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Mathew Brack · Jun 8, 2015

AT&T Announces The Galaxy S6 Active

AT&T has just announced the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. An impressive IP68 rated device, with a sturdy looking body and mechanical buttons in lieu of their capacitive counterparts. The device also features a 3,500 mAh battery, that is almost an extra 40% on top of the regular S6's battery capacity.   The IP68 rating means that the device is water-resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, is able to withstand dust, vibrations, temperatures...

Brandon Noskoviak · Jun 5, 2015

AT&T Hints At Galaxy S6 Active In Tweet

AT&T tweets an entertaining line and image today from their mobile account. It was last year during this time that they released the AT&T exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Are we seeing a hint towards the release of the Galaxy S6 Active? Learn more about our newest Samsung Galaxy variant after the break.   Last year during the early summer months, June 12 to be precise, AT&T launched their exclusive ruggedized Galaxy S5 variant. With a tougher build, stronger bezel,...

Chris Gilliam · Mar 26, 2015

Galaxy S6 US Pricing & Availability Roundup

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be available for sale across the "big four" US carriers on April 10th, but most pre-orders start tomorrow, March 27th. Which network is the right choice for your new phone? That's a question whose answer received a new wrinkle today as announcements about pricing and bundled perks landed from all angles. Here's the rundown of Samsung offerings as we know them, but it's worth mentioning that HTC's newsroom was just as busy rattling off...

jerdog · Jul 16, 2012

Using the International Galaxy S III on US GSM Carriers

The American mobile carrier market is vastly different from markets in the rest of the world, with the U.S. carrier being the one in charge as opposed to the consumer. The carriers are able to dictate to the manufacturers what they want in their carrier-branded device and the manufacturer largely has to go along in order to get their device to the market. Add to the mix the fact that there are two mobile technologies in the U.S. (CDMA and...

Ian Stacy · Feb 3, 2012

AT&T Users Get Access to Google Wallet in the Marketplace, Some Success for T-Mobile Users

XDA forum members have noted that the AT&T Android Marketplace does, in fact, have the Google Wallet app available for download. Previously available only to Verizon users with NFC capable phones, the app is already in high demand. Now AT&T users with NFC capable phones (looking at the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and Galaxy Nexus) can start using Google Wallet to make purchases. An APK version of the Google Wallet app modified for any NFC capable phone is already...

Former Writer · Jan 31, 2012

Init.d Script Collection Now Available for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

Scripts are always fun to add to a phone. The versatility of a script can be staggering and can do anything from increasing performance to increasing battery life and sometimes even both. There isn't much about a phone that can't be changed with a script. XDA Developers Senior Member stevehkim has release about half a dozen scripts for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II that range from performance tweaks to battery life and a couple of other fun tweaks. The...

Jase Glenn · Jan 27, 2012

AT&T to Lick Failed Merger Wounds with Higher Rates

Not so long ago, AT&T attempted to purchase wireless carrier T-Mobile from parent company Deutsche Telekom in March of 2011. Due to a variety of legal and ethical reasons this bid for market dominance was officially abandoned on December 19, 2011. A condition of this buyout was upon failure, AT&T would have to directly pay T-Mobile $3 billion cash, as well as another $1 billion in spectrum licenses. The result of this tragedy was AT&T posted a staggering $6.7 billion...

Will Verduzco · Jan 9, 2012

AT&T Unveils Six New LTE-Enabled Android Devices

Up until recently, AT&T's Android offerings have been somewhat lacking compared to the other major American carriers. And while the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II Skyrocket have certainly helped close the gap, there's no denying that other carriers simply pack a stronger punch. Luckily for Ma Bell customers, AT&T is bolstering its Android arsenal with six new LTE-enabled and Android-packing devices: the Samsung Exhilarate, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, Sony Xperia Ion, Pantech Burst, the Pantech Element...

azrienoch · Dec 16, 2011

Al Franken’s Pursuit of “Carrier IQ”

December 14, the deadline Senator Al Franken gave to answer his questions about Carrier IQ, came and went.  Now the responses are public.  Franken also questioned FBI director Robert Mueller in the Senate Judiciary Committee about the FBI’s collection of information specifically obtained from Carrier IQ’s software.  Thankfully, Franken was not satisfied by the answers he received in either inquiry.  From Franken’s press release, which includes companies’ responses, “I appreciate the responses I received, but I’m still very troubled by what’s...

admin · Dec 8, 2011

Forum Added for AT&T LG Nitro HD

The LG Nitro HD rounds out the trio of AT&T 4G LTE launch devices, which also includes the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and the HTC Vivid. The Nitro HD packs a high res 4.5" 1280x720 IPS-TFT display, granting it a PPI of 326. It's powered by Qualcomm's 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 CPU coupled with 1GB of RAM. It has a rear-facing 8MP camera that can take 1080p video, and a front-facing 1.3MP camera. Click on to the LG Nitro...