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Jimmy McGee · Jan 22, 2015

Clear Your Data Skies with Unclouded – XDA App Review

How many times have you tried to upload something to your Google Drive or Dropbox, only to find you have no more space? With all these different services and files the sky is often clouded with cloud storage. It may be helpful to understand which files are using a big portion of your storage and how much storage you have left. XDA Senior Member cgollner offers up an app that allows you to clear the skies in your cloudy data...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 6, 2015

Must Have App Review: Light Flow – XDA TV

We get a lot of incoming information on our devices every day. To help remind us to check things like email and messaging systems, Android gives us notifications. There are many times when you don’t want it to make a sound. Sometimes, even that horrible vibrating phone on a wooden table noise is too loud. Thus, we have to rely on our visual indicators The creators of Light Flow offer up an app that lets you view and control your...

Samantha · Jul 31, 2014

Monitor What Your Phone’s Camera Sees with Android Wear

Having a smart device strapped to your wrist certainly has its merits. A growing number of Android Wear apps we’re seeing now are allowing us to stay on top of many things without having to lug out our devices out with features such as Android Wear notifications, as well as perform things normally done with our phone, tablet, or even PC with apps like EchoWear Song Search. With this said, a pretty impressive function you’ll be able to perform on...