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WhatsApp Handles Over 100 Million Voice Calls a Day

WhatsApp is by far one of, if not the, most popular messaging platform in the world today. Over 1 billion people are using it and today the company has announced they are handling over 100 million voice calls each and ever day. When doing the math, this averages out to over 1,100 calls every single...

WhatsApp Releases Official Desktop Client for Windows and OS X

After teasing us with their WhatsApp Web client, the company has now released an official desktop client for both Windows and OS X. We're told that just like WhatsApp web, this client will just be an extension of your phone. This means you'll still need to have it close as it will simply be mirroring...

WhatsApp Ban in Brazil Overturned

The 72-hour block on WhatsApp in Brazil was overturned by a different judge following an appeal from WhatsApp. This follows the decision by a separate judge to temporarily ban WhatsApp in Brazil owing to their inability to decrypt encrypted data which may have been useful for investigation in a drug case.

What Encryption Means For WhatsApp And Its 1 Billion Users

Some days ago, WhatsApp introduced the long awaited end-to-end encryption to all users. We heard the process has been going on for a while now , with Android-to-Android messages encrypted; now the encryption feature has reached almost every WhatsApp user out there, regardless of their mobile platform though one has to be running the latest version of...

WhatsApp Encrypting Only Message Contents; Other Conversation Data Remains Unencrypted

WhatsApp's encryption move has been revealed to encrypt only the message contents. Other metadata related to the conversation, such as date and time info and recipient numbers remain unencrypted. WhatsApp's legal clause also gives it permission to retain and collect any information which it is "legally compelled" to collect.

WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption is Now Going Live

Security is all the hype these days. After years of being data mined and being a sitting duck for MITM attacks, the world has finally woken up and realized that not everyone needs to know everything. Some conversations are best kept private, and restricted only to the parties involved. With that thought in mind, Facebook's WhatsApp...

Facebook Drops Support for BlackBerry 10, WhatsApp Soon to Follow

While it may seem that even BlackBerry itself is losing interest in their own OS, now it looks like 3rd-party developers are as well. Facebook has decided to discontinue the APIs that were needed in order to let their application run on BlackBerry 10. Not only that, but WhatsApp has also said they will drop...

WhatsApp Adds Support for Limited Text Formatting and Sharing Drive Files as PDF

WhatsApp has added in support for text formatting, albeit limited to text and italics only. Text is formatted in the same way as Google+ does it, with *text* making it bold and _text_ making it italicized. WhatsApp has also added in support of sharing files directly from Google Drive as PDF files.

Encrypted Voice Chat Coming Soon to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is on its way to receive encryption over voice chats, in addition to the currently available encryption over text chats. The report also indicates that WhatsApp might start touting its security oriented features in the future for marketing its service.

WhatsApp for Android Gets Support for Sharing Documents

This feature was first spotted from a user with the WhatsApp beta install, but now it's being reported that some users are getting in on the stable 2.12.453 build from the Google Play Store. I already have it and I haven't updated recently so it seems to be a server-side switch. As of right now, only...

WhatsApp is Now Using the Play Store’s Beta Program

There have been ways to get early updates to WhatsApp before (their website, APK Mirror), but now the company is using the beta program feature in Google Play. It's unclear just yet if this specific beta channel will be updated as much as we see on their website (since it's brand new), but we don't...

WhatsApp Now Supports Up to 256 Users in Group Chat

WhatsApp has bumped up the number of participants in a group chat. Groups now support up to 256 members, which is a good bump up from the past 100 member limit. This increased limit is visible on WhatsApp version v2.12.367, which can be downloaded from the official website.