone 7 put some fresh arguments into the debate of whether headphone jacks should go. LeEco was the first one to go headphone jack-less, and Motorola/Lenovo...
September 15, 2016 2:20 PM

Parallel Windows for Nougat Lets Users Run Multiple App Instances in MultiWindow

Parallel Windows for Nougat lets users on Nougat toggle split-screen multiwindow, and lets you mirror any app on it. This lets you run two instances of the same app!
September 15, 2016 10:43 AM

CyanogenMod 14 Based on Android 7.0 Booting on the HTC HD2

The HTC HD2, which was released seven years ago with Windows Mobile 6.5, has now booted yet another Android version. The CM14 build is not suitable for daily use, but...
September 15, 2016 9:58 AM

Jide Launch Remix OS Player — Light Weight Android Emulator For Windows

“Remix OS Player” is currently only available for Windows PCs however, Mac support is coming in the future. Installation comes in the form of an .EXE and can be run as...
September 15, 2016 9:00 AM

Rawad Rants About OEM Customer Service

Rawad can’t stop finding things to rant about in the world of Android. This time he’s going off on OEM customer support. Recently he has experienced a nightmare of a...
September 15, 2016 8:52 AM

Honor 8 in Pictures: Blue, Black and White

These different colors are not applied to a shiny plastic body like you see in many smartphones. These have a very metallic look and are encased in 15 layers of...
September 15, 2016 8:02 AM

Stepping into Programming & Android Development: Can Online Courses Cut it?

Android is a wonderful platform: the sheer flexibility of the mobile OS is the main reason we all choose to use it instead of its competitors. Because Android is so...
September 14, 2016 5:26 PM

Wakelocks and Battery Life Instability: Why Android Needs Better, Accessible Tools to Pinpoint Battery Drainers

Battery is the hottest topic these days — figuratively, speaking of course. But another battery-related topic does not get as much attention as the issue deserves: battery life instability on Android....
September 14, 2016 5:21 PM

What’s New in Google Pixel Launcher

Yesterday we posted about the Google Pixel launcher unofficially being available for download. Today we have a video tour of everything that’s new in the launcher. Check out this short...
September 14, 2016 8:47 AM

Samsung Spokesperson: U.S. Galaxy Note 7 Solutions Will Be Through CPSC; No Charge-Limit OTA Yet

Earlier today we shared news from The Korea Times about an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 update in Korea that will limit the maximum charge it is able to hold. Given that...
September 13, 2016 2:47 PM

Android-x86 Project Releases Stable Version of Android 6.0

If you are someone who runs Android on your laptop or desktop, you may have heard of the Android-x86 project. For those who haven’t, the Android-x86 program is an initiative...
September 13, 2016 1:51 PM