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Learn How to Remove the Call Log Limit on Your Sony Xperia Device

If you’re one of those people who makes just an inordinately large number of phone calls (and kudos to you for using a phone for its defining function), you may have noticed that the call log on your Android device is limited to 500 calls. For the majority of people, this wouldn’t be an issue at all, but if you are one of the few people who actually wants to know the details beyond your past 500 calls, or if you’re simply up to try something new, there’s a tutorial that teaches you how to remove this limit.

Written by XDA Forum Member pollob666. . . READ ON »

Customize Your HTC One Max with Xtended Settings

Customize Your HTC One Max with Xtended Settings

The HTC One Max is HTC’s answer to the incredibly successful Note series by Samsung. With top notch specs, a beautiful screen, and running Sense 6 (as of a couple of months ago), the One Max is a great device to have in your hand if phablets are your thing. If you happen to be an owner of the One Max and are looking to further customize its interface, in a big way or small way, you may want to check out Xtended Settings.

Developed by Senior Member RichmondoUK, Xtended Settings is an Xposed module which allows you to . . . READ ON »

Charge Your Kindle Fire HD 7″ Faster… Much Faster

The Kindle Fire HD 7” is quite an intriguing device. Technically it uses its own operating system, “FireOS,” which is essentially a skinned variant of Android 4.2.2. Of course, it was only a matter of time before fully fledged Android was ported to this device. Actually, lots of development related activity has happened since September 2012, when the device was made public.

One of the latest development projects for this tablet comes from XDA Senior Member SafinWasi, who compiled a new kernel for this device with fast charge enabled. Fast charge itself isn’t a new concept, and you can find it in various projects . . . READ ON »

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a OnePlus One – XDA Developer TV

Oppo’s spunky offspring company OnePlus announced their first smartphone, the One, to much fanfare. It ships with a special version of CyanogenMod installed. Many people love CyanogenMod and would love to get their hands on a phone with this version. However, getting your hands on a OnePlus One is not as easy as going down to the store and buying one. The supply is limited and there are many paths to getting the opportunity to buy one, and some paths are very sketchy.

In today’s video, XDA Developer TV newcomer droidmodd3rx, shows off XDA Senior Member zedomax‘s OnePlus One . . . READ ON »

Sony Xperia Z3 Home Launcher and Widgets Ported Android 4.2+ Devices

When the Sony Xperia Z3 was announced a couple of days ago at IFA 2014, many folks were expectedly excited about what new or improved experiences the device would offer. And just yesterday, the system dump of this new device was made available opening the floodgates for ports to be made to other devices. Now, users of other devices, be it Sony or not, can try out a big part of the new Xperia Z3 with the port of its home launcher and widgets.

This comes thanks to the efforts of XDA Recognized Contributor and Themer Sahaab who has . . . READ ON »

Compile PhilZ Touch 6 Recovery for any MediaTek Device Yourself

PhilZ Touch Recovery is one of the most popular CWM-derived custom recoveries available for Android devices. With a plethora of compatible devices and being fully open source, anyone can try to get it working on their device if it isn’t available already. Fortunately, if you find yourself in a situation where you want to use PhilZ Touch but don’t know where to start, there’s now a tutorial that shows you how to compile the recovery for any Android device with a MediaTek SoC.

Written by Senior Member yuweng, the tutorial is comprehensive and detailed in its explanation of the steps necessary . . . READ ON »

Use Calls to Send Free Text Messages with Ringtext

Use Calls to Send Free Text Messages with Ringtext

Wireless Internet Access Points, also known as mobile hotspots, are getting more popular every day. That said, they are still in areas where Internet access is considered a luxury. When you are traveling a lot, you’d likely want to inform your family of your status and whereabouts, and hotspots often are your only choice. As we all know, international phone calls, SMS messages when abroad, and mobile data are very expensive, so they often are not an option if you don’t want to pay a fortune.

Some of us make a quick call and quickly disconnect after hearing the first ring tone. . . . READ ON »

How to Install TWRP Recovery on the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch – XDA Developer TV

We’ve showed you how to Factory Reset your Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch. We’ve showed you how to use the Samsung Gear Live Super Tool and we’ve shown you how to root the LG G Watch. Now we are going to show you how to install TWRP customer recovery on your Android Wear device.

In today’s videos, XDA Developer TV newcomer and XDA Recognized Contributor RootJunky, shows off how to install TWRP on the Samsung Gear Live. This process works on the LG G Watch as well. So if you wanted to install a custom Recovery on your Android . . . READ ON »

Get an Unlocked Moto X (2014) in Whatever Color You Want

If you want to customize your phone by flashing a new kernel, you need to have an unlocked bootloader. If you don’t know what a bootloader is, you probably spent a large part of your life hidden under the rock or haven’t visited our forum too often.

The Moto X (2014) was announced at IFA last week and we are eagerly waiting to see this device in action. We have good news for you that will certainly sweeten the waiting period. The Moto X (2014) will be available to buy with an unlocked bootloader–not only as a “Developer Edition,” but also through the unique . . . READ ON »

Prepare Your Wrists! The Moto 360 is Finally Available

The Moto 360 is likely the most highly anticipated Android Wear-powered smartwatch that has been announced. The device was officially revealed at Google I/O on late June, but we had to wait a few months before the device and its hardware specification became available.

The device will ship with a TI OMAP 3 processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage to save your favorite files. Everything will be hidden under a 1.56” display with a 320 x 290 resolution and 205 pixels per inch. The new Motorola smartwatch will be hard to destroy thanks to a super hard Gorilla Glass 3 . . . READ ON »

Ready, Set, Port! Sony Xperia Z3 System Dump is Here

Ready, Set, Port! Sony Xperia Z3 System Dump is Here

Sony came out with a trio of devices at IFA 2014 this year, all of which admittedly look simply amazing both on paper and in real life. As what has become customary over the years, one of the devices released in the latter half of the year is the company’s brand new flagship, the Sony Xperia Z3. As is always the case here at XDA, the system dump of the device has become available mere days after it has been revealed.

Credit goes to XDA Senior Member JanM RS who shared the system dump of the Xperia Z3 on the . . . READ ON »

Google Details Future Plans for Android Wear: Offline Music, GPS Support and More

Earlier this year, Google expanded Android’s horizons on multiple fronts, such as Android Auto and Android Wear. While Android Auto was also a rather large leap, Android Wear, Google’s foray into bringing Android to wearables, has stolen the show. Since then, multiple Android Wear devices have launched, and Google is all set to push out an update to the platform, a few features of which, were outlined in a blog post by Google earlier today.

The first, or rather, the first two features mentioned in the post are offline music playback and GPS support. Android Wear, in its current state does . . . READ ON »

Browse the XDA Forums on Ubuntu Touch with Forum Browser

Unlike other platforms, Android devices often times give you the freedom of installing other operating systems. The Linux kernel is the source of this great freedom, so it’s not uncommon to see projects like webOS, LuneOS or Ubuntu Touch ported to Android devices without bigger problems.

The last of the aforementioned OSes is definitely not least. Ubuntu Touch has a growing and thriving user base. It’s relatively popular, which can be illustrated by the number of official and unofficial ports for multiple devices. If you have it installed on your device and want browse the XDA with your Ubuntu-powered phone, XDA Recognized Contributor nikwen gives you . . . READ ON »


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