· Jan 15, 2015

AcDisplay V3 Brings Lollipop Support

AcDisplay, though it needs no introduction, is the universal solution for Motorola's Active Display, and the latest update, v3.0 continues to increase device support by adding Lollipop support, in addition to a Material Design overhaul and numerous smaller bugfixes.

· Jan 15, 2015

Adobe Lightroom Now on Play Store

Adobe Lightroom has finally made its way to Android, but only for smartphones. Adobe says that the app has not yet been optimized for tablets, and that support will be coming soon. Head over to the Play Store now to check it out!

· Jan 14, 2015 at 11:00 pm

Google Play a Possible Goldmine for Investors

Despite diminishing nearly 6% in 2014, Google has a gem of a service with Google Play - reportedly, its revenue grew 129% over 2013, peaking in the third-quarter with an approximately 150% growth rate.  Analysts expect the high double-digit percentage grow to be kept up.

· Jan 14, 2015 at 11:00 pm · 6 comments

CyanogenMod 12 Overview – XDA TV

Several months ago, we did a bit of an overview of CyanogenMod 11. However, we've since moved on to bigger and better things with the introduction of Google's latest Lollipop update. With Lollipop comes CyanogenMod 12, and another overview from XDA TV! In today's video, XDA TV Producer droidmodd3rx shows off CyanogenMod 12 on his Nexus 6. The main features covered and talked about in today's video are the camera, quick pulldown, and more. While we are showing the version on the...

· Jan 14, 2015

Latest Maps Update Brings New Features

Download the latest Maps update to share locations with any app, and to get rid of the location settings nagging of older Maps versions. The app now comes with bluetooth and start-at-boot permissions. I can't wait to share my location with the NSA!

· Jan 14, 2015

Plan Your Finances with SmartAmount

Keep track of your recurring payments and get quick stats to aid you in your monthly planning! Has the features you need but not much else. Great for those who want to have a nice notion of how much they'll have left to spend on smartphones.

· Jan 14, 2015 at 09:29 pm

Official VLC Coming To Android TV

The most famous video player, VLC, is set to make an official appearance on Android TV. VideoLan, the creators of the popular video player, have made a preview available for Android TV which is a welcomed addition to the platform.

· Jan 14, 2015 at 09:21 pm

Check Out Ara!

Google ATAP released its Ara Dev Conference 2 video on Ara, and it's truly awesome! See the ease of use, intuitiveness, and sheer originality of what could very well be the future of smartphones.

· Jan 14, 2015 at 06:00 pm

Samsung Reportedly Pursuing A Buyout Of Blackberry

Samsung Electronics reportedly has approached Blackberry to buy the company and gain access to its patents. The transaction could be finalized at over 7.5 billion dollars, according to Reuters sources.

· Jan 14, 2015 at 04:57 pm

Growth Of App Stores Accelerated In 2014

Recent statistics show that 2014 has been a great year for app stores across multiple platforms. With the Google Play Store more than doubling their amount of apps! While the Google Play Store takes the lead on pretty much all fronts, it's good to see other platforms growing as well. Check out the link to find out the exact numbers!

· Jan 14, 2015 at 02:34 pm · 6 comments

Future of Hardware, Project Ara, and Market Pilot

The Project Ara developer conference 2 began today at Google Plex in Mountain View, San Francisco. It consisted on a series of keynotes to denote the plans for Project Ara to both developers and interested consumers.  Google shared details about the roadmap of Ara, which we’ll cover here, and the more developer-focused details about the newer Ara development kits and inner-workings, as well as business information to get module developers up to speed on what to expect from their new...

· Jan 14, 2015 at 12:47 pm · 4 comments

Is Google the Only One to Blame for Missing Security Fixes?

You've all heard the recent "breaking news" that caused a storm: Google refuses to release security updates for millions of devices. Wow. That sounds really bad. But is it really as shocking as it first seems to be? Continue reading for a more differentiated look at what is happening here. (more…)

· Jan 14, 2015

Google Classroom to Improve Your Study

This application by Google will help teachers and students save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication between each other. It's available to everyone using free Google Apps for Education suite. Take your studying to the next level!

· Jan 14, 2015

Journey to the Earth’s Center

Do you think that scrolling the screen down is easy? Let's see how fast you can get to the earth's center in the indie game by the XDA Forum Member coder1cv8. Explore mysterious underground worlds and find lost treasures now!

· Jan 14, 2015 at 11:55 am

Get the Taste Of Lollipop on Ancient HP TouchPad!

A WebOS Hewlett-Packard Touchpad was released in July 2011 and was discontinued only 49 days later. This fact didn't stop XDA developers from working on custom ROMs for this quite old device and now you can get the unofficial CyanogenMod 12 port thanks to XDA Recognized Developer invisiblek!