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Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 23, 2015

Review: “Hello” Facebook Dialer, Bye to Your Privacy?

Facebook is known for releasing many experimental apps which integrate into their core services. Groups, Facebook at Work, Facebook Home (yuck), and the like have met uneven reviews, but in a way they have their own niche. When it comes to this new app, a dialer simply called "Hello", Facebook tried to get to the core of smartphone functions - that is, being phones. They claim that their solution makes your phone "truly smart". Facebook has made such claims before,...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Feb 2, 2015

Cease and Desist: WhatsApp Sucks, and You Can’t Help It

We've talked countless times about Android getting the shorter end when it comes to apps. We've all seen multiple cases of applications being inexplicably delayed or intentionally held back, remaining unupdated for months, or simply not existing on our favorite platform. And anyone can figure out that that is because of money. Which is good news, because Android app profitability has been on the rise for a while now, and it is approaching levels where it can entice developers with the...

jerdog · Nov 20, 2014

WhatsApp Decides to Protect Your Data

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for the absurdly large sum of $19bn back in February, they took the tech world by storm. $19bn for a FREE messaging app? A messaging app? Really? Soon afterwards, speculation began to grow about the real reason Facebook, a content marketing company at its core, bought the company and it's pretty clear: They wanted the wealth of personal information stored about the service subscribers. As it turns out, they weren't the only ones, as WhatsApp has...

egzthunder1 · Sep 16, 2014

Use Facebook Pictures as a LWP with Facebook View

One of the best things that Android has always offered its users is the ability to tailor one's device to look like pretty much anything we could conceive. Starting from the wide assortment of launchers available (both OEM and custom/community based) all the way to fonts, icons, and wallpapers, Android offers something for everyone. The world of live wallpapers has also seen the creativity of our devs by allowing us to interact with the background of our devices via visual effects all the way...