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T-Mo Note Edge Gets Note 4 ROM for More Mods

The Note Edge was a proof-of-concept phone that paved the way to the much more popular Galaxy S6 Edge, which critics and users alike enjoy (even if just because of the aesthetics). The Note Edge, though, did not see as much production as the regular Note 4, and it was priced significantly higher than its regular brother.   It also did not hit as many markets, and all of these factors combined meant that, compared to the regular Note 4,...

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Pokemon Jukebox Brings Classic Tunes — at a Price

When rumors began saying that Nintendo would be releasing Android games, many gamers old and young alike were salivating at the possibility. Since the initial rumors and reports, we haven’t heard much in the way of official statements, but now Pokémon has actually reached Android for you to enjoy… well, listen to. For money.   Pokémon Jukebox is a new application that, as its name implies, allows you to listen to pokémon music. Pokémon games have some of the most...

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Convert your AT&T HTC One M9 to a Developer Edition

Bloatware is something that many mobile phone users have to live with, but for those with an S-OFF AT&T M9, there is another way. XDA Senior Member clsA has posted instructions in the linked thread on how to convert your HTC One into the leaner Developer Edition.


What Is Your Favorite Custom ROM for Your Device?

6 comments · Stock Android is great, but there's nothing like the excitement you get from installing a fresh new custom ROM. Custom ROMs are usually first to get many bug fixes and requested features, sometimes even long before official support from OEMs. Let us know your favorite custom ROM for your device, and what makes it so awesome.

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Web Gmail Adds the ‘Undo Send’ Option

Today, Google has announced the addition of the Undo Send option to the web version of Gmail. As the name suggests, this long-requested feature allows the sender to set a given time period after sending an email, during which they can cancel the message and stop it reaching any of its intended recipients. Notably it has not made its way to the Android app as yet.     This is a fantastic feature for the more clumsy user like myself and one...

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Ticklr Provides Ticker Notifications For Lollipop

For all the goodies Lollipop brought with it, it did bring along a change which has drawn mixed reactions from all. You either love the idea, or absolutely hate it. That change is the removal of the classic Ticker animation for notifications, which has been a part of Android since the very early days, in favor of the Heads Up notification system. If you belong to the group of users who do not entirely like this new approach of bringing...

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Taking a Look at AMOLED Power Efficiency

Between power consumption, color accuracy, and resolution: AMOLED screen technology has come a long way in a very short time. AnandTech has taken a look at the marked decrease in power consumption of Samsung's AMOLED over the years.

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Preliminary Update List For Sense 7 / Android 5.1 Surfaces

This year has been a pretty forgettable year for HTC so far. The company has had little success on the flagship front, and with dwindling stock prices, the company has had to resort to other means to retain consumer interest. Things have been bad, but it seems the company is intent on turning it all around. One such step comes in the form of a preliminary update list for Android 5.1 and Sense 7. While the source for this information is not...

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XHangouts to Customize the Look – XDA Xposed Tuesday

Most of us here at XDA use Hangouts on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that’s not because Hangouts is the best, most customizable chat program. Google tells you what to like about Hangouts and doesn’t make it easy for you to change that. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that enables you to change the look and feel of Hangouts. XDA Recognized Developer Kevin M created the XHangouts module. We’ve reviewed XHangouts...

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Ever needed to know what song was playing, but couldn't be bothered to pull your phone out of your pocket? Songie is aimed at these situations where looking at the phone is not possible. Much like the iPod Shuffle, Songie narrates the currently playing song, and also supports most common music players.

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Dropbox 3.0.0 Brings Material Design

While the Dropbox beta has had Material Design for a while, the latest official main release now finished the transition and brings more material goodies into the application for everyone to enjoy. If Dropbox is your cloud service of choice, get it now!

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T-Mobile Rolls Out 5.1.1 To The Samsung S5

Over the coming days, Samsung Galaxy S5 users with T-Mobile will start to see the option to update to Android 5.1.1, an impressive feat considering many S6 users on other networks are still awaiting the same update. If you can't wait for the OTA you can of course use Samsung Kies to update your device now.

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OnePlus 2 Will Feature a USB Type C Port

The OnePlus 2 is getting closer and closer, and OnePlus seems to be keen on releasing new details on the kind of features and hardware their new flagship will bring to the table. OnePlus’ “Never Settle” raised expectations last year, and they want to deliver as good of an experience as they did with the One. Their latest announcement is truly in tune with the sentiment.   OnePlus has now revealed the the OnePlus 2 will feature a USB Type...

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Sony Brings Android M Dev Preview to 17 Devices

Sony has now released a guide on creating and flashing a test image of AOSP Android M Preview that can be used for any of the 17 Xperia devices listed on their Open Device Program. Although neither the modem or camera have been implemented, the preview is an excellent opportunity to test the new features such as improved app permissions. Supported devices include: Xperia Z3/Z3 compact/Tablet compact Xperia Z2/Z2 Tablet Xperia Z1/Z1 compact Xperia Z/Z ultra/ZL/Tablet Z Xperia E3 Xperia...


What Are Your Expectations for the OnePlus 2?

3 comments · The announcement for the highly anticipated OnePlus 2 is right around the corner. All we know about the device so far is that it will be using an updated version of the SnapDragon 810. Can the OnePlus 2 have the same impact on the industry as its predecessor? Let us know your expectations for the upcoming device below.