Real-World Battery Saving Tips for Android – XDA Developer TV


You need Real-World Battery Saving Tips for your Android device. Our devices are powerful, our devices have huge bright screens, and our devices have quad core processors. Yet, our devices have batteries that quit in less than a day if you push your device too hard.

In today’s episode, XDA Developer TV Newcomer Jared shows off a bunch of hacks and programs to help you save battery life. He talks about 3 Llama, Greenify, Intelli3G, Boot Manager and Performance Profile. So if you wanted to try and squeeze more battery out of your Android device, check . . . READ ON »

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Android L Will Have Data Encryption Turned On by Default


Android L, once it is eventually released, will feature data encryption turned on by default. This information has been revealed by Niki Christoff, spokeswoman for Google. And in doing so, the Mountain View company is joining Apple in the battle for user privacy and security.

Data encryption is nothing new in Android, as it has been available on certain Android devices since 2011. With the upcoming Android L release, which should happen next month, Google will add procedures to make the encryption automatic. This means that only those users who enter the device password will be able to listen to music, watch videos, or see the . . . READ ON »

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Lock Apps and Functions Easily with Droid Protector

Droid Protector

Access and security are some of the key issues facing mobile technology. Whether it’s a friend swiping to your next photo or your child drawing up large bills with in app purchases, nobody wants their privacy violated or access compromised. However, as with all problems, there are solutions. Android APIs allow third party apps to provide increased control over the core framework.

XDA Junior Member 1tek aims to just this, thanks to his latest app. Droid Protector allows you to lock any apps, hide pictures, lock incoming calls and lock installation and uninstallation of apps. The app carries out its functions rather cleverly, . . . READ ON »

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ARChon Lets You Run Android Apps in Google Chrome Browser


Not too long ago, Google added the ability to run select Android applications on Chrome OS. While Google’s OS for more traditional computers is great in some use cases, it is generally limited for the most part to Chromebooks. And let’s face it; the number of Chromebooks is very low compared to Android devices.

That said, the number of computers that can run Google Chrome browser is a totally different story. It’s most likely the most popular browser among Android users. Canadian developer Vlad Filippov created a custom version of Android Runtime for Google Chrome called ARChon. This Chrome addon allows users . . . READ ON »

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Flyme OS Finds Its Way to the Google Nexus 5


Flyme OS is a heavily modified Android variant developed by the Meizu team for their MX smartphone line. This variant is based on Android 4.4 and offers a few unique solutions that this Chinese OEM created for their project. And in the eyes of many, this OS is quite beautiful and almost every piece of the ROM and its UI elements have been themed to match Meizu’s philosophy.

If you thought that Flyme OS was available only on Meizu devices, you are incorrect. XDA Forum Member Vpabc ported the Android variant to the Google Nexus 5. The ROM itself is based on CyanogenMod 11, but the . . . READ ON »

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MultiROM Makes Its Way to the LG G2


Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen quite a few flagship (and former flagship) devices get to enjoy multiboot goodness. And as can be expected, the vast majority of these come in the form of unofficial ports of XDA Recognized Developer Tasssadar‘s popular MultiROM multiboot solution. Now, we can add one more notch to MultiROM’s metaphorical belt, as the LG G2 has just been added to the list of (unofficially) compatible devices.

This unofficial MultiROM port comes courtesy of XDA Senior Member patrik.KT, who brought Tasssadar’s multiboot solution to the LG G2. This implementation works on both the D805/6 and D802 models, . . . READ ON »

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Android One Devices Available in India! CyanogenMod 11 M10 Released, XDA Pebble Challenge Winners Announced! – XDA Developer TV


Android One devices are now available in India! That and much more news is covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this week. Included in this week’s news is the announcement of CyanogenMod 11 Milestone 10 being released and be sure the check out the article talking about the Pebble Challenge Winners. That’s not all that’s covered in today’s video!

Jordan talks about the other videos released this week on XDA Developer TV. XDA Developer TV Producer TK released an Xposed Tuesday video for DonkeyGuard. Then AdamOutler showed you how to submit . . . READ ON »

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Jair Player Given Major Update–Here’s What’s New!

2014-09-19 05.00.32

Back in May, we talked a bit about Jair Player, a nice looking music player with tons of useful features. This application not only plays your favorite tunes, but it also automatically downloads the lyrics so you don’t have to browse the Web to find them yourself. And as we mentioned before, downloading lyrics is just one of the many features found in this application.

Many things have changed since Jair Player’s initial release. XDA Senior Member Akshay (Aky), the project’s main developer, has updated the player to version 1.48, which offers the following refinements:

  • Brand new Paper-craft icon

  • New Material colors palette

  • New smooth experience

. . . READ ON »
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Paid Android App Developers Will Soon Have to Provide Physical Address


Google has now changed its policies regarding paid app developers. Every developer who opened the developer console today was greeted with a message stating that a physical address must be added in account settings. The change will influence primarily developers who distribute paid apps or allow in-app-purchases.

Developers were shown the following message stating the required changes:

Add a physical contact address Beginning September 30, 2014, you need to add a physical address to your Settings page. After you’ve added an address, it will be available on your app’s detail page to all users on Google Play. If your physical

. . . READ ON »
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