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mic_888 · Jan 13, 2011

Galaxy S Sim Unlock Without Code

For those of you who are beholden to one carrier and locked to your Samsung Galaxy S device, fear not as XDA forum member helroz has written an app to unlock your device for you! Galaxy S unlock is free and can unlock other variants of the popular line of Samsung Android devices. In order to run the app, you'll need to be rooted with BusyBox and have an active internet connection. The dev states that the app has been...

mic_888 · Jan 11, 2011

TicTacToulette – Tic Tac Toe For Android

Unless you've been living under a rock all your life, you'll have heard of the simple game of Tic Tac Toe. A classic game, also know has 'Noughts And Crosses' in the UK and some other countries, has been replicated for the mobile operating platforms many times over and now XDA forum member MetalWeirdo together with appferreria has also written the game for Android. The game features and offline as well as online option and is available to download free...

orb3000 · Jan 9, 2011

Theme Market–Blue and Gingerbread keyboard for Android

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a new Android theme for changing the green color of the Market on your device to red. This time, XDA member pendo brings us a blue version theme that will give your device a fresh look. Also, the developer presents a full QWERTY keyboard - Gingerbread styled. This will work only on NON-Sense ROMs. However, the market theme will work on any Android device 2.0 and above. Please leave some feedback!. Originally posted...

egzthunder1 · Jan 7, 2011

Let Your Android Device Tell You the Time with haptiClock

Ever had the dire need to check your time in a quiet place, without the ability to pull out your phone from your pocket? If so, XDA member upperTriangle has a solution for you. HaptiClock is a new concept of app, where the device will respond to any type of feedback from the user (shake, tap on the screen, and more). The app will then respond with a series of vibrations that can be interpreted as the time. The device's...

orb3000 · Jan 3, 2011

MyBackup Root for Android

XDA member rogcontact presents MyBackup for your Android device. This application will work only on rooted devices and will let you do a back up and restore of your entire device on a very simple way. You can Backup with schedule option to an on line secure server or SD card, your apps, calendar, system settings, contacts, call logs, browser bookmarks, SMS, MMS, home screens, alarms, dictionary, music play lists, and almost anything you can think of. Also, you can...

egzthunder1 · Jan 3, 2011

New Year, New Forum – Motorola Milestone XT720 Forum Added

A lot of people decided to ask for it, we were getting slammed with requests, so for all of you... here it is. The Motorola Milestone XT720 forums have surfaced on XDA for full fledged development. In case you are wondering why this device was so requested, while it is a mid range device for most specs, the 8 MP camera, which is capable of shooting 720p HD video would certainly more than make up for it. It also has...

egzthunder1 · Dec 31, 2010

Just In Time for New Year… Bada OS, Elocity A7, and Toshiba Folio 100 Forums Added

Well, it looks like we are finishing this year with a boom... of fora. The much awaited Bada OS forum is now up and running. After several months of people asking and requesting it, we decided that there was enough interest in Samsung's OS development. Work on this OS has been ongoing for quite sometime in several other forums and we are glad that we are finally going to see what the hype was all about. Also, we keep on...

egzthunder1 · Dec 31, 2010

Remove Cell Standby Service from Nook Color

Many of our members have noted a thing or two about the Nook Color, but XDA member xboxexpert hit the nail on the head while trying to remove useless processes from the device. As the device is not a phone, having the Cell Standby process running in the background is kinda silly. Particularly, when this process is responsible, for the most part, for the most common battery drain on Android devices. In any case, the dev put together a script...

orb3000 · Dec 30, 2010

Opera Releases WAC-Ready Widget Runtime for Android

A few days ago, XDA member morpheum. let us know that Opera released the alpha version of their mobile widget manager for Android devices with support for WAC 1.0 APIs. This build will work on any Android 2.1 and up, and it allows widgets to access and use device features, such as accelerometer, GPS, camera and more. Please note that this build is in alpha stage and there are known issues, some of them may cause crashes and freezes, so...

orb3000 · Dec 24, 2010

Carbonized Icons Collection for Android

If you notice our posts are a bit smaller than usual must be because the season got us News Writers with some wine:). However, we are working extra hours to continue to bring you the selected articles from all your favorite developers. This time XDA member me15am presents Carbonized icons collection for your Android device. On the original thread, you will find a set of more than 420 original icons. The developer mentions that you don't need to change your...

