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Tomek Kondrat · Sep 25, 2014

Party Time–The HTC Dream G1 is Six Years Old!

A few interesting events took place six years ago. In the USA, the biggest chart-topping song was “Whatever You Like” by T.I., while in the UK people were enjoying Kings of Leon's “Sex On Fire”. The weather was nice as well in September, but probably the most exciting event took place in the city of New York where HTC announced their first smartphone running Android OS. The HTC Dream on T-Mobile was officially presented to public. Today, the G1 is...

egzthunder1 · Apr 28, 2011

Sync Your Files Via Dropbox With ScheduledSync for Android

We all remember the good old Activesync for Windows Mobile. A simple and very effective sync program to keep your device, data, and files synced with your computer. Nowadays, things have evolved a bit as most syncing of our important data is done via web, particularly for Android devices. This new sync app, XDA member kovalevfm will allow you to sync files and folders by using Dropbox as your storage. You can utilize your Dropbox account to sync between multiple devices...

orb3000 · Oct 20, 2010

Deluxe Moon for Android Updated

XDA member LifewareSolutions had great success on the original application for Windows Mobile, now ported to Android, Deluxe Moon gets an update. Full moon, new moon and moon phase widgets are added to Full/Lite versions and can be configured with blue or gray colors. You can find it as either free or paid versions with small variations between each other. The developer shows a video of how this nice app looks on Android. Originally posted by LifewareSolutions [APP] Deluxe Moon...

orb3000 · Oct 19, 2010

Circular Battery Status for Android

Tired with your inaccurate battery meter on Android? or simply want to change? XDA member irkan presents Circular Battery Indicator, a small app based on the work of XDA member Fightspit, now available for non rooted devices. The developer has modified an APK to make it usable for all Android devices, it was tested on a Desire but should work on any other non rooted device. Originally posted by irkan [APP] 17-OCT-2010 Circular battery Indicator with % (No root required)...

orb3000 · Sep 21, 2010

Dimunition Icons Set for Android

Who does not like a new set of fresh icons? This time, XDA member newone757 presents Dimunition Icon set for your Android device. All icons are showed in black in the gallery, so you may have a hard time to make them look right on the first configuration, but after that they should look just like in the thumbnail. This is the first icon set contribution from the developer, so please leave feed back. Originally posted by newone757 [Icons] Dimunition...

orb3000 · Sep 14, 2010

SnapSwap for Android

XDA member Ciela presents SnapSwap for Android devices. This application will let you take a photo and send it to a random person, and you will in return receive a random photo back. This first version just left the beta stage and some members stated that it runs stable, altough some minor bugs are still present, such as not being able to delete the pictures as it creates 2 duplicate imges, which have to be deleted manually. The developer included...

WenWM · Jul 30, 2010

Another Cool Anti Apple BootScreen

In this day and age, having a cheerful startup to your awesome device is very important, and to some, it reflects their views. Well, this one spells your views to others. Created by XDA member CyberWalrus, this bootscreen tries to make your device's startup look, call, and tells your friends "EAT THIS APPLE". Now, this startup screen is not the best anti Apple boot screen I have seen, but I think it's just right. Perfect balance with a little hate, animation,...

orb3000 · Jul 22, 2010

Zeam Launcher for Android updated

XDA member cloakt presents Zeam Launcher, an application that attempts to create a free and lightweight launcher alternative for Android devices. The updated version 1.5.1 features backward compatiblity from cupcake, 3 to 9 screens with screen previews, scrollable applications dock bar, and more. No doubt Android members will be delighted by this light weight application. You can download it from Android Market. Originally posted by cloakt Zeam Launcher 1.5.1 IMPORTANT: If upgrading from version < 1.2.5, please do a clean...

WenWM · Jul 19, 2010

Deluxe Moon Updated And Released For Android

One of the most gorgeous Application for Windows Phone seems to have made its way to Android, and now the users can know what's up with the moon. The application was just recently released by XDA member LifewareSolutions, and keeps most of the same aspects of the Windows Phone variant. Deluxe Moon v1.24 Release Notes Touch the Moon: now you can change moon phases by sliding your finger on the Moon. Added Tropical/Sidereal Zodiac option. Added 24 and 12 hour time...

WenWM · Jul 18, 2010

MyPlayer Updated To V.88b For UKians

MyPlayer was one of my favorite application back in the days of Hulu support, but even without this, users can still enjoy some BBC shows. The popular Windows Mobile application has now gone Android thanks to XDA member FryWalker, and it still keeps some of the good features we all love, without the bugs we all have grown to hate. This is a light-weight application that provides access to the BBC iPlayer service directly - eliminating the requirement for a...

