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Mathew Brack · Jun 22, 2015

Sony Brings Android M Dev Preview to 17 Devices

Sony has now released a guide on creating and flashing a test image of AOSP Android M Preview that can be used for any of the 17 Xperia devices listed on their Open Device Program. Although neither the modem or camera have been implemented, the preview is an excellent opportunity to test the new features such as improved app permissions. Supported devices include: Xperia Z3/Z3 compact/Tablet compact Xperia Z2/Z2 Tablet Xperia Z1/Z1 compact Xperia Z/Z ultra/ZL/Tablet Z Xperia E3 Xperia...

Mathew Brack · May 11, 2015

Discover XDA: The Senior Recognized Developers

Our senior developers are experts in their respective fields across all areas of development and have been specifically recognized for their contributions to XDA. You may already be familiar with their work or have seen them around the forums. While you may not know all of them, they are an integral part of our community. We reached out to them to find out a bit more about their work and which projects they admired from here.   pulser_g2 "Everything I...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 12, 2015

2015 AT&T Developer Summit and Hackathon [Sponsored]

The AT&T Developer Summit has become the top annual pre-CES event for the mobile community. Held at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, it combines a standard informational expo with a prize-filled Hackathon. This year the dev program team at AT&T was nice enough to invite XDA, including Jordan and I, so we packed our toothbrushes and boarded a plane. When we arrived at The Palms on Saturday morning, there was a long line of eager developers waiting to register. More...

GermainZ · Nov 4, 2014

Updated Documentation for Android Lollipop Now Available

Still waiting for the Android Lollipop sources to be pushed completely? Those who can't wait for the full release want to take a look at the updated developer documentation for Android Lollipop. A new thread was created on the Android Building Google Group to let all AOSP builders know about the new documentation accompanying the Android 5.0 release. A quick list of the changes is offered below for your convenience: Audio: documentation for Attributes and USB digital audio has been...

Jimmy McGee · Sep 17, 2014

Submitting a Patch to Gerrit – Featuring XplodWild – XDA Developer TV

Not every developer specializes in every area of development. Our own AdamOutler generally uses Subversion for his development projects. Most kernel and ROM developers use Git, so he was a bit confused when trying to figure out how to "submit a patch to gerrit." Gerrit simplifies Git based projects mainters' job by permitting any authorized user to submit changes to the master Git repository. Without Gerrit, all approved changes need to be merged in by hand by the project maintainer. Gerrit...

Jimmy McGee · Jul 26, 2014

Shane Francis to Talk Android, Robotics, and Vision at XDA:DevCon 2014

Our international xda:devcon ’14 in Manchester, UK on the weekend of September 26-28 will, like the XDA forums, focus on more than just Android and phones. We’ve got a couple presentations that cover Wearables and Android Wear. Of course, software isn’t the only thing you can develop in the mobile sphere. Today, we are happy to announce another great speaker that will be at xda:devcon ’14. Shane Francis is an Android and technology fanatic who finished his computer science degree just over...

jerdog · Jun 9, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: LG Developer Event to Highlight New SDKs for Developers

LG has been very involved in Android ever since they became the hardware manufacturer for Google with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, and if the rumors are true, the G Watch. They've also upped the ante with the G2 and the soon to be released G3, and today they've announced their new QCircle SDK for developers. The SDK gives developers the ability to utilize features found in LG's G2 and G3, most notably QCircle, QSlide, and QRemote: LG QCircle is...