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Androidify Receives a Major Update


While most of us are super excited about the Android Lollipop and the new Nexus devices, a few of you might have noticed that Google issued a major update to its Androidify app. This small, yet cool application allows you to create funny avatars that are used by many XDA members such as Senior Recognized Developer XpLoDWilD.

With this latest update, Androidify has become quite a different application. There are a sheer number of sharing tools that can be used to promote your avatar. If you are lucky, your small guy can take part in a Google commercial or be a face on a billboard.

Here’s a full changelog of the app:

  • Pick a move and watch your Android character laugh, dance, cheer, rock out, or all sorts of other m
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Chrome Beta 39 Brings Reader Mode and Limited Windowed Mode

Chrome Beta 39

This past week has certainly been a good one for Google fans. In the span of the last seven days, we’ve seen updates to Chrome Stable, Hangouts for Chrome We even got to see a screenshot showing the Material Design-laden future of Google Now. Now, we’ve got yet another update to share, and this time it’s to the Chrome Beta channel.

Coming in at version 39.0.2171.25, Chrome Beta 39 brings many new feature additions that one would expect from a major version number bump. For starters, there’s a new “Reader Mode,” which can be accessed by pressing menu and clicking the Reader mode option (with a dog paw icon). Once enabled, Reader mode strips webpage formatting to make tex. . . READ ON »

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Let Your Kids Learn by Playing with Coloring for Kids


Android devices can serve many purposes. You can use phones and tablets for work, fun, and even learning something new. That said, hardware is nothing without the proper software. That’s why developers create applications and games to force your brain cells to work. Some of them are designed to help the youngest members of the Android community learn new things through playing.

One such educational applications was recently released by XDA Senior Member sylsau. Coloring For Kids is a coloring “book” with over 100 templates available to color. The provided tools will help youngsters improve their knowledge about animals and objects. It may also help with perceptiveness and coordin. . . READ ON »

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Control VLC Media Player from Your Sofa with VLC Media Remote


Over the past several years, VLC  has become one of the most popular video players both on desktop and mobile devices. Created by VideoLAN, VLC is fast, free, and open-source, which makes it the ideal choice for many users around the world.

If you are watching a movie, you likely don’t want to waste time by getting up from your sofa and walking to your PC in order to control playback. Everything can be done with your phone, which is usually sitting right next to you. All you need is an application written by XDA Forum Member adarshurs.

VLC Media Remote allows you to easily set up VLC on the PC and control it on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X through your Android device. The built-in wizard will guide you through all the . . . READ ON »

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Record and Send GIFs on Hangouts with GIF Recorder

Hangouts GIF Recorder

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then video is virtually priceless. The concept of motion and the addition of another dimension to static images adds life to them and expresses so much more. But videos are complicated to handle and require much more code, which is impractical when just a few seconds need to be conveyed. Enter GIFs. Quick, easy and relatively small, this image format has become widely popular recently and both Google+ as well as Hangouts possess full GIF support. However, GIFs aren’t as easy to compose as images or video, and this poses a significant problem.

However, XDA Forum Member donniemceduns has a solution for this predicament in the form of Hangouts GIF Recorder, which allo. . . READ ON »

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Make Your Sleep Rock Solid with SleepTimer


After long and stressful day, spending some time with your favorite tunes becomes a major relief. Sleeping with your headphones on might give you a better sleep, but you can also wake up pretty tired if you fall asleep well with music but keep waking up when it stops.

If you like long playlists, XDA Forum Member pboss has a tool that you may find quite useful. SleepTimes is a simple application that forces your favorite player to stop playing music after a predetermined time. For example, if you want to listen to your music for an hour, just spin the circle and select 60 as the value and start your favorite music player. The application has no upper limit, so you can even set 10 or more hours of music playback. This appli. . . READ ON »

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Google Play Services 6.1.71 Updates Icon, 6.1 Rolled Out

Google Play Services 6.1.71

A little under a month ago, we wrote about how Google Play Services had begun receiving a version bump to 6.1. Chief among the enhancements brought forth by the new version are added e-commerce analytics support through Google Tag Manager and improved APIs for Google Fit and Google Drive, including a new Material Design compliant file picker for the latter. With this update’s improved tag support, developers were then able to better understand how various user acquisition campaigns perform at a granular level. Now according to the Android Developers Blog, the rollout has finished making its way to all devices connected to Google Play, which means that developers can now feel free to use these updated . . . READ ON »

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QuickEdit, a Sleek and Quick Text Editor

QuickEdit Text Editor

If you’ve worked on a development/design project in the past, you likely found yourself wanting to edit a source file you’ve been working on, or create a quick one for an idea you’ve just had. There aren’t many text editors on Android that excel at this, but QuickEdit Text Editor by XDA Forum Member rhmsoft might be one of them. It combines many needed features for code editing with a neat interface, and then adds some more tricks.

QuickEdit Text Editor comes with all the options you’d expect from an advanced text editor: syntax highlighting for languages you’re likely to work with, line numbering, indentation, undo/redo support and more. A dark theme is also available (. . . READ ON »

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Sync Files on Multiple Devices with Syncthing


Syncthing is an open-source file synchronization client, written in Go language. The authors decided to create their own equally free Block Exchange Protocol that can successfully replace Dropbox or BitTorrent Sync on your home network.

The application is available for all major desktop operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Syncthing recently debuted on Android, thanks to XDA Forum Member Nutomic who prepared a mobile version of the client. With this application, you will be able to keep your files up-to-date and easily synchronize things downloaded on your Android devices with your PC.

Syncthing is a brilliant solution for all of you that have a big collections of photos or other rather h. . . READ ON »

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