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Jase Glenn · Jan 23, 2012

Skydroid: the UI of the Future

Android is diverse. From Themes to Launchers, the strength of Android is (in part) measured by its ability to be customized. While custom launchers are quite common, Skydroid takes differentiation a step further. Built by a team of 5 developers, and publicly voiced by XDA Senior Member TheRedDrake, Skydroid is an advanced user interface inspired by Windows 8's Metro UI. Unlike other systems that are only launchers, Skydroid will have around 20 apps involved. Thus far it includes: 1)Dialer 2)SMS 3)Email...

orb3000 · Jan 16, 2012

Lenovo Looking Into Mobile World As Well

We all know that one of the main objectives of CES events is to show off their early development and see the reactions, based on that the new products are launched. Lenovo has been the biggest surprise during the CES 2012, showing their entertainment center all in one, televisions, computers, but this time also announced that they will bet on the cell phone business too. They claim to be the first to introduce the phone "Intel" and will also be...

Jase Glenn · Dec 26, 2011

CommMgrPro for Android: Full Control at Your Fingertips

For those of you who don't remember CommMgrPro, allow me to refresh you memory: it's a Windows Mobile app (no not Windows Phone, Windows Mobile as in that ancient operating system that floats around here on XDA from time to time) that allowed its users to setup complex, detailed scheduling of their device. The user would set up predefined rules: such as from 4pm-6pm on a Monday, turn wifi on, and the device would follow suit. The app was very...

Former Writer · Dec 20, 2011

Windows Phone Device Manager Updated to, Open As Public Beta

A few days ago, XDA Senior Moderator imfloflo updated what looks like the coolest program the Windows Mobile side of XDA-Developers (get it, this side of the Mississippi...heh). It's called Windows Phone Device Manager and you can check it out by following this link right here . The changelog for version consists of: Full access to apps isolated storage Show toast notification when an action requires to launch TouchXperience Bugfixes As well as being a Public Release. Now, this...