Send Whatsapp Messages Through Google Now

Okay Google! Check out this guide by XDA Senior Member chiragkrishna on how to configure Tasker (with the AutoVoice plugin) to send WhatsApp messages with your voice on rooted smartphones. Wouldn’t it be great coupled with AutoWear?

WhatsApp Announces Custom SIM Card Titled “WhatSim”

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers in use and after acquisition by Facebook, the app made some big moves such as voice calling promises and WhatsApp Web; their latest foray is a SIM card titled WhatSIM, which allows users unlimited chatting with an upfront cost.

WhatsApp For Web Is Coming With A Secure Connection

International Business Times reports on screenshots of WhatsApp Web, and elaborates on it’s imminent arrival. WhatsApp web will reportedly be end-to-end encrypted out of the box, and will also include a VOIP calling feature.

The Death of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Inc. is starting to enforce their policies, whether you agree with them or not. After issuing temporary bans to modified clients’ users, the company has now sent a Cease & Desist Letter to the WhatsApp Plus team, which will have to abandon the popular mod soon.

WhatsApp Banning WhatsApp Plus Users

WhatsApp Inc. is apparently cracking down on WhatsApp Plus users, a popular modification with many added features. Luckily, the bans seem to expire some time after reinstalling the official WhatsApp client, and the developers are working on a possible workaround.

Chatheads For Your Whatsapp

Check out this app to have Messenger-like chatheads on Whatsapp so that you can easily manage your conversations and have a pleasant multitasking experience. It features customizable colors and lockscreen visibility so that you never miss a message.

WhatsApp Decides to Protect Your Data

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for the absurdly large sum of $19bn back in February, they took the tech world by storm. $19bn for a FREE messaging app? A messaging app? Really? Soon afterwards, speculation began to grow about the real reason Facebook, a content marketing company at its core, bought the company and it’s pretty clear: They wanted the wealth of personal information stored about the service subscribers. As it turns out, they weren’t the only ones, as WhatsApp has been the subject of many suspicions of (and attempts at) hackers getting users’ private information.

With the abundance of concerns, Facebook has evidently been listening as they have taken steps to secure your messages. Novel idea, right? Open Whisper Systems announced on their blog the other day that they had partnered with WhatsApp to integrate their TextSecure protocol into the WhatsApp clients in order to provide end-to-end encryption for their user’s personal communications (with group chat and media messages to follow in the future).

All of this is a great step, albeit a tad bit late to the party, but there is an essential rule of security: invite peer review. You do this by providing an open source client or API, and let outside parties audit and verify that what is getting sent is actually what is being claimed. All in all, we applaud Facebook and WhatsApp for taking this step and look forward to them quickly closing the loop around their communications.

Remove Unnecessary WhatsApp Elements with Xposed

In modern life, you can’t underestimate the power of the dark side messaging applications like Facebook, Snapchat, or WhatsApp. These apps are used by millions every day, so it’s definitely a large user base.

If you use WhatsApp just for typing plain text messages without sending selfies or cat images to your friends, or maybe you often misclick selecting the photo or voice record buttons, you might be interesting to try an Xposed module made by XDA Senior Member jayshah.

Jayshash’s module allows you to entirely re-configure the look of the message bar by removing unnecessary elements. Users have options to remove the camera shortcut and disable the voice messages button. With these simple modifications, you gain a bit of control of the WhatsApp application and make it more streamlined for you to use.

Since WhatsApp mods is an Xposed module, it uses Xposed Frameworks to apply these changes. And of course to use Xposed, your device must be rooted. You can find a rooting guide by visiting the home forum for your device.

Are you using WhatsApp to stay in touch with your friends and family? If so, don’t hesitate to visit the WhatsApp mods module thread to get the most of this great application.

Change Your WhatsApp Notification Style with Seebye Chat Heads

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, and it’s widely available on various mobile platforms. It allows users to contact friends in many countries cheaply. However, many are unhappy with its default UI, hence the dozens of themes spread across the forum.

