Android App Review: Manage Your Connections Automagically – XDA TV


Material Design is all the buzz in the Android world right now. Android 5.0 Lollipop’s user interface introduced this UI paradigm, and most apps are going Material–even “boring” old file managers.  What was once a standard app that allowed you to browse your device’s file system is now available with Material Design glory thanks to XDA Senior Member arpitkh96 and his application Amaze File Manager.

In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews the Material Design-themed Amaze File Manager.  TK shows off the application and gives his thoughts, so check out this app review.. . . READ ON »

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Official TWRP Recovery Lands on Micromax Canvas Magnus


With the recent release of Android One, Micromax and MediaTek released fully buildable kernel source code. This wasn’t always the case for a lot of OEMs building devices with MediaTek SOCs, but luckily this is no longer the case as a lack of proper source code often hinders development greatly.

Development for the Micromax Canvas Magnus shouldn’t be slow anymore, as XDA Senior Member Santhosh M released an official version of TWRP for this 5” beast. The Canvas Magnus or Canvas A117 is a first Micromax device that is officially supported by the TWRP team. This means that this phone will receive continued recovery updates straight from TeamWin.

TWRP Touch Recovery brings suppor. . . READ ON »

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Update Overload: SuperSU Heavily Updated


There are apps and apps out there. Very few can reach the level of popularity required to stay at the top for long. Due to falling success, lack of support, or people getting overall bored with them, some very successful apps can fall from their pedestals quite easily only to become a smudge in the history of the Play Store. One key concept so this does not happen (and pretty much for everything in life) is that in order to stay on top, you must stay relevant and become irreplaceable. SuperSU by XDA Senior Recognized Developer and Moderator Chainfire is one such app. The need and desire for root level access on Android devices has allowed the app to stay on top of the Android world for a number of years, as one of the m. . . READ ON »

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Lollipop Leak Available for the Sprint Galaxy S5


Since the Android 5.0 Lollipop’s official release not too long ago, we’ve seen numerous unofficial ports make their way to quite a few devices. Not many OEMs have updated their handsets, and much of this is due to the amount of time required to port their modified UI layers. One such OEM that hasn’t yet updated its fleet is Samsung.

It appears that an official Lollipop for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 is right around the corner. XDA Recognized Developer and Forum Moderator garwynn released a leaked firmware that looks like a release candidate of the Lollipop for SM-G900P. To flash the build, you have to use one of the latest versions of Odin. After extracting the EXE, you need to select the tar. . . READ ON »

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CPU Spy Gets an Android Lollipop Makeover

CPU Spy Material Design

At some point in the distant past, you probably heard of CPU Spy for Android by XDA Retired Recognized Developer storm717. We talked about it back when it was originally released quite a few years ago, and in the time since, the app has become a staple for those looking to fine tune both performance and battery life through kernel and governor tweaks.

Fast forward three years, and we’ve seen quite a lot of change in the Android world. As our devices evolved, so too did the Android OS and its aesthetic. In keeping with Android’s new Material Design UI paradigm, XDA Recognized Developer existz decided to give storm717’s open source app a material design makeover.

Just like the original app, t. . . READ ON »

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Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Chromecast – XDA TV


There is no doubt that Amazon is a huge player in many markets, and they want to be a huge player in the mobile market as well. From the Kindle hardware and app to the new Amazon Fire TV, Amazon is big enough to play with Google in its own sandbox. But can it outlast Google in its own game?

In this episode of XDA TV, XDA TV Producer TK compares the new Amazon Fire Stick to Google’s Chromecast. Recently TK reviewed Amazon’s newest Fire TV device. How does this compare to the Chromecast? Check out this video to find out!. . . READ ON »

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Fight the Heat and Conserve Battery with EaseUS Coolphone


Memory hungry Android applications are often responsible for making our device overheat. Having a highly active CPU and GPU can significantly decrease not only performance due to thermal throttling, but also battery life of your device because it’s working much harder. Furthermore, batteries less efficiently store charge when they’re running at above optimal batteries. And since batteries have a limited number of charge-discharge cycles, you will eventually find that your battery discharges much faster than it did originally.

There are some things that you can do to make your battery last longer. Your battery’s temperature can be controlled by third party applications lik. . . READ ON »

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Battery Charged in 30 Seconds? Maybe in 2016

A lab worker disconnects from a charger a mobile phone at headquarters of StoreDot in Tel Aviv

Phones and tablets are getting more and more power hungry with each passing generation. Their battery capacities continue to rise, but still we have to face the problem of slowly charging and rapidly discharging batteries. A reasonable solution still hasn’t been developed, but it appears that some good news is just around the corner.

The Tel Aviv-based company StoreDot says it has developed a battery capable of storing a much higher charge more quickly than possible before. As a result, the battery can be fully charged in stunning 30 seconds. A prototype that is currently in use is still too bulky to be shipped with our super-slim smartphones, but StoreDot thinks that they will be able to make the batt. . . READ ON »

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ZArchive Manages Your File Archives


Today smartphones are quite powerful devices that can handle multiple processes at once. In fact, some of our mobile devices are more powerful than older PCs from not too long ago. Certain operations that require much computing power can be done right on phones, such as the CPU-intensive task of archive management.

Not many of you may know that Android can be used to compress, decompress, and view content of various types of file archives. This is possible thanks to applications like ZArchiver, which was developed by XDA Forum Member Ant-ON. The application can be used create multiple file types like, 7zip, zip, bzip2, gzip–just to name just a few. The full list of supported formats to decompress . . . READ ON »

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