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Best Practices for Software Development w/ Chet Haase – BABBQ2014


Googler Chet Haase made a big appearance at the 5th annual Big Android BBQ. He talked about Android 5.0 Lollipop during the Opening Keynote. Additionally, he gave a talk entitled, “Best Practices for Software Development of Practical Practicing Software Practitioners”

Lead of the Android UI toolkit at Google, Chet and his team focus on animations, graphics, performance, and more. In this presentation, Chet talks about the latest in best practices for software developers. So if you wanted to learn more about software development best practices, or not, check out the video below!

If you missed it, two other session have been uploaded from the Big Android BBQ for your enjoyment, the User Experience se. . . READ ON »

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How Open Source Can Help Your Project w/ Ethan Yonker – BABBQ2014


People have finally recovered from this year’s Big Android BBQ festivities. After all the fun and merriment, we cannot forget the sessions. We’ve talked about the Opening Keynote, and the User Experience session put on by Kevin Bruckert, technical lead for the user interface area of the NVIDIA SHIELD line of products, and today we have another great presentation for you.

Lead developer for the Team Win Recovery Project for over three years, Ethan Yonker discusses how the topics covered in last year’s speech covering software architecture, can be combined with the idea of Open Source to make your project succeed and grow a strong community around your project. So if you wanted to learn more about the p. . . READ ON »

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UX Design in Apps and ROMs w/ Kevin Bruckert – BABBQ2014


This year’s Big Android BBQ has come and gone. While the whole event was buzzing from the Android 5.0 Lollipop announcement and its discussion during the Opening Keynote, there were still other great sessions going on. One such session was put on by Kevin Bruckert, technical lead for the user interface area of the NVIDIA SHIELD line of products.

In Kevin’s presentation, we learned about UI design and the often overlooked part of Android development, user experience. It doesn’t matter if you are making a ROM, an app, or the next big game; having a good user interface is only part of the whole user experience equation.  So if you wanted to learn more about user experience, check out the video below!. . . READ ON »

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Big Android BBQ 5.0 Recap – XDA TV

Big Android BBQ

This fifth annual Big Android BBQ has come and gone. The speakers have spoke, the sponsors have sponsored, enthusiasts have enthused, the developers have developed and of course the BBQed meat has been consumed. Did you miss out this year?

In this video, XDA TV Producer TK talks about his experience at this year’s Big Android BBQ event. He talks about the event, shows some pictures and even interviews some attendees, with the help of XDA TV Producer AdamOutler. We’ve already posted the Opening Keynote on the XDA Roundtables channel, and we have more videos from the event to come, so be sure to subscribe. Check out this video.. . . READ ON »

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Google’s Big Android BBQ Opening Keynote – XDA TV


To kick off the great presentations at this years Big Android BBQ Googlers Reto Meier, Timothy Jordan and Chet Haase talk about Android’s progression from the beginning to now the time of Android’s version 5 release Lollipop – oddly timed to match the fifth Big Android BBQ. The talk starts with a discussion of Android over the years and the drive to keep innovating.

With speakers like Reto Meier, a manager of Google’s Scalable Developer Advocacy team, and Timothy Jordan, a Senior Developer Advocate at Google for Google Glass and Android Wear, you are going to get more than just a marketing talk. This group spoke more specifically about the many facets of Android and the additional fea. . . READ ON »

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Join Us at the Big Android BBQ 2014 – XDA TV


It is only a couple days until the fun and interesting festivities of this year’s Big Android BBQ start. Every year the event just keeps getting better and better. Last year, we interviewed OmniROM maintainer XpLoDWilD, TWRP Lead Dees_Troy and Tha Phlash. Additionally Jordan shared his experience.

In today’s episode, XDA TV Producer AdamOutler talks about the Big Android BBQ. He talks about all the people he’s excited to see. Also, he gives an overview of the Big Android BBQ App and its many features. So, check out this video.. . . READ ON »

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Join us at the Big Android BBQ 2014 on October 16-18


It’s almost time. It’s so close, you can almost smell the smoked deliciousness right now.  Delicious BBQ, Android and XDA that can only mean one thing: the annual Big Android BBQ. Since just about the very beginning has supported this great community event celebrating two great things in this world.

Every year the Big Android BBQ brings together the brightest and hungriest minds in the Android world, this year will be no different. In addition to the great food, the Big Android BBQ has some great educational presentations for you to devour.  This year you will find topics from big names such as XDA Senior Recognized Developer Dees_Troy aka Ethan Yonker and Cyanogen himself, Steve Ko. . . READ ON »

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Event Recap: What Happened at Big Android BBQ 2013? – XDA Developer TV


If you’ve been watching over the past couple weeks, you know that a lot of fun and excitement happened at this year’s big Android BBQ in Texas. To start, the OmniROM project was announced. Our friend XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan was there talking to people and capturing the events. So if you missed it, check out this video.

We’ve already released videos of Jordan’s interview with XDA Elite Recognized Developer XpLoDWilD, XpLoDWilD’s presentation from the event, Jordan’s interview with Elite Recognized Developer Dees_Troy, Dees_Troy’s presentation from the event, and Jordan’s interview with cultural phenomenon ThaPHLASH. So if you haven’t already seen those videos, be sure to c. . . READ ON »

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Jordan Interviews Tha Phlash – XDA Developer TV


This year’s Big Android BBQ was a great event. XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan was in attendance, and you have already seen him interview XDA Elite Recognized Developer XpLoDWilD and Elite Recognized Developer Dees_Troy (interview). However, these were not the only people Jordan interviewed.

In today’s episode, Jordan interviews the artist and personality that is ThaPHLASH. Tha Phlash is a self-described urban artist and creator of numerous icons in use on Android Devices. Honestly, there are no words to describe Tha Phlash properly, so just check out this video.. . . READ ON »

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