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Jimmy McGee · Jul 2, 2015

Floating Apps with Rovers – XDA App Review

There are a lot of great launchers to help customize your phone. Some Launchers allow you to apply different color themes. Others offer many great automated features. Some make your most used apps easy to locate by putting them in prominent positions. There is a launcher that will let you do just about anything you want. XDA Senior Member roshga offers up a neat little app that allows you to have floating shortcuts to your favorite apps. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK...

Jimmy McGee · Jun 25, 2015

Most Recently Used Apps Widget – XDA App Review

If you use your phone a lot, it’s possible that you use the same set of programs over and over. Having quick easy access to the apps that you have most recently used can be a quick way to go between apps. Android widgets can be very helpful. XDA Forum Member registered-user offers up a neat little widget that allows you to get quick access to your most recently used apps. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews MRU Widget....

Jimmy McGee · Jun 18, 2015

Easy Copy – XDA App Review

Let’s be real for a minute here. As great as Android is, sometimes switching between apps is cumbersome. Especially if you are trying to copy something from one app to another. There has to be an easier way. If I copy an address it should open Google Maps. If I copy a URL, I should be able to open in Chrome or my browser of choice. XDA Forum Member MurinXDA offers up an app to help make copying and pasting...

Jimmy McGee · Jun 11, 2015

How To Combine Icon Packs – XDA App Review

The great thing about the state of Android customization is that there are a lot of awesome Icon packs. Using an icon pack lets you change how the icons for your apps look. There are many different icon packs to suit your mood. However, what if you like some icons from one pack and some icons from another? XDA Senior Member FemBlack offers up an app that lets you combine your icon packs. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK...

Jimmy McGee · Jun 4, 2015

See Through Phone W/ Iris – XDA App Review

We spend a lot of time on our smartphones. The older generation likes to joke that we are so focused on our phone, looking at it all the time that we are going to walk into a wall and break our nose. Well with the power of our phone and the rear facing camera, this hazard can be eliminated. XDA Forum Member nyomidev offers up an app that uses your camera to show you what’s coming by overlaying your apps. In...

Mathew Brack · May 27, 2015

KickMaterial: Material Design For Kickstarter

Frustrated by the lack of a Kickstarter Android App, Grzegorz Oksiuta and Outline have collaborated to design an MD themed Kickstarter app. While Kickstarter has put an end to hopes of a release, the concept looks spectacular and if not for an overly cautious legal department "could be released tomorrow".   "Last year, to keep up with what’s great, I switched from iOS to Android. There were a lot of things I missed though, especially some favorite apps. Where was...

Jimmy McGee · May 20, 2015

Put a Pin In It with PinTasking – XDA App Review

Smartphones today are extremely powerful, constantly handling many apps at once. Switching between running apps is handled many ways. However, sometimes it would be nice to just put a pin in it and get back to it later. XDA Forum Member PhinxApps offers up an app that creates a visual pin to switch between apps. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews PinTasking. TK shows off the application and shares his thoughts, so check out this app review. (more…)

Jimmy McGee · May 14, 2015

How to Tweak Your Kernel – XDA App Review

Part of being a power user is getting and using more of your device than even the OEM could imagine. Power users want to tweak everything to run just perfectly in their eyes. There are many apps out there that allow you to customize your kernel and today we are going to show off a few. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews three different applications to tweak your kernel. The applications covered in this video are FKupdater, Kernel...

Jimmy McGee · May 7, 2015

System information Now w/ Castro – XDA App Review

Part of being a power user is getting and using more information on your device that is standard. Power users like to see things like the Battery Voltage load and the CPU performance. Knowing this information can help solve a performance issue you may be experiencing. However, default Android doesn’t give you access to all the information. XDA Forum Member **Menos** offers up an app that collects and displays this information in one place. In this video, XDA TV Producer...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · May 2, 2015

XDA Picks: Best Apps of the Week (Apr 25 – May 1)

Apps are at the front and center of any smartphone experience, and with over a million apps on the Google Play Store and new apps being submitted to our forums every day, staying up to date on the latest apps and games can be a hassle. At XDA, we don’t discriminate apps - if it’s interesting, innovative, original or useful, we mention them. The XDA Portal Team loves apps too, and we usually share and discuss the latest app releases...

