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Jimmy McGee · Jan 20, 2015

Helium vs Titanium Backup – Backup App Showdown!

Just last week, we talked about the Must Have App for backups known as Helium. In the comments there was a lot of discussion about which app was actually better: Helium or, the gold standard, Titanium Backup? Is it dependent on whether you have root on your device or not? Is it brute force versus finesse? In this episode, XDA TV Producer TK compares Helium to Titanium in a Backup App Showdown. In this cage match two will enter, how many will...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 11, 2015

Wear Store Review: Wear App-Shopping Made Easy

Wear owners sometimes feel neglected by Google, and so do Wear developers. The apps for Wear developers don’t have any effective ways of reaching Wear users, and Wear users have no practical method of looking for new Wear apps. The Android Wear “section” of the Playstore is mostly useless, too, only showing about 200 apps, most of which are either just paid watchfaces or big-name phone apps that gained Wear support. What the developers of Wear Store set out to...