· Mar 25, 2015 at 09:30 am

OnePlus One Receives Unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1

While the OnePlus One is yet to receive official CyanogenMod 12.1, XDA Senior Member CraZY_BoY^ has compiled unofficial builds of the same, based on CM sources. The bug list for the rom has a few entries, but the builds themselves are pretty good for knowing the progress of CM 12.1 on this device, so give it a shot!

· Mar 25, 2015

[APP] Show Tracker

In the era of series and TV shows, it's really hard to keep track of them. If you don't know when your favorite TV station airs the next episode of the show, this app is something that you really need. Find the show, enter the episode number and you're set.

· Mar 25, 2015

CM12 Nightlies for Moto Maxx

Users of the Moto Maxx can now download Android Lollipop in the form of CM12 nightlies. As usual, this is available before an official 5+ OTA update, so if you were looking to update, now is your chance.    

· Mar 25, 2015 at 07:30 am

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OTA Captured

It's been a while since Google released Android 5.0, but some users are still waiting to get the update. Waiting time for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in AT&T is finally over. The 1GB update has been captured by XDA Forum Member ericplatham. Grab it now!

· Mar 25, 2015 at 07:00 am · 3 comments

Must Have App Review: Pocket Casts for Android

The great thing about our smartphones is the ability to put on your head phones and listen to music or podcasts while on the bus, on the train, waiting at the DMV or just eating lunch when you are trying to block out the outside world. In order to listen to podcasts seamlessly, you will want the best application you can get your hands on. The talented developers over at “Shifty Jelly” offer up a must have podcast application. In...

· Mar 25, 2015 at 06:00 am

Gramophone Player: Beautiful Design, Impressive Features

The music player space on Android has heated up after the release of Material Design, and the latest player to come to the table is Gramophone, a beautifully designed app with a near-perfect implemetation of Material Design augmented by an impressive array of features such as Last.FM inegration, tag editing and more.

· Mar 24, 2015

Action Launcher 3.3 Released

This new version of Action Launcher brings an open-source API to improve theming, a new fully customizable gesture and shortcut system, Google search overlay support, and the ability to import other launchers' layouts. Check it out!

· Mar 24, 2015

[CM12] Batman v Superman Theme

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is expected to be played in theaters in 2016. However, you don't have to wait any longer to get a theme with two famous DC Universe superheroes. This theme will work only on ROMs with CyanogenMod 12 Theme Engine.

· Mar 24, 2015 at 06:06 pm

Get S4 Rooted Lollipop Without Knox Triggering

This guide by XDA Senior Member Tyxerakias will help you get root on a Lollipop firmware without tripping Knox, great for those that want to keep the pristine 0x0 status. If you don't want to void your warranty but absolutely depend on root, this is definitely the thread to check out!

· Mar 24, 2015 at 03:02 pm

Trivia Crack Cracked and Enabled Cheat Mode

XDA's own Randy Westergren has all sorts of "Security Research Adventures" on his blog, and in his latest quest he managed to discover a cheat mode found within the code of Trivia Crack. Read the interesting story here to learn a thing or two, or simply head in to check out the patched APK... but don't exploit it!

· Mar 24, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Android Auto Compatibility Test

Google has launched an automatic test to check compatibility with the new Android Auto service, simply visit the page from any Android device. Some users have however been reporting incorrect results at the current time so if your device is shown as incompatible at the present time, keep checking back.

· Mar 24, 2015 at 12:34 pm

Galaxy S6 Teardown

How repairable is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its newly non-removable back cover? Tinkerers at ETrade Supply have filmed the complete teardown process, and it's refreshingly straightforward (if difficult); check out the blog post for the full video and annotations.

· Mar 24, 2015 at 12:17 pm · 5 comments

HTC: Phasing Out Or Phoenix?

It was announced recently that Cher Wang would replace Peter Chou as CEO of HTC. Chou has now taken up a role in the Future Development Lab, as a drastic shift was almost inevitable considering HTC’s recent performance in both share price and market share. However this could be a case of too little, too late. Employees of HTC spoke to us recently at a conference and when asked about the future of the company with Wang as CEO, they stated...

· Mar 24, 2015 at 11:49 am

Tab S 10.5 Lollipop Rollout Begins, Firmware Available

The Android Lollipop rollout for the Wi-Fi variant of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 has begun in the US, Canada and France and for those of you who can't wait till it hits your device, Sammobile has the firmware available for download, which can easily be flashed via Kies.

· Mar 24, 2015 at 11:37 am · 4 comments

Oppo “R7″ Bezel-Less Smartphone Demoed in Video

Recently, images have been doing the rounds of what claims to be the new horse out of Oppo's stable, the Oppo R7. The talking point of this device is the lack of any major bezel on two sides of the 5.5" display. Obviously inspired by the Sharp Aquos Crystal, the images and the accompanying video show a working model of the bezelless device, along with a quick demo of the phone's music player and video player. While the Sharp Aquos Crystal...