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Jack Jennings · Jun 10, 2015

Audio-Focused APIs Mark Promising Direction for Android

Aside from Android, I've maintained a healthy interest in writing and producing music over the years, and unfortunately I've never quite found a compelling use for my smartphone as part of my audio set-up. Annoyingly for me, Apple have always had a bit of a head start here, or more rather an increased focus on the world of music production, which makes sense considering how ubiquitous Macs are in studios and after Apple’s purchase of the Logic DAW way back...

Mathew Brack · Feb 9, 2015

Switcheroo: Control Any Device From Your Mobile

Meet the Switcheroo, developed by Amal Graafstra the founder of Dangerous Things. It is a small circuit board that once installed can control almost any device from your phone. Utilizing Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and either open or secure options as they put it "Anyone can control that toy, but only you can unlock your door."   Amal, who you may remember as the man renowned for bringing sterile easily install-able NFC implants to the public, took a few moments of his time to discuss...

GermainZ · Oct 17, 2014

Android L Final API, Updated Preview Images, and Material Design Support Library Now Live!

It's the 17th of October and as previously announced, the Android L/5.0 SDK is finally out, in addition to updated preview images for the Nexus 5 "hammerhead" and the Nexus 7 "razor" (2013). You should be able to get the latest 5.0 SDK from the Android SDK Manager, as usual: Start the Android SDK Manager. In the Tools section, select the latest SDK Tools, SDK Platform-tools, and SDK Build-tools. Select everything under the Android 5.0 section, then click Install packages......

Jimmy McGee · Jul 22, 2014

MaR-V-iN to Talk Google and Android APIs at XDA:DevCon 2014

Our international xda:devcon ’14 in Manchester, UK on the weekend of September 26-28 is a celebration of all things mobile. The most popular sect of mobile development is perhaps software development. There are many different ways to develop software. You can use libraries and APIs to help advance your skills, among other things. Today, we are happy to announce another great speaker that will be at xda:devcon ’14. MaR-V-iN is a computer science student, privacy enthusiast and hacker. MaR-V-iN started coding...

Samantha · Jun 22, 2013

APIs Released for the Illumination Bar on Xperia Devices

Further testament to Sony's increasing support for third-party developers comes with their release of 'experimental' APIs for that funky translucent illumination bar found on many of their phones such as the Xperia S. The new APIs will allow developers to play and experiment with the bar's functionality in various situations, apps, and ROMs. Announced at Sony's Developer World, the APIs will allow developers to control the bar in unrestricted ways never before possible, such as setting the LED color, controlling...

Mike Szczys · May 30, 2013

Using Internal/Hidden Classes of the Android API

Pssst... over here. Yeah, did you know about the Hidden Android Classes? Shhh... it's a secret. They let you do stuff you otherwise couldn't. You can read internal data, like the text message database stored on a phone. You can also gain lower level access to the hardware in order to extend your app's access to things like the touchscreen input values, or WiFi radio usage. To get your hands on that kind of contraband, you'll need to do some...