orb3000 · Dec 23, 2010

Tutorial – Install Apps into SD Card for Samsung Galaxy i5500

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy 5 and want to install applications on your SD card? XDA member r2beta0 posted a great tutorial that will guide you to the full process. The developer made some research on how to achieve the easiest way to have apps installed on SD card for Android. The best part is that there is no need to even have a custom ROM to make it work. There is no program, app or update.zip, so you...

orb3000 · Dec 21, 2010

Theme, VatExpresso and Sense for Android

In matter of theme tastes, we find many different styles. XDA member Vatri91 presents VatExpresso for your Android device using CyanogenMod 6.x and nightly build with MDPI resolutions. This is a well designed UI theme presented in 2 flavors: Expresso and Sense. Launcher Pro or similar must be installed Nothing else to say, better take a look at it to see what we are talking about. Originally posted by Vatri91 VatExpresso && VatSense Hello. I working on Expresso theme for...

orb3000 · Dec 21, 2010

Spaghetti Marshmallows for Android

XDA member thedivinehairband let us know about a small addictive game for your Android device called Spaghetti Marshmallows. Pin marshmallows with uncooked spaghetti and build your way to the next level. Spaghettis bend, snap and throw your marshmallows to the ground, creating a symphony of snapping spaghetti!. Latest version 1.2 features added screen shot function and faster rampage mode and graphics amongst many others. The game can be downloaded for free in the market. Originally posted by thedivinehairband [APP] [GAME]Spaghetti...

orb3000 · Dec 20, 2010

Renamed Gingerbread Keyboard

No doubt Gingerbread is on the center of the action this days and a lot of stuff is popping out. This time we will talk about the work of XDA member hotaru who posted the Gingerbread keyboard but renamed it, so you can use it along with your original Android keyboard installed on your device. The keyboard includes the six languages that comes with the regular one. The developer also provides an apk version for Android devices using version 2.1....

orb3000 · Dec 16, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Theme for Android

XDA member iskapil let us know about this new theme for your device if you are willing to see how WP7 will look like. Windows Phone Android is a Android Launcher (or stand alone) application made to resemble Windows Phone's Metro UI. Some members have reported some problems to make it work, so this app is recommended for 480 x 800 resolution screens. Battery Status and Signal Status code updated to include a wider range of devices and hopefully less...

egzthunder1 · Dec 14, 2010

Let Your Device Act Based on Where You Are with Modus Operandi for Android

We are rather familiar with apps that automate the devices for us. However, this one is a completely new concept where the device can be programmed to start/stop certain services based on its location. XDA member azatoth developed Modus Operandi for Android, which basically can store settings for the device to perform certain actions when it is located in a specific part of the world. For instance, lets say that you don't want to use 3G while you are at...

orb3000 · Dec 13, 2010

New Android Market 2.2.6

XDA member phoezies let us know about the newest version of Android Market 2.2.6, which is ready for download. The new version comes with an updated UI (as described by ElCondor in this article), so you can access all the information about an application on a single page without the need to navigate across different tabs. The app detail page also includes related apps to make it easier to find more stuff of interest to you. Several new categories were...

ElCondor · Dec 10, 2010

New Hack for Desire and Nexus One: data2ext

Because of the low amount of available memory for user data, developers have been trying to enhance the way Android handles OS-specific data and applications. They do this by referring to the SD card instead of the main memory itself. This makes it possible to install many more applications. This hack is called app2SD, which is widely known by many Android users across various devices. Now, XDA member ownhere has come up with something new: data2ext. What this hack basically...

egzthunder1 · Dec 9, 2010

The Trivia for Android

For all of you who love Trivia Pursuit or maybe even those who are old enough to drink, XDA member Seabah and his team made a nice little game for your Android devices. The Trivia is exactly what you think it is... it is a game where you have a set of questions split into different categories and you have to guess the right answer. Furthermore, the game is divided into 5 question rounds and it is a turn based...

egzthunder1 · Dec 1, 2010

Rooting the Moto Defy

You have all asked for this device to be added to our ever growing list, and we did it. Now, it is time to start off development for this very rugged device. What better way to set things off than with a rooting guide for this phone? XDA member pedrodh saw that things started off slow for this device and decided to post a very comprehensive guide for rooting the Defy. This thread has a step by step including all...