Flash Android 5.0 to a Bootlooping Nexus 5 in 2 Minutes

N5 Lollipop

We all know the feeling of having a bootloop occur on our devices every so often, whether it be when we’re flashing a new mod or ROM, making an edit to a root-level file, or because of some unknown and unreported compatibility issue. But when it occurs over and over again and you have no viable backup made, flashing a fresh ROM again and again and starting everything from scratch can get pretty tedious and annoying.

With this said, XDA Forum Member Julian_os developed a very handy batch file tool aimed to bring some much needed relief in the aforementioned scenario. Called the Flash 5.0 N5 Tool, it flashes stock Android 5.0 Lollipop to your Nexus 5 automatically within 2 minutes of starting and can be used with your d. . . READ ON »

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HTC Releases Kernel Source for One M7, M8 GPe Devices


A few days, we talked about the Google Play editions of the HTC One M7 and M8 getting an Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Those updates, in addition to the totally new user experience, gave developers a chance to use the updated binary files, which were built to handle Android 5.0 without issue. HTC did its homework accordingly, and has now released the kernel source in a timely fashion.

Most big OEMs respect open-source licensing and release the GPL-compliant kernel source code for all their shipping devices and firmware. However, this usually takes a few weeks to make its way to developers, but HTC has released these files almost instantly, thus giving developers a chance to implement the changes into the kernel b. . . READ ON »

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Relocate the Dalvik Cache to Get More Space on your Moto G with Mod

moto g

Having little to no memory left on your Android device is a bummer especially when you’ve already tried cutting down your files, music, videos, photos and apps to only the very bare essentials (which definitely has a wide scope needless to say). For owners of devices without SD card slots, this can be pretty frustrating, and the non-LTE variants of the Moto G is no exception. This is because the internal eMMC storage of the device has an approximately 600MB partition called /cache, which unfortunately and frustratingly not used because cache of apps is stored in /data. Hence, this leaves 600MB of unused space on your phone.

To access this untapped memory space, XDA Senior Member Bert98 has written a tutorial l. . . READ ON »

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ACA Clock Widget Keeps Track of Multiple Time Zones

ACW Clock Widget

For many Android users, the home screen never stays the same for more than a couple of days. I don’t know if it’s because of the absolute vast options for customization, their aesthetic tastes simply change quickly, or simply that they enjoy playing around with home screens. In any case, any customization addict knows that this pastime wouldn’t be possible without the right apps.

With this said, ACW Clock Widget is a great application for home screen customization. Developed by XDA Forum Member xsmile711, the app packs over 30 widgets (17 of which are free) for telling the time and weather. Options for customizing widgets are also pretty expensive, allowing you to toggle location, date and time, calend. . . READ ON »

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Locked Sony Xperia SP Gets Lollipop Port


Locked bootloader are generally a development killer on many devices. Without being able to install custom kernels, development for the device becomes very tedious, and there is often no possible workaround for the remaining ROM defects.

Sony is one of the few OEMs that allows users to unlock their bootloaders. This unfortunately doesn’t mean that all users can unlock. Sometimes, carriers put restrictions in place to prevent users from flashing custom kernels. This is a wise choice for the carriers to prevent device damage through improper flashing, but a very frustrating situation for experienced users. The Sony Xperia SP has the same problem, luckily the XDA Forum Member bagyusz managed to po. . . READ ON »

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How to Disable the Forced Encryption on Android 5.0 Lollipop – XDA TV


The Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 were launched with Android 5.0 Lollipop. In Lollipop Google has kindly made encryption on with no way to disable it. This is a great thing for security, however some people are complaining about slowness

In this episode, XDA TV Producer droidmodd3rx takes some time to show you how to disable this forced encryption on the Nexus Lollipop devices. You will want to have your bootloader unlocked, which we covered in another video. Also, check out our favorite Nexus 6 Mods video. Check out this video to find out.. . . READ ON »

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Sony Xperia S, Ion, and Acro S Get Unofficial Android 5.0 Builds

xperia s

The Sony Xperia S, Acro S and Ion devices were released at the beginning of 2012, and were the first line of phones to bear the Sony brand name. In this way, they were quite iconic, as they represented the end of an era of Sony Ericsson, and the beginning of Sony Mobile. And they started off on the right foot as well, adding the Xperia S AOSP as an experimental device, a tradition which sees us through the last couple of years. However, official software support for these three devices were later dropped after 18 months, with after-market developers taking them under their wing.

With this said, the Xperia S, Acro S, and Ion can now run Android 5.0 Lollipop thanks to these developers, namely Forum Member billchen1977 and . . . READ ON »

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Best Google Nexus 6 Mods – XDA TV


The Google Nexus 6 is finally landing more and more people’s hands. That of course means that more and more developers have gotten hands on the Nexus 6. Recently we showed you how to rooted it. So what do you do next?

In this video XDA TV Producer TK presents some applications and modifications that he’s installed on his Nexus 6. Check out these mods to give you an answer to the question of “what to do now.” These suggestions include the Nexus 6 Notification LED, Double Tap to Unlock, Switch Pro Widget and Viper4Android. There are many other mods mentioned as well. Check this video out.. . . READ ON »

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Possible Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Leak


The two latest generations of flagship Samsung smartphones were quite successful in terms of sales, but many users openly criticized their build materials and design. Samsung has always used plastic as its build material of choice, whereas HTC switched its high end devices over to aluminum. Various reports on the Web claim that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 will be redesigned from scratch to keep the Korean OEM on top in terms of sales.

The Chinese portal cnmo.com suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S6 might have already been spotted in the AnTuTu benchmark. The numbers shown in the leaked screenshot show that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may contain a 5.6-inch display with QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution. And if the scree. . . READ ON »

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