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WhatsApp Now Supports Up to 256 Users in Group Chat

WhatsApp has bumped up the number of participants in a group chat. Groups now support up to 256 members, which is a good bump up from the past 100 member limit. This increased limit is visible on WhatsApp version v2.12.367, which can be downloaded from the official website.

WhatsApp Now Has 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

WhatsApp has announced the messaging service has hit a new milestone with 1 billion monthly active users. That's 1/7th of the entire population of the world! The team says they are continuing to make WhatsApp faster, more reliable, simple and more secure than it has ever been before.

WhatsApp to Begin Data Sharing With Facebook

Google+ user Javier Santos has found out some new options residing in WhatsApp's latest beta build, v4.12.413. These options indicate that WhatsApp is preparing to start sharing its data with Facebook, in order to "improve Facebook experiences". This change will come along with a new set of Terms of Service that users will have to...

WhatsApp Announces the Service will Now be Free for All

We've seen multiple people talk about WhatsApp giving them a free month of service after their initial year has ended and today it seems like the company is making it completely free for everyone. WhatsApp assures us that they will not start to use advertising but they did reveal some potential plans for monetizing that...

Enhance WhatsApp With Chat Helper for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a controversial app, but we use it on a daily basis. If you are looking for an addon enhancing its capabilities, you should try the Chat Helper for WhatsApp made by XDA Recognized Developer jagan2. This app shows a floating widget with a number of WhatsApp conversations. Definitely useful when you use WhatsApp a...

WhatsApp Suffers Outage On New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp suffered a brief outage, possibly due to the massive influx of messages sent during New Years celebrations around the world. This outage has caused WhatsApp messages to fail to deliver, and the areas affected include parts of North and South America, Europe, India and Indonesia.

Emoji Exploit Crashes Whatsapp on Android 4.4+ and Web

Enthusiast Indrajeet Bhuyan, the person behind the 2000 word special character set message that could crash Whatsapp, is back for round 2. The latest crashing exploit involves the excessive use of Emoji characters to bypass the char limit in messages and result in a buffer overflow and a crash in the conversation and app.

Brazilian Judge Bans Citizens from Using WhatsApp for 48 Hours

After months of lobbying from Brazilian telecommunication companies, a Judge has now banned the use of WhatsApp for 48 hours (starting at 9pm eastern tonight). The messaging application is used by 93% of the country and the argument is that the service is not regulated like the telcos are. It's essentially the same argument we are seeing...

WhatsGoingOn? – WhatsApp Bans WhatsBot in No Time

What does a big, rich company do when someone creates an interesting and nicely-written extension to their application? You might answer promote it, or at least let it exist. Not always. There are some brands that prefer foul play. One of them is well known and there is a big chance that you have it in your...

WhatsApp Blocks Telegram Links to Be Opened or Copied

WhatsApp has almost one billion users across the globe, and a recent version of the application blocks access to Telegram links on it. The discovery has been made by a Redditor, and can either be an intentional move or a simple bug that blocks an ability to open links. Knowing Whatsapp, we can't dismiss the...

Google Announces WhatsApp Backups with Google Drive

WhatsApp is easily one of the most popular online messaging platforms right now, and this week a blog post officially announced a new backup and restore feature with Google Drive that will start rolling out today. You'll find this new feature tucked in the settings section within WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Could Feature Business-To-Consumer Chats

Facebook's Chief Financial Officer, David Wehner, has revealed a way Facebook may tap its $22 billion investment in the long term. He reveals that enabling B2C messaging has good business potential for Facebook Messenger, and if things work out, these may extend on to Whatsapp in the future. Read on for more!