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Velocity is Like OpenTable on Steroids


We all enjoy a night out with friends or our significant other from time to time. However, there is always that one painful step of agreeing on deciding where to go–and this only gets worse with more people in your group. Once a decision is reached, then comes hurdle number two: getting there and hoping they have tables available. Luckily, most restaurants in this day and age will allow you to book a table either by calling or by means of an app called OpenTable, which in essence is an online booking system. Conceptually, the app is great and it saves you a lot of hassle in having to look for contact information, but the app in itself is quite limited in terms of functionality. What if you could do a mash up between Op. . . READ ON »

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Android App Review: Manage Your Connections Automagically – XDA TV


Material Design is all the buzz in the Android world right now. Android 5.0 Lollipop’s user interface introduced this UI paradigm, and most apps are going Material–even “boring” old file managers.  What was once a standard app that allowed you to browse your device’s file system is now available with Material Design glory thanks to XDA Senior Member arpitkh96 and his application Amaze File Manager.

In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews the Material Design-themed Amaze File Manager.  TK shows off the application and gives his thoughts, so check out this app review.. . . READ ON »

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CPU Spy Gets an Android Lollipop Makeover

CPU Spy Material Design

At some point in the distant past, you probably heard of CPU Spy for Android by XDA Retired Recognized Developer storm717. We talked about it back when it was originally released quite a few years ago, and in the time since, the app has become a staple for those looking to fine tune both performance and battery life through kernel and governor tweaks.

Fast forward three years, and we’ve seen quite a lot of change in the Android world. As our devices evolved, so too did the Android OS and its aesthetic. In keeping with Android’s new Material Design UI paradigm, XDA Recognized Developer existz decided to give storm717’s open source app a material design makeover.

Just like the original app, t. . . READ ON »

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Fight the Heat and Conserve Battery with EaseUS Coolphone


Memory hungry Android applications are often responsible for making our device overheat. Having a highly active CPU and GPU can significantly decrease not only performance due to thermal throttling, but also battery life of your device because it’s working much harder. Furthermore, batteries less efficiently store charge when they’re running at above optimal batteries. And since batteries have a limited number of charge-discharge cycles, you will eventually find that your battery discharges much faster than it did originally.

There are some things that you can do to make your battery last longer. Your battery’s temperature can be controlled by third party applications lik. . . READ ON »

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ZArchive Manages Your File Archives


Today smartphones are quite powerful devices that can handle multiple processes at once. In fact, some of our mobile devices are more powerful than older PCs from not too long ago. Certain operations that require much computing power can be done right on phones, such as the CPU-intensive task of archive management.

Not many of you may know that Android can be used to compress, decompress, and view content of various types of file archives. This is possible thanks to applications like ZArchiver, which was developed by XDA Forum Member Ant-ON. The application can be used create multiple file types like, 7zip, zip, bzip2, gzip–just to name just a few. The full list of supported formats to decompress . . . READ ON »

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Connect ALL THE THINGS with Xender


Smartphones, with all of their all connectivity options courtesy of OEMs, can easily connect themselves with various other devices. Android itself doesn’t give you too many options when it comes to file sharing, so you need external apps that allow you to share the content of your device or use your PC to browse phones memory wirelessly.

One app that allows you to connect with other phones to share your photos, applications, and other media files easily is Xender. The application comes courtesy of XDA Forum Member AnMobi, and it can connect two phones or a phone and your PC–without cables. You can even connect your Android phones to iPhones or iPads to easily share data with them.

If your phone i. . . READ ON »

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Pushbullet Universal Copy/Paste Availabe for Linux, Mac OS X


Pushbullet is one of those useful utilities that once installed, permanently resides on both your desktop and mobile device. This project is comprised of two elements: an Android application and a browser extension to communicate for your PC that communicates with your mobile device. These two combined allow some really nice functionality like sending links, sharing files, and even text messaging directly from your PC.

The project is under active development, and we can see new interesting features show up once in a while. The latest addition from XDA Forum Member guzba and his team member was implementing a copy/paste functionality to Linux and Mac OS X. This feature is quite handy when you browse t. . . READ ON »

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MX Player Ready to Rock on Lollipop


A good video player should be reliable and free. One of the XDA Community Apps, MX Player, meets both of these requirements. A few days ago, this application was updated to support Android 5.0 Lollipop. Upon reading this, you may think that you would be greeted with some Material Design eye candy, but you would be wrong. MX Player is still the very same application that we love. Rather, now the application is able to function on Lollipop.

The announcement for the new version was made by one of the project’s developers, XDA Senior Member ktsamy. Here’s a brief list of changes:

  • Supports Android 5.0
  • Added View menu on the media list screen for the selection of view mode, sorting order, display fields.
  • S
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Learn More About Linux with Linux Man Pages


Linux is quite a powerful and very configurable operating system. Thanks to some user-friendly desktop environments, This operating system can be used by beginners. Unlike Windows, Linux has many distributions that differ in many aspects like user commands, package managers, and so on. Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, and Gentoo are just a few of the most popular distros that should be on your list to try.

To get the most of Linux, for example to compile an AOSP build or kernel, you need to use terminal. The number of difficult commands can be overwhelming, so it’s good to have a source of knowledge. A book or the Internet can help you to answer all your questions. XDA Senior Member sylsau decid. . . READ ON »

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