How to Unroot and Relock the Google Nexus 6 on a Mac – XDA TV


In the past, XDA Developer TV Producer droidmodd3rx has shown you how to root and unlock the bootloader on a Nexus device. This process used the WugFresh Toolkit to Unlock than Relock and Unroot and Root. That required a Windows PC. People have asked for an easy way to do this with a Mac computer.

Droidmodd3rx presents instructions on how to remove root access and relock the bootloader of your Google Nexus 6 using tools from the XDA Developers Forums. The process is painless and pretty easy. Next week we will have video that shows you how to unlock the bootloader and root a Nexus 6 using your Mac as well. So, take a moment and check this video out.. . . READ ON »

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Moto G (2013) GPe Also Gets Android 5.0.1, OTA Captured


Motorola has been a smartphone OEM for a very long time, but recent years have been quite difficult for the company. As a result, this American company found itself acquired first by Google and then by Chinese giant Lenovo. When the Moto G was released, Motorola was still a part of Google and Android’s creators ensured that the budget device would ship with great support and an AOSP-like experience.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen many devices getting their Android 5.0 updates. No more than few hours ago, we talked about the GPe Samsung Galaxy S4 receiving an OTA update. The Google Play Edition of Moto G (2013) has joined the Android 5.0 club, as Google decided to push the OTA for this device. The update . . . READ ON »

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Highly Functional Android 5.0 Build Lands on Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Galaxy S Plus

Released in 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S Plus is one heck of an old device. Despite this, it remains privy to a very healthy dose of aftermarket development. Although having shipped with Android 2.3, support for this device has been going strong ever since–not from Samsung, but from its users. This can be witnessed with the dual boot functionality it received, and highly functional Jellybean and Kitkat landing on the device in the form of unofficial CyanogenMod 10 and 11 builds. In the face of all this active development, one really does wonder whether there’s anything the Galaxy S Plus can’t do.

With all this said, it can at least now be said that running Android 5.0 is definitely something the device ca. . . READ ON »

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Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe Receives a Lollipop, OTA Captured


Just over a week ago, we talked about two Google Play Edition devices getting their Lollipop updates. HTC released updates for the One and One (M8), as well as the kernel source required by GPL licensing. Another OEM started to roll out the Android 5.0.1. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505G should expect the OTA notification soon.

Android Lollipop was announced back in June at the Google I/O Keynote. This revision of Google’s OS brings tons of new features and completely overhauled application design. Google Play Edition devices are available to buy in Google Play Store, have the AOSP variant of Android, and are supported directly by Google.

The incremental update itself is 492 MB, and should be in. . . READ ON »

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Learn How to Restore Files and Settings with Flashable ZIPs


There’s an absolute treasure trove of mods we can find, access, and play with here on the XDA Forums–each with their own purpose and effects. Some change the aesthetics and cosmetics of your device’s UI, some enhance the utility and practicality of features, and some are just for fun. However, unless provided, there’s really no way of reverting the changes of these effects other than by backing up your entire ROM, such as with Nandroid backups and restoring them, and this is only possibly if you made a backup before the mod was installed.

With this said, another common way of reverting effects of mods is by flashing a special ZIP package, but this is only available if the mod developer made and provi. . . READ ON »

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Use the OnePlus One Front Earpiece for Media Playback

OPO speakers

Opting for dual speakers positioned on the bottom of the OnePlus One, many would say that this device’s speakers look awfully similar to the ones on the Nexus 5. Despite the aesthetic similarity, the One employs two separate sound drivers, each with its own speaker grille. So although they may not be stereo, they at least produce strong sounds at top volume. However, if this doesn’t seem to just quite cut it for some One owners out there, the OnePlus One Stereo Mod may remedy this issue.

Developed by XDA Senior Member abhi08638, the stereo mod activates the One’s front earpiece as another speaker for media playback, such as playing music, videos and games. Despite its name, the mod does not actually c. . . READ ON »

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Unofficial CM12 for the HTC Sensation


The HTC Sensation was the first device to ship with the “brand new” Sense 3.0 back in 2011. This former flagship smartphone stayed on Ice Cream Sandwich when HTC decided to abandon it and focus on the One line. Now, the Sensation is almost four years old. Despite this, many still use it as their primary device. Development for this device is still quite active, and as a result we can see a quite functional Lollipop build.

The unofficial CyanogenMod 12 port was built by XDA Recognized Contributor shantur. The ROM is still in the testing phase, but the list of working items is quite impressive. According to developer most things, if not everything, is working. There are some reports regarding the Wi-Fi c. . . READ ON »

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Sony Shows How to Unlock the Bootloader on Xperia Devices

Zrzut ekranu z 2014-12-13 01:36:28

For casual smartphone users, the bootloader is more than likely something of a mystery. Many users don’t know what it does, and there’s a fair chance that they’ve never even heard of it. For XDA users, the bootloader is something that allows us to flash custom kernels and ROMs. Some OEMs and carriers, however, lock the bootloader and don’t give users a chance to unlock it. Luckily, not all OEMs and carriers perform such a practice.

Quite a few times now, Sony has proven that it is a relatively developer friendly OEM. The Japanese OEM has since maintained a strong connection with the community, even hiring XDA Senior Recognized Developer jerpelea as their Developer Relations Manage. . . READ ON »

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Use Widgets on Your Lock Screen with Widget Pager


To make our devices more efficient, many have turned to the use of widgets. Developers who care about their users often decide to put lots of work into making widgets an integral part of their applications and services. Widgets debuted on Android home screens, but Google later allowed users to use them on their lock screens in certain versions of the platform.

In the versions of Android that allow for lock screen widgets, you can ordinarily use only one widget per screen, which is far from perfect–especially when your device has a big screen that can house multiple widgets. To make this problem less of an issue, XDA Senior Member elesbb prepared a simple application that lets you add up to four widgets that a. . . READ ON »

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