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Sony Xperia Z3 D6653 and D6603 Get Root and Recovery!

Sony Xperia Z3

Ever since its unveiling at IFA earlier this year, many users and potential users have been excited for Sony’s latest flagship device, the Sony Xperia Z3. Featuring top of the line specifications, fantastic build quality, a pleasantly skinned UI, and gorgeous industrial design aesthetics, it’s not a struggle to see why. Accordingly, we’ve seen a lot of activity in the time to date, including a system dump as well as a ported launcher. . . READ ON »

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Change the Volume From the Notification Panel with Xposed

Notification Volume

You know, it seems like a lot of the time it’s simply much easier to navigate to my phone’s ‘sound’ settings and manually change the volume of my music rather than actually pressing the physical volume buttons on the side. Maybe because my device is finally showing its age, or I’m just not patient enough, but on many occasions the volume buttons decide not to trigger, or it changes the wrong type of volume at . . . READ ON »

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Paranoid Android AOSPA 4.6 Beta 2 Review (Sort of) and Overview – XDA TV


Paranoid Android custom ROMs is not for tin-foil hat wearing users. At least not exclusively. They bill themselves as a custom ROM focused on open devices. Their aim is to extend Android, under the same guise as Google with is Android Open Source Project. Further Paranoid Android is proud of the fact that you will find a minimalistic user focused approach to Android instead of a bunch of options.

In today’s video, XDA TV Producer droidmodd3rx, . . . READ ON »

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Customize the Info Panel of the OnePlus One Lock Screen

1+1 lock screen panel

The lock screen of the OnePlus One is quite the pleasant thing to look at. It’s minimalistic and simple, yet different from what we’ve all perhaps gotten used to over the years. But by default, the customization options are quite limited, particularly in regards to the solid-colored panel that takes up the bottom half of the screen. Yes, you can say that a third party lock screen will fix this little issue, but if you’re . . . READ ON »

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Liven up Your Notification Icons by Animating them with LiveIcons


We usually see quite a bit of Android customization in a few select elements of the UI, such as the lock screen, status and navigation bars, and home launcher. However, one of the areas we’ve not seen many people delve into is device animation, particularly with regards to animated notification icons. Perhaps it’s a little too insignificant for anyone to notice, or maybe it just never came across people’s minds, but animated notification icons might . . . READ ON »

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Calc+ Is the Calculator of the Future


The Calculator app is one of these small tools that we can’t really live without. And in practice, we use them quite often. Physical calculators were replaced by phones ages ago. And with Android, the calculator app can take the form of a full fledged scientific calculator tool.

Every Android phone has a calculator installed, but to be honest it’s far from being great. There are some great alternatives available in the market, like the Calc+ application . . . READ ON »

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How to Be a Good Custom ROM or Kernel User – XDA TV


Listen, we understand, starting down the path of device hacking, customization and development can be daunting. The experienced guys at time can seem like jerks. However, most of the time, its not that they want to be jerks, its that they know that the journey to Android customization enlightenment is filled with trials and tribulations that help you learn and become an expert yourself. It’s almost more about the journey than the destination.

In this . . . READ ON »

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Instagram Mod Adds Xperia Theme Support

Instagram Xperia Theme Mod

Opinions, while tremendously important, are subjective in nature. To each his own is how the saying goes. And without a doubt, subjective opinions apply to everything, including our beloved OEM skins. Yes, despite the myth, AOSP isn’t inline with every individuals preferences, and numerous people opt to stick with their OEM skin, be it TouchWiz, Sense or any other. While the former is oft marveled for its battery life and the latter for features like . . . READ ON »


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Learn How to Build Ubuntu Kernels with Comprehensive Guide


Linux is an operating system that many of you folks love and use on daily basis. It’s free, powerful, and quite a configurable operating system that can compile Android without much effort. One of the most popular Linux distributions is Ubuntu. Unlike Arch, which is a bleeding-edge distribution, Ubuntu uses tested packages that have been added by maintainers. This type of distribution is called cutting-edge.

Ubuntu comes with quite old Linux kernel (3.13), while the . . . READ ON »

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