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LG G4 for $499 – eBay Deal

Ebay seller "breed" is offering the LG G4 for $499 (about a $100 off) for the European H815 version. This should work just fine on AT&T or T-mobile and is a great deal for an awesome device. Unfortunately, it looks like eBay purchases aren't eligible for LG's free battery promo.

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Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse

As part of the free app per week promotion for the Family section of Google Play Store, Dr. Panda & Toto's Treehouse is available for free (Costs $4.99). The game is geared towards children, featuring cutesy graphics and sounds revolving around taking care of a pet turtle.

· 6/24 · 2 comments

Uranium UI-A CM 12 Theme

XDA user bhavstech has created a unique CM12 theme. Uranium UI is a fun and colorful CM12 theme that stands out from a sea of dark themes.

· 6/25 at 07:23 am · 3 comments

Thermal Throttling – Which SOC’s are the Worst Offenders?

Selected processors have different thermal throttling that directly influences device performance. A good example is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 which gets really hot. Follow this article to learn which SoC handles the heat decently without throttling the performance.

· 6/25 at 06:00 am · 11 comments

Most Recently Used Apps Widget – XDA App Review

If you use your phone a lot, it’s possible that you use the same set of programs over and over. Having quick easy access to the apps that you have most recently used can be a quick way to go between apps. Android widgets can be very helpful. XDA Forum Member registered-user offers up a neat little widget that allows you to get quick access to your most recently used apps. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews MRU Widget....


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Stock Lollipop Theme Now Available for S6 Theme Engine

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge still featured the same-old TouchWiz design language with aesthetics plenty of power users find unappealing. Despite its theme engine, the phone did not come with any themes that truly captured the simplicity and cohesiveness of Stock Android. Nevertheless, given that developers and designers could create their own themes, everyone had their hopes up for one based on Lollipop's base look. And here it is!   This stock Material Design theme took 3 weeks of perfecting (and...

· 6/24 at 11:09 pm · 6 comments

Huawei Employee Allegedly Confirms Huawei Nexus

Huawei is one of the Eastern giants that the West doesn't know much about, but with their concentrated efforts on expanding their brand, it will. The Huawei watch is one of the most promising Wear watches, and with flagships like the Huawei P8 - which focus on good bang for buck in a premium package - the company is setting up for a bigger scale. And what better way is there than doing so with Google's aid?   Rumors of a Huawei...


Users of the Snapdragon 810, How Has Performance Been for You so Far?

4 comments · Qualcomm has been going through quite the rough patch this year with their SnapDragon 810 reportedly having extreme overheating issues. Multiple OEMs have claimed that the processor is just fine, but some tests have shown otherwise. At the end of the day, however, it all boils down (no pun intended) to how you use your device. So, how has the 810 performed for you? Let us know your experiences with the SnapDragon 810 in the comments below.
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The Xperia Z3+ Camera Crash in About 3 Seconds

The Sony Xperia Z3+ or simply Z4 is a good looking device. However, the smartphone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC which has some serious overheating problems. Check out what happens with the device when the camera app is open for longer than couple of minutes.

· 6/24 at 04:15 pm · 6 comments

Updated Steam App Brings Some Material Design

The Steam app for Android is hardly the most up-to-date of things: it’s dated in its design and clunky in its navigation, and the value it adds to consumers is ultimately affected by these two things. Whilst the desktop client makes browsing for new games rather easy, the Android app was just not there. Luckily, things get better all the time.   The newest Steam app is starting to roll out, and it brings a new paint coat as well...

· 6/24 at 03:06 pm · 9 comments

ZTE’s Mysterious Axon Phone

PC Mag's Sascha Segan has revealed today that the mysterious Axon Phone that has been making the news recently is owned by none other than ZTE, the U.S.'s 4th largest phone manufacturer. The upcoming device started making news yesterday after news sources started receiving invites to an event in New York City on July 14th.   The devices specs have yet to be revealed, however for now we do know that the phone will be available in phthalo blue, ion gold...

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First Custom Android 5.1 ROM for the One M9 Released

The One M9 has received a few minor software updates since it was released in April mostly to attempt to improve the camera quality, and with some success. One update that unfortunately hasn't yet made its way to HTC's 2015 flagship is its eagerly awaited increase to Android 5.1 and in this regard it is a little behind main rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4.   However, where manufacturers drag their heels developers are usually quick to...

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OnePlus Shows Off a Fancy USB-C Cable

OnePlus has posted a few photos of the USB-C cable that's destined to accompany their next device. The company has announced that it will reveal another feature about the OnePlus 2 tomorrow, but these pictures should keep you busy until then.

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OnePlus Responds To Marketing Criticism

Responding to claims that "OnePlus is revealing the OnePlus 2 in installments in order to get more press coverage," the company has stated that "We have to stay loud and relevant to continue going toe-to-toe with the big guys." This is amongst other reasons as to why they will not be quiet any time soon.