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Tomek Kondrat · Feb 6, 2015

Game of Quests Start-Up Moves Your Body

A group of Polish developers have just started a Indiegogo campaign with a project named Game of Quests. GOQ is a game and activity tracking app that helps players have fun and develop at the same time. The concept is relatively similar to Ingress, but takes place in a totally different universe. A world is at war between humans, dwarfs, elves and mysterious beings. Each race is divided into classes. Selecting a class is crucial, as the game requires different...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 2, 2014

Google Copresence: Cross-Platform Android Beam?

Google and Apple have been battling it out with each other for quite a while. While both companies paying for this both in and out of the courtroom, users of both platforms are still happily buying iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices. In fact, it's not that uncommon to see a single user owning devices with different, competing operating systems. Devices with the same OS can easily share content like messages, contacts, and photos without hassle. But sharing...

Will Verduzco · May 20, 2014

Apple Holding iOS Users Hostage with iMessage Flaw

We all have our own unique tastes. We favor certain styles of music, prefer certain foods, and enjoy making decisions about what products to buy. Because of this, something that we as consumers unanimously value is the freedom of choice. In the world of mobile devices, this freedom can be manifest in several ways: choice of installed applications, choice of wallpaper, choice of storage capacity, and above all, choice of device. Actually, we can go ahead and scratch that last one for iOS...

Will Verduzco · May 13, 2014

Researchers at Columbia University Bring iOS Apps to Android

Up until a couple of device generations ago, Apple's iOS held a distinct advantage over Android with regards to both application quality and quantity. But recently, Android apps have caught up, and in many ways surpassed what's available or even possible on iOS. Much of this is due to Android now commanding the vast majority of smartphone market share, which in turn piques third party developer interest. However, a good deal is due to Android giving third party developers significantly more freedom than what is allowed by...

Will Verduzco · Jul 20, 2013

Use iPod Docks on Your Android Device with PodMode

So you've got an Android device running ICS or greater and it supports USB host mode. However, your car only has an iPod connector, but you want to listen to some tunes. Now, you could always replace your car's built-in head unit for one with an auxiliary input jack. However, that requires quite a bit of effort. You could also use an FM transmitter, but you actually intend on listening to your music, rather than fighting the static and bad...

TheRomMistress · Jul 11, 2013

Review of the New Google Maps

To the standard end user, this year's Google I/O  left much to be desired. The disappointment was mainly in the fact that Google failed to release the highly anticipated Android update, Key Lime Pie.  Instead, the annual developers conference, which was held the week of May 15, focused on developer tools and a rebuild of Google Maps. The "new Google Maps," as the Mountain View company calls it, is a major update that integrates Google Earth to create three-dimensional tours of...

Pulser_G2 · Jun 11, 2013

Secure Encryption–An (Oxy)moronic Attempt by Apple?

In case you are someone like I am who doesn't follow the annual "update" of iOS, this is where they make it more like Android and make use of some features Android has had for years (i.e. notification pull-down), and announce a few changes and "new" things the rest of the world has done for years. Before I go any further, the previous sentence is intended as a joke, let's not turn this into an iOS vs whatever war. This...