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Reboot Manager / Widget for Android

XDA member cody_04l presents his first application for Android: Reboot Manager will let you have many options such as Reboot, Fast Reboot, Reboot recovery, Reboot fast-boot/download and Power off. The developer states it´s 2.5x faster than normal reboot and you can do scheduled reboots as well. A widget for home screen is available too in three different widget backgrounds and five colors for the icons. Must have root access.
You can get it on Marketplace and if you like it please leave feed back.

Originally posted by cody_04l
[APP] Reboot Manager / Widget [Updated 11/5]

Hey everyone,

This is my first app and I built it because at the time there was nothing like it. Now there are a few others out there but I’ve tried to add as many features as possible. I have a lot of other upcoming features just wanted to get it out there.

***You must have root access***

Reboot, Fast Reboot, Reboot recovery, Reboot fastboot/download, Power off

FAST REBOOT is here…2.5x faster than a normal reboot.

Schedule a nightly reboot
-Notification in status bar with next reboot date and time
-Silent mode to keep your phone silent during the scheduled reboot
-SilentModeOff – Remove silent mode after reboot

Long press the search hardware button on our phone to select from a list of reboot options(Reboot, Reboot recovery, Reboot fastboot/download, Power off)

Continue to the application thread here.

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