WenWM · Jul 12, 2010

Short List of Addictive Android Games

While looking for something to grab his attention, XDA member htc(hot-taco-cheese) created a list of addicting games for the Droid Incredible was created. The list started by XDA member zerf, and his list are merely composed of nine games, most of them free. The games list has just about everything, but I would like to add, Tower Defenses is your best bet for a super addictive game. here are a few that I play. Some free some paid air control beta classic...

WenWM · Jul 12, 2010

Boot Animation Preview Updated

Having an awesome boot screen on Android devices is becoming a very hard task with all these available packages, but this Windows application is here to help. Made by XDA member camalot, this application sets out to give you access to your boot files, allowing you to see the animation. This way, you'll know what looks the coolest before you load it all up. This is a tool for windows that will allow you to preview a boot animation (bootanimation.zip)...

mic_888 · Jul 11, 2010

Paperless List UK Tesco App

There are many Android shopping list applications on the Market, but this one is driven by the Tesco API and also has some unique features. XDA Forum member footboydog has written a to-the-point shopping list app for those of you who like to do your weekly shop at Tesco, one of the major supermarkets in the UK. As well as the usual scan barcode and search functions, found in other shopping list apps, Paperless List also has the following features:...

mic_888 · May 23, 2010

Augmented Reality Navigation comes to Android

If you've been impressed with the recent augmented reality apps for Android but have not found much use for them, you might want to take a look at Wikitude Drive. Posted by XDA forum member djbrutale, Wikitude Drive is the first navigation system based on augmented reality for your Android device! Developed by Mobilizy Research & Development group in Salzburg, Wikitude Drive is a light weight navigational system and works by overlaying point to point directions on a camera-view -...

mic_888 · May 21, 2010

Kitchen Timer App for Android

If you are looking for a timer that is just a timer - not a stopwatch, not an alarm, but just a timer, then check out this little application by XDA forum member JD82. It's a simple clean kitchen timer.  Easy to use and easy to read. Originally posted by JD82: Close the app without stopping the timers. Presets saving (and soon import/export as csv). Alarm sound, notification led colour and vibration pattern customisation. Keep screen on during the countdown...

Ben Elliott · May 20, 2010

Sprint Hero Finally Receives 2.1 Update

Android Eclair updates for both the GSM and the CDMA (Sprint) Hero variants have been promised for months, but again and again these only seemed like empty promises. However, and much to everyone's surprise, Sprint and HTC today announced the availability of this mysterious and wonderful update from the moulding, old Cupcake build with which the Hero was released to the shiny and delicious Eclair version of Android that we'd started giving up hope for. The ROM update is available...

mic_888 · May 19, 2010

Superuser App Gets Refreshed

So XDA forum member ChainsDD decided it was time the original superuser app written back in 2008 got a new look and some new features. Originally written by XDA member Koush, the Superuser app allows specified applications to get root when authorised. The program works with any application that uses su - no special code or support needs to be written. ChainsDD has given the Superuser app a complete refresh making it more easy to read showing each permission by it's...

mic_888 · Apr 29, 2010

Get Root on HTC Droid Eris via GUI application

XDA forum member ECLIPS3 has written a nice GUI for Windows which enables you to root your device, manage applications and reboot via a simple interface. Eris Master Application provides a great GUI to help users root their device from the stock Android 1.5 (Cupcake) to Android 2.1 (Eclair) root with a custom ROM installed. The application also allows users to reboot, enter recovery mode, and enter the bootloader and additionally provides a way to backup applications as well as...

orb3000 · Apr 24, 2010

Zeam v1.0.2, Another Screen Replacement for Android

Member cloakt presents this alternative for your home screen on Android. Developed on HTC Hero. Tested on HTC Tattoo and Magic. Originally posted by cloakt Zeam 1.0.2 released Fast and lightweight Features: Lightweight 9 screens with a screen chooser Application sliding drawer custom fly-in animation, plus slide If upgrading from 1.0.1, please uninstall and install. Changed signing of apk. If you're looking for something fresh and clean for your Android, continue to thread

mic_888 · Apr 17, 2010

Hubroid v1.3 – a GitHub app for Android

XDA forum member eddieringle has created a GitHub app for Android. Hubroid allows you to search Repositories and Users, show Watched Repositories, show Followers/Following, Commit Log , Repository Network Listings, Public/Private Activity Feeds all in a neat application on your Android device (currently optimized for Android 1.5 cupcake and 1.6 donut). Originally posted by eddieringle Changelog: v1.3: Ability to add and comment on issues New logo from prash UI tweaks Optimized Gravatar loading Previous: Follow/Unfollow users & Watch/Unwatch repos via...