Jimmy McGee · Apr 30, 2015

Launcher 10 for Your Enjoyment – XDA App Review

Many people say that the best thing about Android is the ability to have custom launchers. Custom Launchers let you configure your device to be exactly how you want it. Do you want a sea of icons or a simple desktop with only one or two icons and the time? It doesn’t matter you can do whatever you want! XDA Forum Member junaid558 offers up the latest version of custom launchers. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews Launcher...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 23, 2015

Review: “Hello” Facebook Dialer, Bye to Your Privacy?

Facebook is known for releasing many experimental apps which integrate into their core services. Groups, Facebook at Work, Facebook Home (yuck), and the like have met uneven reviews, but in a way they have their own niche. When it comes to this new app, a dialer simply called "Hello", Facebook tried to get to the core of smartphone functions - that is, being phones. They claim that their solution makes your phone "truly smart". Facebook has made such claims before,...

Jimmy McGee · Apr 23, 2015

Keep Those Services in Check – XDA App Review

Every day when our devices our in our pockets, our bags, or just laying on ours desks there is still a hubbub of activity going on in the background. However, just like your PC, not all those services NEED to run constantly in the background. Yet, Google doesn’t really make it easy to control. XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco offers up an app that lets you control your background services. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews Servicely. TK shows...

Jimmy McGee · Apr 9, 2015

Flynx Link Browser – XDA App Review

If you’ve ever read an article on your mobile device, you’ve probably encountered the problem with links in stories. You start off reading one story. And half way through an interesting sentence or word is highlighted with a link to another story. Sooner or later your half way through 15 stories. XDA Forum Member night_hawk91 offers up an app that allows you to open these links and keep them handy for later reading. In this video XDA TV Producer TK...

Jimmy McGee · Apr 1, 2015

Must Have App Review: Spider Squisher Pro Extreme

Here on XDA TV we have a series we like to call Must Have Apps. These are apps that we think are so great and useful that you must have them. We’ve given this title to such programs as Pushbullet, Light Flow, Helium, the AROMA File Manager, ROM Toolbox and Pocket Casts. But today we have an app that surpasses them all. Former XDA TV Producer Adam Outler offers up a must have application. In this video, XDA TV Producer...

Jimmy McGee · Mar 25, 2015

Must Have App Review: Pocket Casts for Android

The great thing about our smartphones is the ability to put on your head phones and listen to music or podcasts while on the bus, on the train, waiting at the DMV or just eating lunch when you are trying to block out the outside world. In order to listen to podcasts seamlessly, you will want the best application you can get your hands on. The talented developers over at “Shifty Jelly” offer up a must have podcast application. In...

Jimmy McGee · Mar 12, 2015

Clip Stack: A Clipboard Your Phone Needs – App Review

With the wonderful capabilities of our smartphones, we have access to piles of information, helpful tricks and millions of cat videos. Smartphones have brought friends and family closer. Find something funny, adorable, or twisted that your friends will like? Copy that link and share it on social media. However, if you want to share multiple links, it can be a tedious process. The developer little_cup offers up an app that allows you to control your clipboard and easily store multiple...

Jimmy McGee · Feb 26, 2015

Lollipop Style Lockscreen for Android 4.1 – XDA App Review

Android 5.x Lollipop has provided many visual updates, including the lockscreen. Unfortunately, some carriers and manufacturers are not offering Lollipop for some recent devices. On the flip side, some Lollipop users still prefer the old style of lockscreen. XDA Senior Member thotran7989 offers up an app that allows you to customize everything about your lockscreen. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews Hi Locker.  TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application....

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Feb 20, 2015

Customization of Third Party Apps: Right or Wrong?

Aesthetics have been a major focal point of the latest updates to Android, and with Material Design bringing new guidelines, many developers jumped into the trend of grandiosely humble, mutely colorful and deeply flat applications. The result is a bunch of new skins that give the OS a more consistent look - or so they should. On paper, Material Design was going to be the unification of the ecosystem into a coherent and cohesive environment, but it fell flat on...

Jimmy McGee · Feb 19, 2015

Call Utils – Floating Call Notes – XDA App Review

Business gets accomplished on the mobile device now. Whether that is through calls, emails, or text messages, somewhere somebody is doing business. It could be that guy rushing through the crowd in a power suit with a Bluetooth in his ear. What happens when he is on the run and needs to make a note about the call or caller? XDA Forum Member Ironsteel offers up an app that allows you to add notes to your callers and manage your...