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Chris Gilliam · Apr 29, 2015

In-Depth Look at Google Now for Android Wear

Google Now is arguably the single biggest "wow factor" of Android, and if $300 notification bands (aka smartwatches) are solutions in search of a problem, Now is certainly their saving grace. After all, Google's virtual assistant serves up answers, launches apps, sets reminders, takes dictation, and forms the central pillar around which the entire Wear platform is built. Without that red bubble pulsing with intelligence, Android smartwatches are nothing more than one-way notifiers - products that are handily beaten by $15 fitness bands from China on everything...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 28, 2015

Amazon Echo vs Google Now – Digital Assistant Showdown!

Two weeks ago, we talked about the must have item from Amazon, the Echo. In the comments there was a lot of discussion about which digital assistant implementation was actually better: Amazon Echo or, the Android standard, Google Now. Is it dependent on whether you want it to me mobile or not? Is it physical hardware versus software? In this episode, XDA TV Producer TK compares Amazon Echo to Google Now in a Digital Assistant Showdown. In this cage match two will enter, how many will...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 17, 2015

SF Launcher 2: Material Design, Further Googlified

I've been using Nova Launcher for 3 years. I've had to test multiple launchers for our XDA link sharing system, and they always ended up in app heaven a few minutes after verifying they weren't bogus or malicious. There is something you just cannot beat about the simplicity of Nova, which takes Android to its bare-bones core: apps and widgets. Nova gives you a playground of infinite permutations that revolves around just that, with minimal hassles to ensure that if...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 8, 2015

Google App Update Disables Features For Millions

Users from outside of the United States and Europe have reported their features outright disabled with the latest update to the Google App (formerly known as Google Search). The countries that seem to suffer from this functionality black out seem to be those in Latin America and other spanish-speaking countries. A PSA was posted on the Android Wear subreddit claiming that all of the consumer-based Google Now cards have been disabled. The user resides in the Cayman Islands, located just south of Cuba....

Samantha · Dec 14, 2014

Always On “OK Google” Now Available with the Australian Accent

The phrase “OK Google” has sort of become the catchphrase of Google Now across all devices running Android, be it the smartphone, the tablet, or the smartwatch. If you want something done, such as to do a Google search, set an alarm, or search for directions, simply say “OK Google” into your device and state your command. Normally for many of us, you can only do this when you have Google Now actually running on your screen, meaning it’s not...

Faiz Malkani · Nov 13, 2014

Chromecast Family Games Launched, More Apps Get Material Design

"It is the calm before the storm." Truer words have rarely been spoken. Whether we're referring to an actual storm or a metaphorical one, the eerie calmness that precedes it does not go unnoticed. Sure enough, the months following Google I/O 2014 had little to no activity in the Android sphere, with Nexus 9 leaks and Nexus 6 references few and far between. But on 15th October, all hell broke loose, and a fair amount of Android activity was seen....

Jimmy McGee · Jul 31, 2014

Android Wear App Review: Command Google Now with Commandr – XDA Developer TV

“OK Google. Make Me a sandwich.” How many times have you made this joke? Apparently we’ve done it often enough that Google made it an Easter egg.  Wouldn’t it be great if Google Now could do more complicated or useful tasks? Well, it can’t quite make you an actual sandwich, but maybe we can get it to actually toggle your WiFi! For his 100th app review, Tk has a solution for you! XDA Senior Member RsenG2X  offers up an application that...

Jimmy McGee · Jun 3, 2014

XDA Xposed Tuesday: ‘Ok Google’ for 3rd Party Launchers – XDA Developer TV

"Ok Google, write my article for me." Well I guess it was worth a try. Users on the Google Experience Launcher have now gotten used to being able to say "OK Google" to launch Google Voice Search. Wouldn't it be nice to have this functionality on third party launchers? In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets you launch Google Search with ‘Ok Google’ from your home screen on third party...

Will Verduzco · Dec 5, 2013

Build Apps that React to Google Search Using Xposed

Just yesterday, we briefly touched upon a Google Search update that brought the ability to search within apps directly from within Google Search. This update, which is gradually being rolled out to end-user devices, has the potential to make Google Search significantly more powerful. Rather than having to open an application to search within the app, Google Search can now act more like global search. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations with Google's first party offering. First of all, there are...

Will Verduzco · Nov 16, 2013

Collection of Google Now Easter Eggs

The latest update to the Google Search app brought quite a bit of added functionality. In addition to new cards and a more conversational interface for things like text messaging, the update to version 3 also brought hidden functionality in the form of the Google Experience Launcher, previously only seen on the Google Nexus 5. At some point during the app's continual evolution, Google saw fit to add in several Easter Eggs. To help you find all of them, XDA Senior...