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Jimmy McGee · Apr 9, 2015

Flynx Link Browser – XDA App Review

If you’ve ever read an article on your mobile device, you’ve probably encountered the problem with links in stories. You start off reading one story. And half way through an interesting sentence or word is highlighted with a link to another story. Sooner or later your half way through 15 stories. XDA Forum Member night_hawk91 offers up an app that allows you to open these links and keep them handy for later reading. In this video XDA TV Producer TK...

Jimmy McGee · Apr 1, 2015

Must Have App Review: Spider Squisher Pro Extreme

Here on XDA TV we have a series we like to call Must Have Apps. These are apps that we think are so great and useful that you must have them. We’ve given this title to such programs as Pushbullet, Light Flow, Helium, the AROMA File Manager, ROM Toolbox and Pocket Casts. But today we have an app that surpasses them all. Former XDA TV Producer Adam Outler offers up a must have application. In this video, XDA TV Producer...

Jimmy McGee · Mar 25, 2015

Must Have App Review: Pocket Casts for Android

The great thing about our smartphones is the ability to put on your head phones and listen to music or podcasts while on the bus, on the train, waiting at the DMV or just eating lunch when you are trying to block out the outside world. In order to listen to podcasts seamlessly, you will want the best application you can get your hands on. The talented developers over at “Shifty Jelly” offer up a must have podcast application. In...

Jimmy McGee · Mar 12, 2015

Clip Stack: A Clipboard Your Phone Needs – App Review

With the wonderful capabilities of our smartphones, we have access to piles of information, helpful tricks and millions of cat videos. Smartphones have brought friends and family closer. Find something funny, adorable, or twisted that your friends will like? Copy that link and share it on social media. However, if you want to share multiple links, it can be a tedious process. The developer little_cup offers up an app that allows you to control your clipboard and easily store multiple...

Jimmy McGee · Feb 26, 2015

Lollipop Style Lockscreen for Android 4.1 – XDA App Review

Android 5.x Lollipop has provided many visual updates, including the lockscreen. Unfortunately, some carriers and manufacturers are not offering Lollipop for some recent devices. On the flip side, some Lollipop users still prefer the old style of lockscreen. XDA Senior Member thotran7989 offers up an app that allows you to customize everything about your lockscreen. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews Hi Locker.  TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application....

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Feb 20, 2015

Customization of Third Party Apps: Right or Wrong?

Aesthetics have been a major focal point of the latest updates to Android, and with Material Design bringing new guidelines, many developers jumped into the trend of grandiosely humble, mutely colorful and deeply flat applications. The result is a bunch of new skins that give the OS a more consistent look - or so they should. On paper, Material Design was going to be the unification of the ecosystem into a coherent and cohesive environment, but it fell flat on...

Jimmy McGee · Feb 19, 2015

Call Utils – Floating Call Notes – XDA App Review

Business gets accomplished on the mobile device now. Whether that is through calls, emails, or text messages, somewhere somebody is doing business. It could be that guy rushing through the crowd in a power suit with a Bluetooth in his ear. What happens when he is on the run and needs to make a note about the call or caller? XDA Forum Member Ironsteel offers up an app that allows you to add notes to your callers and manage your...

Mathew Brack · Feb 12, 2015

Invoke Cerberus To Protect Your Phone From Thieves

Most of us have experienced that feeling at some point, you reach for your phone but it's not there. What follows is usually an increasingly rapid patting of all your pockets and a rising feeling of dread. Then you realize: the taxi, the restaurant, the man who bumped in to you earlier. Your phone could be anywhere now. In situations like this, you have several options to choose from, many of us will go down the route of: retrace your...

Jimmy McGee · Feb 12, 2015

Ampere Measures Phone Power – XDA App Review

How many times have you looked at your phone to check the battery level? How many times have you gotten the low battery alert in the middle of the afternoon? Many people deal with this by having an array of power cords and power banks. But what amount of charge is your battery getting? Is it sufficient to overcome your phones draw? XDA Senior Member nihil0 offers up an app that allows you to see how much current is charging or...

