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Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 16, 2015

Dr. Ketan or How I Learned to Stop Waiting & Flash the ROM

The Lollipop update rollouts bombed. This shouldn’t be news to those of you who have been tracking the progress of many Android devices, but for the most part, Lollipop adoption has been a rollercoaster of broken promises and disappointment for many Android users. This is not to say that many of you didn’t get Lollipop early, however. At XDA we are typically knowledgeable with flashing custom ROMs and, in Lollipop’s case, leaked ROMs - and both of these brought 5.0...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 14, 2015

The Need for Better Internet on Our Phones

Mobile internet is an essential part of smartphones nowadays… well, for 75% of us. Despite living in a place where my fastest network reaches 5 megabit download speeds, on very intermittent 3G, it certainly is an essential part for my usage, to the point where even with my third-world network, I simply cannot fathom how there’s still a fourth of users who aren’t on data plans. It’d be interesting to see if that subset of smartphone users shares a large chunk...