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Intuitively Convert Units in Material Design Style with S Converter

There is absolutely no shortage of unit converters on the Android platform. In fact, ever since our phones were graced with the awesomeness that is Google Now / Voice Search, we’ve been able to convert units on the fly using nothing but the soothing sounds of our own voice. But even though converting units by voice is convenient in certain circumstances, it’s not always the most precise. Because of this, there is still certainly a place for dedicated unit conversion apps.

With so many good unit conversion app options already available, any newcomer into the arena needs to bring something substantial to the table. . . . READ ON »

Google I/O 2014 App Source Demonstrates Material Design in Action

Every year, Google publishes an app for its I/O conference that serves a dual purpose. In addition to being a guide and schedule planner for those attending the conference or live streaming it across the globe, the app also serves as a demonstration of the best practices for Android design and development. This year’s I/O Keynote was a resounding success, the expanding of Android’s horizons being complemented by the launch of the Android L Developer Preview. While some of the products unveiled such as Android Auto and Android One have yet to be launched, Android L and its Material . . . READ ON »


Create Your Own Custom Android Wear Watch Face with WearFaces

Create Your Own Custom Android Wear Watch Face with WearFaces

One of the perks of having a smartwatch is the flexibility you have with regards to its aesthetics, and in particular, the watch face. And with Android Wear out for a few months now, there’s already an explosion of apps geared towards customization appearing in the Google Play Store. However, if one were to have the ability to create his or her own watch face, the possibilities for watch face customization become pretty much endless.

With this said, XDA Forum Member expressive87 has developed an app for Android Wear called WearFaces, which lets you easily create your own custom watch face. WearFaces makes . . . READ ON »

Project and Record Your WP8 Screen to your PC with Open Source Client

A couple of months ago, Microsoft released Project My Screen for Windows Phone devices. This app, as its name suggests, lets you project the screen of your WP device onto an external display, such as your PC monitor. Requiring you to connect the devices with a USB cable, this was offered as a solution for those who were not able to do the same wirelessly. Project My Screen is a welcomed app for anyone who wants to view their phone’s screen on a larger display, but it didn’t offer a very simple way of recording.

XDA Forum Member hks25258 has managed to . . . READ ON »

First Tizen OS Custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Gear

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, alongside the premiere of many devices, Samsung introduced its first devices featuring the brand new mobile operating system Tizen OS. To date, it’s mainly been used in various smartwatches and wristbands, and eventually Samsung may use it as a replacement for Android.

For most of its life span, the Samsung Galaxy Gear was powered by Android. But since Samsung decide to replace the OS with Tizen, users have had no real choice and were forced to migrate to the new OS or stay on Android and eventually get left behind with regards to new . . . READ ON »

Newcomer To The Mobile Marketplace, Spur, to Sponsor XDA:DevCon ’14

Some might say that the mobile marketplace is quite saturated with OEMs out there trying to make a dent. Others might also say that there are still segments which are untapped and forgotten by the larger OEMs. Marketplace newcomer Spur, a brand of Epitomical Limited, would be one of the latter. The brand represents the public face of a technology and design company that is deeply committed to inspiring both young and old, enabling education to the masses and promoting innovation. Their desire is to deliver Smartphones, Tablets and accessories at a fraction of the cost of the market while still bringing . . . READ ON »

Create a Shopping List by Speaking to Your WP8 Device with Speech Shopper

Grocery shopping isn’t the most riveting activity one can think of. You grab your list of things you need to purchase, drive to the nearest supermarket, and buy your groceries. Perhaps you have your shopping list on your phone, written in a simple notepad app, or maybe you prefer a certain app because of its features and functions. If you’re an owner of a Windows Phone 8 device and are looking for shopping list app, you may want to check out Speech Shopper.

Developed by XDA Recognized Developer sensboston, Speech Shopper is shopping list app with one main . . . READ ON »

Revive Old Times with Pong with Multipong

Revive Old Times with Pong with Multipong

Video games have been around for nearly a century. They are deeply embedded into the fabric of society and are not going anywhere anytime soon. One of the most iconic exponents of the entire video game world is none other than Pong. This game, which was created in 1972, was the precursor to what it is today a multi-billion dollar business. The idea and style of game has spawned tons upon tons of different versions and variants of itself and one of the latest installments in this genre was created by XDA Forum Member ahmed.samir.wafa.

Multipong is a game . . . READ ON »

Tomi File Manager Receives Substantial Update

Tomi File Manager Receives Substantial Update

The vast world of something as simple as file managers has evolved substantially since the long gone days of Windows Mobile. Our current file managers do so much more than show us with pretty graphics where our stuff is located. With the right permissions, file managers in Android can allow the user to perform everything from file maintenance to categorizing, and even uninstalling system apps. Earlier this year, we spoke about a file manager here on the XDA Portal that goes by the name of Tomi File Manager. Not long after, the app grew and evolved into a far more sophisticated . . . READ ON »

Pebble Developer Challenge Round 1 Closes

Pebble Developer Challenge Round 1 Closes

A few weeks ago we told you about XDA partnering with Pebble for a developer challenge, and the response was amazing. We had almost 100 entrants with many different ideas and the judging on the part of Pebble and XDA was very difficult. That being said, we were able to pick 20 Round 1 winners and they are in the process of being contacted so that Pebble can send them their devices. If you were someone who entered, please check your XDA PM Inbox for a notification. As soon as they are all contacted we’ll announce them and then they . . . READ ON »

Here on XDA Developer TV, we’ve covered a few external batteries to help extend the use of your device when the on-board battery starts to deplete. The items we have covered have been everything from a standard battery from Lepow, to a battery plus a plethora of options like an SD Card reader from RAVPower and a huge 14000mAh Power Bank from RAVPower.

In this episode, XDA Developer TV Producer TK takes some time to talk about a unique smartphone accessory, the Lepow ADD. This device is marketed as a backup external battery charger, but it has an . . . READ ON »

Efficiently Shrink ROM Update Zips with DeltaJen Tool

Ever since the early days of Android, back when it had a reputation of being bug-riddled and lacking in performance, custom ROMs were always the solution. In those days, they were focused on providing performance optimization, lag removal, and bug fixes. But with each Android iteration, the operating system got better, and ROM developers saw their roles gradually change. Nowadays, custom ROMs focus on providing new features, user experience enhancement and interface tweaks in addition to just fixing bugs. Despite the change, the end user still clamours for the same thing, the latest update–however small or insignificant it may be.

Downloading an entire ROM . . . READ ON »

Epson Sponsoring XDA:DevCon ’14

Epson Sponsoring XDA:DevCon ’14

Here at XDA, we enjoy seeing new companies enter the mobile world, and even more so when they desire to reach out to the development community. Epson, the long-time printer company, recently released the world’s first app-enabled label printer, the Labelworks LW-600P. Compatible with a variety of unique tapes (glow-in-the-dark, satin ribbon, iron-on, fluorescent, cable wrap, polka dot, and more), the LW-600P opens up a world of label-making possibilities that go beyond simple adhesive labels.

In addition to the hardware, Epson also has launched a developer’s program allowing for the creation of third-party apps to enhance the experience of the LW-600P for any . . . READ ON »


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