A great idea was presented by XDA Forum Member seebye, who decided to combine WhatsApp with some of the good originally seen in Facebook. As a result, Seebye Chat Heads was created. In short, this application uses the WhatsApp messaging system, and displays messages in a manner similar to Facebook’s chat heads.

The notifications can be freely moved around the screen and used while in other applications, just like Facebook messages. Despite the relatively early stage of development, as this app is beta, the overall experience is impressive and the application very easy to use. To be fully functional, WhatsApp needs to be installed and root access granted. And if you experience issues, good old reboot may be required.

So if you can’t live without WhatsApp and find your current client boring, visit the application thread and enjoy the HALO-like experience.

[Thanks to Forum Moderator GermainZ for the tip!]

Voice for WhatsApp Beta Released, Ready for Testing

Over the last couple of years, there have been great strides in integrating voice actions with mobile technology. Google Now has helped users issue all kinds of voice commands, as has Siri. Voice commands have even filtered down to app level, with dictation and voice commands within apps. Now, WhatsApp users have the ability to use voice commands.

XDA Senior Member pacosal has released the Voice for WhatsApp Beta. Here’s pacosal’s explanation on what this does exactly:

It is an application that allows you to work with WhatsApp by voice, both to listen and to send messages.

When you receive a notification of WhatsApp, the program will read the message. If the device is on, try to read it and give you the option to answer orally, if it is off (the screen) when you unlock it will try to do it.

Having your messages read to you can be a great help when you can’t take the time to look at your device. Of course, this is in beta, and that means there are some issues. The biggest known bug is the voice will read the time and date instead of the text messages sometimes.

If you’d like to help out with the beta testing process or simply give it a go, check out the original thread.

Whatsapp Xtract Gives Users More Texting Power

For those who don’t know, Whatsapp is a powerful texting application that also supports group chats. Being a cross-platform app supporting several OSes including Android and iOS, it is quite popular. On Android, users not only use the program, but they can also modify and theme it.

Here on XDA Developers, not only can we find heavily themed app variants, but we also find various new ways to control them. This is exactly what the Windows-only Whatsapp Xtract does. Released by XDA Forum Member ztedd and Fabio Sangiacomo, this app gives users more control over their older messages and helps clean out conversations that have gotten too big without erasing them permanently. The full feature list, posed in the form of “have you ever” questions, includes:

- have a useful backup of your whatsapp chats?
– be able to read your whatsapp chats again using a backup file?
– delete the grown-too-big message history of whatsapp without losing the possibility to read the old conversations?
– read older messages without the need of endlessly pressing the annoying “load older messages” button?
– be able to search old messages?

The interface is run on a Windows computer, as mentioned, and is compatible with both Android and iOS. Users will also need to install the ActivePython, but ztedd gives proper instructions on how to do this.

For more information, head over to the original thread and start putting those old messages in a safe place.

Heavily Themed Whatsapp Released

The last time we talked about the increasingly popular messaging app Whatsapp, it was still in its beta stage. Since then, it’s had its stable release, several updates, and is now even available in the Android Market.

XDA Senior Member Yorzua has taken Whatsapp one step further by taking it apart, adding some very nifty redesigns, and putting it back together to create a few modified versions for fans of the application. The redesigns are heavily themed and built atop the most recent version of Whatsapp, which is currently 2.7.4462. As always, the application is as simple as installing any other apk. But because the package name remains unchanged, simply uninstall the market version before installing Yorzua’s themed version if you already have it installed.

For additional information, download links, and screen shots, visit the original thread.

WhatsApp Messenger – Now in Beta for Android!

The messaging application WhatsApp Messenger, made popular on the iPhone, is now available as a beta release for Android!

Many XDA forum members have been waiting for the release, and XDA member cgorki is one member who has posted this news in the forums.

WhatsApp is a smartphone to smartphone messenger currently available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia devices. The application utilises push notifications to instantly send and receive messages free from other WhatsApp users. Supports pictures, audio and video.

The XDA member has confirmed that the beta apk works perfectly on the HTC Desire.

To join in the discussion and download the beta, visit the forum thread.