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MultiROM Once Again Available for the Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 MultiROM

Multiboot, or the ability to select between multiple operating systems on a single device at boot, is an inherently interesting concept. Not only does this allow users to try out new ROMs without losing their data, but it also allows users to keep a particular ROM for one purpose while using other ROMs or even operating systems for something entirely different. We’ve recently covered quite a few multiboot solutions for various devices in the past few weeks, and now we have one more to add to the list, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 i9505.

This work comes courtesy of XDA Senior Member . . . READ ON »

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Build an Impractical But Awesome Lego Mindstorm Dock

Lego Mindstorm NXT Charger

The vast majority of what we cover here on the XDA-Developers News Portal relates to software development. Be it new apps, kernel modifications, ROMs, or Xposed Framework modules, we see a lot of cool software tweaks here at XDA. Unfortunately, we don’t quite see so many hardware modifications, probably because many users are unwilling to turn their expensive devices into guinea pig test platforms for potentially hazardous hardware mods. However, not every hardware mod has to be dangerous, and today’s Lego Mindstorm NXT automated charging dock goes on to prove exactly that.

Not everyone likes to leave their cell phone . . . READ ON »

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MultiROM Makes its Way Over to the HTC One (M8)


While browsing our forum, you will undoubtedly find more than a few enticing ROMs available to download. Original or not, it would take eternity and a day to test them all. Luckily there are some solutions to make the process seamless. One of them, MultiROM, gives users a chance to try a few ROMs at the same time–all without flashing and wiping with each installation.

This project has been ported to several devices including the LG G2 and Sony Xperia Z. It was originally made by XDA Recognized Developer Tassadar, and now has found its way to another popular . . . READ ON »

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Welcome to the New XDA-Developers Portal!

XDA Portal 3.0

You may recall that a few weeks ago, we opened up the XDA-2015 forum themes to intrepid users willing to help us beta test the new look and experience the newer and more streamlined interface firsthand. Then just under one week ago, we officially launched the two new XDA 2015 forum themes for all. Now, we are pleased to launch the next generation of the XDA-Developers News Portal.

As you may have noticed, the new forum templates and the XDA Portal 3.0 share quite a bit in terms of visual style. Rather than having a somewhat disjoint experience between the forums and Portal, we wanted to . . . READ ON »


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An Android Enthusiast’s Apple iPhone 6 Challenge

Adam's Apple

The media has gone batty again over Apple “revolutionizing” smartphones. However, as a lot of Android fans will tell you, there is nothing revolutionary in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So during Apple phone releases, it’s usually best to not read your Facebook or Google+ notifications, as the endless droning from both sides with drive you mad. The legendary Sun Tzu is quoted as saying “to know your enemy, you must become your enemy.” Which is a fancy way of saying “do knock it until you try it.”

In today’s episode, XDA TV Producer AdamOutler talks about the iPhone . . . READ ON »

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Sony to Extend its AOSP Program to Other Devices


Sony will be offering its users the possibility to use AOSP ROMs as an alternative to the currently offered, skinned firmware. This is the result of agreement made with FXP group associated with both XDA and the CyanogenMod team, which took place a few years ago. One of the leaders of the project, XDA Senior Recognized Developer jerpelea, is heading this operation and was hired by Sony to lead the AOSP program.

AOSP support isn’t something new to Sony. Currently this Japanese OEM supports five devices—mainly flagship devices, but also the Xperia L, which is a popular mid-range device. . . . READ ON »

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Project Ara: Modified Android L and Hot Swapping


Project Ara is a very exciting topic–both for hardware and software enthusiasts. The modular smartphone idea looks like a mission impossible, but Google is determined to make it a reality pretty soon. Paul Eremenko from Project Ara team has shed some lights on the project’s status and we now know that Ara will have a modified version of Android L on board.

It was pretty easy to predict that Google would select Android as the operating system for Ara. The more interesting part is that users will be able to replace some elements of the device without powering off the phone (i.e.. . . READ ON »

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Streamline Android Theming with Graphic Porter

Graphic Porter

I don’t have a custom theme on my Android phone, and the reason for this is because I am too busy picky (and perhaps lazy) to go through the countless fantastic custom themes that have been created and made available here on XDA and in the Play Store. And I’m sure that many folks here are in the same situation. Because despite the vast selection of themes, we all find ourselves a little bit too picky about something specific –perhaps it’s the icons, the accent colors, or the switches. And this is where Graphic Porter comes in.

Developed by XDA . . . READ ON »

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Boost the Brightness of Your Sony Xperia Z1’s LED


I think the last time anyone has ever used a physical torch to find their earphones, keys, or contact lens case was eons ago–before phones with LED flashes were invented. Now if we have to navigate or find something in the dark, we just whip out our phones, turn on their LEDs and sweep the floor with their gloriously powerful light. Of course, we all know that torches are actually better at being torches than our phone’s measly LEDs, but one can dream right?

But rather than dreaming about it, why not try out a mod developed by XDA Recognized Developer olokos. . . READ ON »

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