Will Verduzco · Mar 7, 2011 at 03:00 am

Personalize Your Battery Meter With a Dash of Honeycomb

Suffering from a little H.E.S, otherwise known as Honeycomb-Envy Syndrome? Already instaled XDA member haxzamatic‘s wonderful Honeycomb theme but just need some final touch to make things perfect? If so, XDA member ThunderStick has your back. Using the Ultimate Online Theme Creator by XDA member avreen, ThunderStick has created a new Honeycomb-inspired battery gauge for the Nexus One GRI40 update, which can be flashed in your custom recovery of choice. In order to not leave anyone out, he has also created a Metamorph theme for users of other ROMs and/or phones, which of course would be applied through Metamorph by our own XDA moderator Stericson.

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