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jerdog · Jan 6, 2015

Epson Broadening Scope Of Business

It's not uncommon for companies to seek new ways to innovate or expand their product offerings to meet the demands in growing sectors. Heck, Samsung even makes ships. So it is not all that surprising that Epson has recently begun to broaden their business scope. Epson has been known for a considerable amount of time for printers and LCD projectors. It is only recently that they have begun to get creative with new technologies. After Google released Google Glass, Epson...

jordankeyes · Nov 1, 2014

Device Review: Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses

Over the last few years, the world of wearables has truly gone from fantasy to reality. With the advent of devices like Google Glass, Android Wear, and the bevy of available fitness trackers, the mainstream is becoming more aware and interested in wearables. Epson took note of this trend as far back as 2011, when they released the Moverio BT-100 smart glasses, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a hit. In many ways you might say it was before its time. Well...

jerdog · Aug 9, 2014

Epson Sponsoring XDA:DevCon ’14

Here at XDA, we enjoy seeing new companies enter the mobile world, and even more so when they desire to reach out to the development community. Epson, the long-time printer company, recently released the world’s first app-enabled label printer, the Labelworks LW-600P. Compatible with a variety of unique tapes (glow-in-the-dark, satin ribbon, iron-on, fluorescent, cable wrap, polka dot, and more), the LW-600P opens up a world of label-making possibilities that go beyond simple adhesive labels. In addition to the hardware, Epson also...