Android Studio 1.3 Preview 1 Now Available

Google has made Android Studio 1.3 Preview 1 available in the canary channel. Discussed during I/O 2015, Android Studio 1.5 is a huge update to the IDE, and Preview 1 contains many new features, including a new Allocation Tracker, new heap dump viewer, M Preview data binding support, and more.

Android Studio 1.2 Goes Stable with IntelliJ 14.1.1 Base

Android Studio 1.2 has made it to the stable channel and brings with it a host of features from IntelliJ 14.1.1 such as distraction-free mode and editor enhancements, as well as Android-specific enhancements such as Gradle 1.2 support and the previously- announced CPU monitor and performance collection capture view.

Android Studio 1.2 Beta 3 Released

This version only brings a single bug fix for inter-module dependencies not being configured correctly. You can get it via the beta update channel (File > Settings > Updates > “Beta Channel”) or grab a separate installation if you prefer.

Android Studio 1.2 Beta Released Based on IntelliJ 14.1.1

Android Studio 1.2 Beta has been pushed to the beta channel, bringing with it some significant changes. This version is based on IntelliJ 14.1.1, released earlier this week, bringing all new IntelliJ features as well as Android-specific ones like CPU monitor and performance collection capture view.

Android Studio Updated to 1.2 Preview 2

Android Studio 1.2 Preview 2 has been pushed to the canary channel, bringing with it numerous bug fixes from last week’s canary build as well as new features such as a Performance Tools window, an added Captures view and BCP47 language support.

Android Studio 1.2 Preview 1 Released to Canary Channel

The latest update to Android Studio was pushed to the canary release channel. Based on the latest and in development IntelliJ 14.1, the alpha release contains a new debugger, HTTPS option for updates and plugin downloads and high density (retina) support for Windows and Linux, along with other fixes.

Android Studio 1.1 Hits Stable Channel

If you are a developer, you might want to update your IDE given that Android Studio’s 1.1 left Beta for Stable. There’s plenty of bug fixes and new plugin support, better unit testing, Wear watch face templates, many new lint checks, and more. If you want to stay on the vanguard of development, we suggest you try it out.

Android Studio 1.1 RC Pushed to Beta Channel

After numerous beta releases of Android Studio 1.1 which brought new features like unit testing in addition to a large number of bug fixes, the Android Developer Tools team is gearing up in anticipation of a stable release, and pushed the first RC (Release Candidate) for 1.1 to the beta channel earlier today

Unit Testing Added to Latest Android Studio Beta

Earlier today, Android Studio 1.1 Beta 4 was pushed to the beta channel, bringing numerous bugfixes and unit testing capabilities. This feature, available for ADT plugin users as well, allows developers to test modules of code to determine whether they are fit for production use.

Android Studio 1.1 Beta 4 Pushed to Beta Channel

After releasing Betas 1, 2 and 3 of Android Studio 1.1 to the canary and dev channels, the latest build has been deemed more stable than its predecessors, and began rolling out to the beta channel earlier today, carrying the 1.1 Beta 4 version tag.

Android Studio 1.1 Beta 3 Brings More Bugfixes

After releasing Android Studio 1.1 Beta 1, the Android engineering team went on to release Beta 2 in quick session after numerous bugs were brought to light, and today, they’ve gone ahead and pushed the next iteration, Beta 3 to the canary and dev channels, fixing the bugs found in Beta 2

Android Studio 1.1 Preview 1 Released

A short while ago, the Android Studio replaced Eclipse with ADT as a default IDE for Android development. The studio has recently been updated to version 1.1, which is available to download as a preview in Canary and Dev channels. Get it now to see what has changed.

Android Studio Finally Reaches Stable Release Status

After months of hard work, the Android team has announced the first stable build of the Integrated Development (IDE) built on the IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition) Java IDE. Android Studio 1.0 is finally available to download for all major platforms. As such, Android app developers will undoubtedly be very pleased.

The first release candidate was released just a few weeks ago. The IDE will be distributed just like Google Chrome, meaning that those of you who want the latest features will be able to use the Canary channel. More stable builds can be found in Dev and Beta channels, while the Stable contains carefully tested builds.

Android Studio has lots of features that may be useful for experienced developers, as well as beginners. Upon first launch, a built-in setup wizard guides you through all the settings needed to start the project properly. Android Studio is packed with tons of developer tools like advance code completion, code analysis, and the performance analysis. It’s a powerful tool that has a big chance to become the primary IDE for most Android developers. It’s worth mentioning that this IDE will work on all popular operating systems like Windows, Apple OS X and GNU/Linux.

The release of a stable build means now’s finally a good chance to get rid of your beta build if you’ve been experiencing any bugs. It’s also a great chance to try this product if you haven’t worked on it before. You can find more details by reading this blog entry. The IDE itself can be found on Android Developer page.

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