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Free CodeSchool From New Relic [Sponsored]

new relic3New Relic is currently incentivizing new customers with three free months of Code School classes. But really, the bribe shouldn’t be necessary. We know, this sounds like the type of hyped-up pitch you might hear on a bad infomercial, but here at XDA, New Relic APM has completely revolutionized our ability to debug application processes, allowing us to speed up the site while reducing server costs. When they wanted to sponsor the site this month, we were thrilled to promote a product that we both know and use (we are very happy paying customers and have been for years). We’ve explored all options . . . READ ON »

How to Flash Factory Images on Your Nexus Device – XDA Developer TV

The Nexus family is Google’s answer to what they believe the Android experience should be, pure and clean without OEM customization interferrence. It is for this reason that many developers like to build and develop on Nexuses (Nexii?). It is always best to develop on a clean device, and Google is kind enough to open source parts of Android and provide factory images for you to install.

In this episode of XDA Developer TV, XDA Xposed Tuesday newcomer and XDA Recognized Contributor rirozizo shows you how to install factory images on your Nexus device. He shows off the step using . . . READ ON »

[FTF] Sony Rolls Out Android 4.4.4 for Xperia Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z

While Sony is still struggling to provide KitKat for some of their mid-end phones from 2013 (still pending investigation), owners of flagship devices from this Japanese OEM should feel happy right about now. Sony has started to roll out an update to the Xperia Z, Xperia ZR, Xperia ZL and Xperia Tablet Z bringing the latest Android 4.4.4 on board and fixing lots of bugs present in earlier firmware revisions.

When Sony released a KitKat update back in May, more than a few users have been complaining about bad battery life (not a big surprise) and a few additional . . . READ ON »

Laisim Silver Music Player Plays All Your Hits

Laisim Silver Music Player Plays All Your Hits

There is a long list of music player or media player applications available for Android. While most of them look pretty much the same as all the rest, some others offer a so called “premium touch” through the use of an equalizer, visualizer, or support for certain more obscure file types. Unfortunately, most of these applications are paid only, so you are forced to use some free alternatives if you don’t want to part with your hard earned cash.

Among the free music players, you can often find the occasional gem. One of them, Laisim Silver Music Player by XDA Forum . . . READ ON »

Get Rid of Your Slow Facebook Client with Facebook Browser

Over the past several years, social networks have quickly become a part of our lives. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are the biggest examples of the social networks that we see across the Web. No matter the type or our language of choice, we use them everyday to communicate with our friends or simply to catch up with all the news.

Almost every social media site has its own Android application. They look different, but there are a few things in common. They often are very big, bloated, and use lots of device resources. One of examples is Facebook, whose mobile version is a battery hog and . . . READ ON »

Take Advantage of the LG G3’s Quick Circle Case with These Cool Graphic Clocks

Back in May when the  LG G3 was launched, one of its highly marketed features was its optional Quick Circle case. While not a pioneering venture in its field, this implementation utilized its circular cut-out window for more than just answering phone calls, extending its presence to widgets and full blown apps as well. Despite its rather expansive coverage, the Quick Circle case is best known for circular clocks, which allow the user to place circular widgets on the home screen that remain visible through the cutout. This then offers a variety of glanceable info needing only basic micro-interactions, if at all. However, . . . READ ON »

Beta Test the XDA 2015 Forum Redesign!

Beta Test the XDA 2015 Forum Redesign!

We’ve been hard at work on a complete redesign of the XDA forums and Portal. We wanted to build something that was clean, modern, fast, and that could manage to include a lot of useful functionality without feeling cluttered. While we’re not finished with the new forum template, which we’re calling “XDA 2015″, we’re close enough such that XDA members that want to can use the new template and help us find bugs and other issues before we make it the default template for all users. To see the new forum template, make sure you’re logged in, and click this link. . . READ ON »

XDA Xposed Tuesday: How to Automate your Text Message Responses  – XDA Developer TV

Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate currently. However, if you are a responsible adult and respect those around you, there are times where you can’t, or shouldn’t, spend a lot of time text messaging. What you need is a way to speed up common text entry.

In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets you set macros that will automatically type in what you set it to type. XDA Forum Member mikmitch created the Xposed Macro Expand module. TK shows off the modules and . . . READ ON »

ChromePie Lets You Navigate the Web in Google Chrome with Pie Controls

Surfing the web on an Android device perhaps isn’t the most smooth experience one can have, especially when compared with using a PC. Maybe the screen is not big enough or not that responsive, or the words displayed are too small. Or maybe the browser you’re using is at fault, which, on many occasions, it tends to be for many people. If you’re using Google Chrome, and feel that its UI is not quite optimal, XDA Forum Member JT5 has developed an Xposed module that hopes to alleviate this problem.

Called ChromePie, the module essentially lets you navigate Google Chrome and Google . . . READ ON »

Learn How to Connect a USB Modem to Your Android Device

Learn How to Connect a USB Modem to Your Android Device

It seems that with modern day smartphones, we increasingly need access to the Internet–not only for communication such as Emails and text messages, but for apps, synchronization, and more. For many folks including yours truly, we keep our mobile data on just so we don’t miss those Facebook notifications, messages, or Snap Chats, even if by doing so, we’re sacrificing our precious battery life. If you find yourself in a situation where mobile data and WiFi are not available to you, you can now surf the Web by connecting a USB modem to your device.

XDA Senior Member ISF created a . . . READ ON »

Share Music, Videos, and Pictures with Friends with MediaBowl

Music knows no boundaries. How many times have you wanted to share your music with your friends but faced some kind of issue or inconvenience? I bet that this has happened more than a few times. Unfortunately, playing music out loud in public places isn’t always the best idea, and is often considered tasteless.

There are other solutions to share your hits without driving people bananas. One of them is MediaBowl, an interesting application written by XDA Forum Member lrangasw68. MediaBowl is a media streamer that plays media files on every Android client within the range of a specified WiFi network. The application can be used as . . . READ ON »

The XDA Pebble Developer Challenge Voting Has Begun!

The XDA Pebble Developer Challenge Voting Has Begun!

Back in mid-late July (gosh, that seems a long time ago now!), we announced that we had paired up with Pebble to offer developers the opportunity to #MakeAwesomeHappen, and be in with the chance of winning a trip to Mountain View, CA, to meet up with Pebble at their Annual Developer Retreat. XDA and Pebble went through every single one of the proposals sent in by developers – we had a tough time selecting the finalists – but in the end we had to whittle down 95 brilliant entries to 20. Those 20 finalists were selected based on the innovation . . . READ ON »

Moto 360 Released! Xperia Z3 System Dump Available, Android Wear Offline Updates Incoming! – XDA Developer TV

The Moto 360 has been released! That and much more news is covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this weekend. Included in this weekend’s news is the announcement of the Verizon HTC One M7 Android 4.4.3 KitKat and be sure the check out the article talking about getting an Unlocked Moto X in any color! That’s not all that’s covered in today’s video!

Jordan talks about the other videos released this weekend on XDA Developer TV. XDA Developer TV Newcomer RootJunky released a video showing you how to install TWRP on your . . . READ ON »


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