Mathew Brack · Feb 7, 2015

Today Calendar Developer Deals With Pirates In A New Way

When Jack Underwood, developer of Today Calendar revealed that only 15% of users of the premium version had actually purchased the app, he also revealed his plans for dealing with the 85% of users that were pirating the application. When he first gave the figures above, Reddit users took it upon themselves to help his plight, offering a wide range of potential solutions. Underwood finally decided to take a more light hearted approach to dealing with pirates, and whilst being humorous it could also be very...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Feb 5, 2015

The Best Wallpaper Apps to Stay Fresh

Android features all sorts of customization, from icons to themes. The brave of you also jump into the waters of XML editing and flashing experimental visual tweaks. It's safe to say that we all love Android customization, and it remains one of the reasons we pick the platform over any other mobile OS. With Android, your phone can truly be yours because you've got full control over the tiniest of its details, as well as an immense repertoire of available...

Jimmy McGee · Feb 5, 2015

Play Videos & Record Your Screen w/ VXG Player – XDA TV

There are a lot of video players on the market, and to be completely honest, the default Android video player on our phones are often sufficient. However, sometimes you need to be able to play more formats that the default player doesn’t support. On a separate instance, maybe you need to record your screen, and instead of installing two apps, you can just install one. XDA Forum Member VideoExpertsGroup offers up an app that allows you to play many formats...

Jimmy McGee · Feb 4, 2015

Phobo Juggling – XDA Game Time!

A huge majority of us use our smartphone devices to play games. Whether it’s Plants v. Zombies on the bus or Asphalt 8: AirBorne at home, our devices help us pass the time in a fun way. Some of the best games can be deceptively simple and completely addictive, like Flappy Bird. XDA Forum Member thypham offers up a game that is deceptively simple, yet completely difficult. In this episode of Game Time, XDA TV Producer rirozizo reviews Phobo Juggling.  Rirozizo...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 29, 2015

Have Some ‘Quality Time’ – App Review

Our phones are jam packed with features. You can crush candy, you can send emails, you can take photos, you can make phone calls and you can surf the internet. However, sometimes that’s just too much. Sometimes we need to take a break from our device, but it is not always and easy as it seems. The team of developers at ZeroDesktop Inc. offer up an app that gives you some quality time away from the distractions on your phone....

Jimmy McGee · Jan 27, 2015

Must Have App Review: AROMA File Manager

Here at XDA we spend a lot of time in our recoveries. Some of our tweaks, hacks, and mods require you to make changes to system files. That requires some pretty deep access. You can get to that access from recovery, like TWRP. However, the recovery file manager doesn’t feel like the Android file managers. XDA Recognized Developer amarullz offers up an app that lets you have a fully functional file manager in your recovery. In this video XDA TV...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 22, 2015

Clear Your Data Skies with Unclouded – XDA App Review

How many times have you tried to upload something to your Google Drive or Dropbox, only to find you have no more space? With all these different services and files the sky is often clouded with cloud storage. It may be helpful to understand which files are using a big portion of your storage and how much storage you have left. XDA Senior Member cgollner offers up an app that allows you to clear the skies in your cloudy data...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 6, 2015

Must Have App Review: Light Flow – XDA TV

We get a lot of incoming information on our devices every day. To help remind us to check things like email and messaging systems, Android gives us notifications. There are many times when you don’t want it to make a sound. Sometimes, even that horrible vibrating phone on a wooden table noise is too loud. Thus, we have to rely on our visual indicators The creators of Light Flow offer up an app that lets you view and control your...

Samantha · Jul 31, 2014

Monitor What Your Phone’s Camera Sees with Android Wear

Having a smart device strapped to your wrist certainly has its merits. A growing number of Android Wear apps we’re seeing now are allowing us to stay on top of many things without having to lug out our devices out with features such as Android Wear notifications, as well as perform things normally done with our phone, tablet, or even PC with apps like EchoWear Song Search. With this said, a pretty impressive function you’ll be able to perform on...