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Paranoid Android AOSPA 4.6 Beta 2 In Depth Feature Review – XDA TV


Last week, we talked about Paranoid Android and gave a sort-of review and quick overview. However, Paranoid Android includes a lot more features than the ones we mentioned last time. So in the interest of helping you decide if Paranoid Android is the ROM for you, we will talk more about the features of the custom ROM and go more in depth.

In today’s video, XDA TV Producer droidmodd3rx, gives you a full in depth review of the features of Paranoid Android. Notable features include: Global Immersive Mode with Pie Controls; Hover, which replaces Halo; Notification Peek, Akin to Moto X Active Display; Editable Quick Settings; Android L Recents; Dynamic Status Bar; and more! While we are showing the version o. . . READ ON »

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3 Unique Launchers from the XDA Forums – XDA TV


There are many Launchers available for Android. There are very popular ones, like Nova Launcher. However, just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Each person’s preference is different as well.

In today’s episode, XDA TV Producer Jared shows off a 3 unique launchers from the XDA forums. He talks about SwiftOpen Beta, FlowHome Beta and SAO Launcher. So if you wanted to try a new unique launcher for your Android device, check out this video!. . . READ ON »

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Learn How To Make Your Own Small App


Floating applications are very popular–not only here at XDA, but in Play Store as well. One of the first OEM that used floating application in its stock firmware was Sony. Small Apps are independent applications that can be used on top of other applications. For example, you can run a small calculator and perform some calculations while browsing a web page. Those apps can be launched from the small apps bar available by pressing the navigation button.

Small App can be developed really easy with Eclipse or any other compatible IDE. Sony even released its own SDK that makes development a bit easier. If you ever wanted to create your own small application, XDA Senior Member Geeks Empire wrote a comprehensi. . . READ ON »

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How to Unlock the Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch Bootloader – XDA TV


Android Wear now has three different devices in it’s camp. The round moto 360 is the latest smartwatch to hit the market. Of course as we like to do here on we want to unlock and root this device. However, given it’s wireless sync and charging feature its not as simple as it sounds. But, a way has been found!

In today’s videos, XDA TV Producer and Recognized Contributor RootJunky, shows off how to unlock the bootloader on the moto 360. This process requires a special homebrew interface cable. You can find the video on this below. So if you wanted to unlock your moto 360, check out this video.. . . READ ON »

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Sony Xperia Z3 Rooted, Project Ara Hot Swappable, XDA / LG Developer Challenge! – XDA TV


The Sony Xperia Z3 has been rooted! That and much more news is covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this week. Included in this week’s news is the announcement of Google’s Project Ara having Hot Swappable parts and be sure the check out the new XDA Portal redesign. That’s not all that’s covered in today’s video!

Jordan talks about the other videos released this week on XDA TV. XDA TV Producer TK released an Xposed Tuesday video for StatusbarVolume. Then AdamOutler took the Apple challenge. And later TK gave us an Android App Review of Calc+. Pull up a chair and check out this video.. . . READ ON »

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Join us at the Big Android BBQ 2014 on October 16-18


It’s almost time. It’s so close, you can almost smell the smoked deliciousness right now.  Delicious BBQ, Android and XDA that can only mean one thing: the annual Big Android BBQ. Since just about the very beginning has supported this great community event celebrating two great things in this world.

Every year the Big Android BBQ brings together the brightest and hungriest minds in the Android world, this year will be no different. In addition to the great food, the Big Android BBQ has some great educational presentations for you to devour.  This year you will find topics from big names such as XDA Senior Recognized Developer Dees_Troy aka Ethan Yonker and Cyanogen himself, Steve Ko. . . READ ON »

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App Review: Calculating Your Android Calculator Options


Sure, everyone has a default Calculator and it’s something that you don’t think about it until you need to do some calculations. Default Calculators work in a pinch, but if you have a large formula or a complex equation you need a better Calculator. Let’s put this OMAP chipsets to the test, they are made my TI right?

XDA Senior Member thotran7989 offers up a customizable, powerful calculator for your calculating needs. In this video XDA TV Producer TK reviews Calc+.  TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application. Check out this app review.. . . READ ON »

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MultiROM Makes its Way Over to the HTC One (M8)


While browsing our forum, you will undoubtedly find more than a few enticing ROMs available to download. Original or not, it would take eternity and a day to test them all. Luckily there are some solutions to make the process seamless. One of them, MultiROM, gives users a chance to try a few ROMs at the same time–all without flashing and wiping with each installation.

This project has been ported to several devices including the LG G2 and Sony Xperia Z. It was originally made by XDA Recognized Developer Tassadar, and now has found its way to another popular device, the HTC One (M8). The port was created by XDA Forum Member boringalex. MultiROM is a perfect compromise for those users who want to use Sense ROMs . . . READ ON »

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An Android Enthusiast’s Apple iPhone 6 Challenge

Adam's Apple

The media has gone batty again over Apple “revolutionizing” smartphones. However, as a lot of Android fans will tell you, there is nothing revolutionary in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So during Apple phone releases, it’s usually best to not read your Facebook or Google+ notifications, as the endless droning from both sides with drive you mad. The legendary Sun Tzu is quoted as saying “to know your enemy, you must become your enemy.” Which is a fancy way of saying “do knock it until you try it.”

In today’s episode, XDA TV Producer AdamOutler talks about the iPhone 6. As a very involved Android Enthusiast, Adam wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. So he chal. . . READ ON »

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