Avoid Obstacles and Keep Going in LineBox Game


There’s a game for every occasion, whether you want something with a well crafted story, a strategy game that requires patience and planning, or a casual game for when you’re bored and want to pass some time. LineBox, a game by XDA Forum Member lakrsv, falls in that last category–but definitely not in the last place.

LineBox is a minimalistic game where you control a small block. Your goal is simple: get the highest score possible by avoiding obstacles on your way. To do so, you can swipe up and down (or tap) to change your block’s position. The game gets harder as you go, but you can fortunately pick powerups on your way to help you break your high score. You’ll find some that will incr. . . READ ON »

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Digolux is an Exciting, Arcade-Revamped Variant of 2048


As the year 2014 is slowly coming to an end, we can honestly say that it was quite a good year for mobile gaming. After Flappy Bird and its clones flapped their wings for the last time, the Android world started to play the number puzzle game 2048, an extremely addictive game written by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. This game was then introduced to Android and quickly became a hit.

You might be under the impression that a game with such a simple concept as 2048 can’t be improved or changed. While the concept remains the same, the game itself can become a bit more exciting with arcade mode. XDA Forum Member farstukvist created an interesting spin off of 2048. Just like the original, the pl. . . READ ON »

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Try to Keep Up with Just Swipe Game

Just Swipe Game

Sometimes, the simplest of games are the ones that end up being the most addictive and end up consuming inordinately large chunks of our time. This no doubt holds true over and over again, with various simple yet addictive titles like Flappy Bird and its clones, as well as many others. Another classic style of game involves timing various input events to when they are displayed onscreen. This includes games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and so on. XDA Forum Member IDSprofile created something similar with his recently released game Just Swipe.

Just Swipe divides the screen into two sections: a command area up top that lets you know what you have to do, and an input area on the botto. . . READ ON »

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Color Quiz Puts Your Color Combination Abilities to the Test

Color Quiz game

Quite a lot of fields require their practitioners to be well versed in colors and their combinations. If you’re a painter or photographer, you’re probably quite well familiar with the major colors and how they interact in both additive and subtractive color mixing. Unfortunately, the rest of the population doesn’t really get much exposure to such conditions, and at least to this editor’s eyes, colors all just seem to mix together. Luckily, however, there’s now a fun game called Color Quiz that lets you hone your color IQ with simple, yet addictive puzzles.

Color Quiz was created by XDA Forum Member Kukulza. It offers two game modes: classic and arcade. The former . . . READ ON »

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Revive Old Times with Pong with Multipong

Multiplayer Pong

Video games have been around for nearly a century. They are deeply embedded into the fabric of society and are not going anywhere anytime soon. One of the most iconic exponents of the entire video game world is none other than Pong. This game, which was created in 1972, was the precursor to what it is today a multi-billion dollar business. The idea and style of game has spawned tons upon tons of different versions and variants of itself and one of the latest installments in this genre was created by XDA Forum Member ahmed.samir.wafa.

Multipong is a game that pretty much resembles the 1972 creation, but with better graphics. For those of you in the audience who may be a tad too young to even know about the existence of t. . . READ ON »

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Return to Outer Space Outer Space with Ship Up Game

Ship Up Space Game

Since the release of Flappy Birds, we’ve had the “fortune” to see hundreds of variations of the concept. Doge, shoes, and cheese were not too unusual in the sea of weird flying objects trying to squeeze between two pipes.

A quite unique approach to this concept was taken by XDA Forum Member IDSprofile, who decided to take flappy thing to… outer space! In the game Ship Up, you are the pilot of a spaceship trying to reach the stars and go to its home planet. It’s not easy, however, since the route is full of meteorite obstacles, so you need to be really focused to get high and score a good result. You need to fly between them to get to the higher level.

You may think that tapping . . . READ ON »

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Get Your Cargo to its Destination in 4×4 Military Operations Reborn

4x4 Military Operations Racing Game

Racing games have evolved quite a bit since the days of Pole Position back in the 80’s. In the past 3 decades, the pixelated textures have long since been replaced, along with any and all graphical representations of cars, surroundings, backgrounds, and so on. On top of that, the AI on for your computerized opponents has gotten far better and it no longer lets you win easily. Finally to top things off, you now get the added feature of physics-based gameplay that will make you think twice about wanting to drive that military tank to beat your opponents. All these combined make for really great gameplay, and since we now have more power than ever to run games that take a little more hardware power than what Po. . . READ ON »

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Run, Jump, and Shoot in Tales of Ciaxia

Tales of Caxia

There are certain types of games that have become paramount of the portable gaming world. As we have said before, most games involving birds seem to do quite well, whereas others that are more like number puzzles tend to grab our attention for a little longer. However, no one can argue that one of the newer genres to hit our devices is the action/run, jump, shoot style of games that have been on our devices since the introduction of Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Normally, games like these are rich in 3D graphics and have very fluid animations (and thus require a considerable amount of system resources) and because of this, may require a vast amount of coding. This is why we tend to see games like these coming out of so. . . READ ON »

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Zilok Puts a New Spin on an Old Genre


Lately, we have been going through quite a few different types and styles of games here at the XDA Portal: classics, runners, physics based, and pretty much everything that we can think of. There are, however, other genres that are not that common yet equally entertaining. The question becomes, what happens when game styles get mixed? That is, after all, how most of the newer ones got created. Take for instance Beach Buggy Blitz. Someone had the idea of lumping in the old racing games with a runner and that was the end result. What if you grabbed the concepts of Asteroids, Missile Command, Bubble Blaster, and you added a dash of physics? Well, XDA Forum Member Trofimcheg did just that, and it worked out quite nic. . . READ ON »

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