Google Maps 9.0.0 Brings Material Design Goodness

Google Maps v9

Ever since the unveiling of Android Lollipop alongside the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6, and the subsequent release of the Material Design support library, Google has been updating their app suite one by one to comply with the new design language. Most of the major apps such as Google Play, Gmail and Play Music have already been updated, and today, Maps joins the paper-and-ink party.

Earlier today, a post on the Google Maps blog announced the new version, carrying the version 9.0.0 tag and stated that the rollout would take place over the net few days. The design refresh introduces a much needed color element in Maps, alongside the drop shadows and papercraft inherent from the guidelines, making maps a delightful exp. . . READ ON »


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Revert to an Older Version of Google Maps and Know the Way


Google Maps is one of the most popular applications available on the Google Play Store. It’s so popular that I would be willing to wager that the vast majority of you have used it at least once. I also bet that quite a good number of you don’t like the app’s new UI design, and would prefer to revert back to good old version 6, which many thought was was clearer and more intuitive.

Reverting to previous version of Maps wasn’t previously possible without also being subject to an annoying notification that a new version was available for download. Thankfully, XDA Senior Member genius.lizard2 found a nice solution to this problem. And by using his modification, you can use both Google Maps ver. . . READ ON »

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Google Maps 7.5 Brings Gmail Integration for Reservations!


As of late, Google’s been pumping out first party Android app updates like nobody’s business. We’ve seen updates to Google BooksGmail, Google Translate, and Androidify. Now, the company is rolling out an update for Google Maps bringing it up to version 7.5 (from 7.4), and it packs many new features such as Gmail integration for various types of reservations.

Similar to the integration that was recently added to Google Search, the Gmail integration in maps is able to query your Gmail for information relevant to certain topics. In the case of Maps, this functionality is used to read into reservations for restaurants, hotels, and airfare. The information is then shown when viewing a pla. . . READ ON »

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Google Updates its Google Maps Update

Make this map available offline It didn't take long for Google to address several shortcomings in its July 10 Google Maps update. Although the update includes some exciting new features, which are described in an earlier posted article, it also lacked a few useful features that were in previous versions. This of course left some of the android community with negative feedback and criticism. In response to those complaints, Google posted a public statement on its G+ account at approximately 1 a.m. PST, July 11.
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Review of the New Google Maps

Google Maps Update For the standard end user, this year's Google I/O, left much to be desired. The disappointment lied mainly in the fact that Google failed to release the highly anticipated Android update, Key Lime Pie. Instead, the annual developers conference, which was held the week of May 15, focused on developer tools and a rebuild of Google Maps. The "new Google Maps," as the San Jose based company calls it, is a major update which integrates Google Earth to create three-dimensional tours of user surroundings. According to Google, the application highlights the things that matter most to you, wherever you go and whatever you are doing. On July 10, two months after Google's announcement of the exciting new update, the company finally introduced the mapping application for Android smartphones and tablets. Google Maps v7.0.0 is gradually rolling out global updates to Android 4.0.3+ devices through the Google Play store, and soon through the App Store for iOS products. For those of you who cannot wait for the update, leaked apk's are already being seen in the wild. Updates are specific to android versions, so if you can't wait for it to be officially rolled to your device, make sure you are following the correct download. For quick access to Android 4.1+ updates, see Android Police compiled list of mirrors.
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