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azrienoch · Dec 21, 2011

EFF Releases IQIQ to Decode Carrier IQ Profiles

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hard at work on the Carrier IQ issue.  EFF volunteer Jered Wierzbicki reverse-engineered the Carrier IQ Profile file format from WBXML to human-readable XML.  (A Profile is a set of instructions telling IQ Agent on your phone what information to collect, and when to send it back to Carrier IQ.) He then created IQIQ--a clever title, providing a watching-the-Watchmen sort of commentary--to allow anyone to decode the Carrier IQ Profile active on their phone.  The EFF hopes...

admin · Dec 16, 2011

VooDoo CarrierIQ Detector [SassiBoB app review]

Today on XDATV, after giving you a cliff notes version of what Carrier IQ is, SassiBoB reccomends 3 apps to help you sniff out Carrier IQ on your device.   She reviews VooDoo Carrier IQ Detector by recognized developer Supercurio.  Unfortunately you won't have too much luck removing Carrier IQ completely on most devices, so this app lets you check up on it to make sure it stays inactive.  Click on for the app review! (more…)

azrienoch · Dec 16, 2011

Al Franken’s Pursuit of “Carrier IQ”

December 14, the deadline Senator Al Franken gave to answer his questions about Carrier IQ, came and went.  Now the responses are public.  Franken also questioned FBI director Robert Mueller in the Senate Judiciary Committee about the FBI’s collection of information specifically obtained from Carrier IQ’s software.  Thankfully, Franken was not satisfied by the answers he received in either inquiry.  From Franken’s press release, which includes companies’ responses, “I appreciate the responses I received, but I’m still very troubled by what’s...

Will Verduzco · Dec 15, 2011

EL13 Firmware for Epic 4G Touch Leaked, Carrier IQ-Free!

Assuming you haven't been living in a cave the last few months, you've heard about Carrier IQ---a baked-in software package that Google CEO Eric Schmidt publicly labeled a key-logger. Thanks to the diligent work of XDA Recognized Developer TrevE, we've brought to light some of the issues surrounding the software package several times in the past. Luckily for us, it now seems as if OEMs and carriers are starting to understand that WE DON'T LIKE IT! Enter the EL13 leaked firmware...

azrienoch · Dec 13, 2011

Carrier IQ Releases a Report, FBI is Silent

Carrier IQ released a 19-page document explaining their software, how it’s used, and how it protects the data it collects.  Much of it we already heard, but now with more thorough detail.  Click here to listen to this article. After describing the basics of Carrier IQ and how it’s implemented--a section which points a finger squarely at the manufacturers and carriers--the document addresses specific questions people asked since the issue blew up in the media.  They begin by answering Trevor...

liwen · Dec 5, 2011

What People Aren’t Saying About Carrier IQ – XDA TV

After an extended break, Azrienoch is back on XDA TV.  This week, he delves into questions and points about Carrier IQ that are neglected in the general media's coverage of the story.  Questions like, why Carrier IQ's capabilities are so hard to pin down, why congress became so interested so quickly, and why carriers continue to collect data from phones that do not use their networks--especially considering that Carrier IQ is supposedly a network diagnostic tool. Click on for his...

azrienoch · Dec 2, 2011

Carrier IQ Creeps Out Everyone

Over the last week, Carrier IQ received quite a lot of attention.  First, TrevE was served a Cease and Desist letter from Carrier IQ, including a prepared statement they insisted TrevE release on his website, denouncing his work.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation responded on TrevE’s behalf, calling the C&D a violation of constitutional rights, and malicious.  Carrier IQ apologized, calling the C&D, “misguided,” but made a statement denying many of the allegations. Then TrevE released a video proving that every...

egzthunder1 · Nov 29, 2011

The Storm Is Not Over Yet – Lets Talk About #CIQ

If you thought that the whole Security Saga was over and done with the triumph of the EFF and a very angry internet mob over CarrierIQ, you were sadly mistaken. You see? The fun part about doing research is that from time to time, you will run into bumps or things that will try to throw you off. I have personally done research for a few years and you will likely try to seek advise from the experts in the...

egzthunder1 · Nov 14, 2011

The Rootkit Of All Evil – CIQ

And the spy and invasion of privacy saga continues, but this time XDA Recognized Developer TrevE seems to have hit the very core of most of what is happening with devices. You may recall from a few articles back that we started talking about something called CIQ or Carrier iQ. This is, essentially, a piece of software that is embedded into most mobile devices, not just Android but Nokia, Blackberry, and likely many more. According to TrevE, the software is installed as...