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Jimmy McGee · May 30, 2015

Google I/O 2015 Recap – XDA TV

Google I/o 2015 has come and gone. The biggest celebration of Google by Google has wrapped up. They announced a bunch of exciting information, and to our delight, there were a lot of Android announcements. Additionally, there was a lot of information about other exciting and mobile related Google goodness. Here at xda-developers we have written a lot of articles breaking down those announcements. You can find links to those articles down below. However, if you wanted to get a quick...

Chris Gilliam · Apr 17, 2015

PSA: Google Play Services Wakelock Affects Many 5.x ROMs

Wakelocks are the bane of the battery conscious, and this wakelock bug has been plaguing Android ROMs for a while. Yes, the issue is neither new nor unique, and it won't be resolved for good until Google steps up, but the recent launches of CyanogenMod 12 and CyanogenOS (among others) have prompted a new round of interest in the Google Play Services 7.x SystemUpdateService Wakelock bug. The good news is that CM12 saw a fix folded in yesterday, and CyanogenOS...

Will Verduzco · Nov 17, 2014

Google Play Services 6.5 Updates Fit, Drive, and Wallet APIs

The last time we saw a major update to Google Play Services was back in September with the launch of Play Services 6.1. This update brought new ecommerse analytics tools, a tag manager, and an improved Drive API. Google Play Services 6.1 was then rolled out to all Play-enabled users via the Google Play Store roughly one month later, alongside a revised app settings icon. Now, approximately another month later, Google has yet again updated Play Services, this time to...

Will Verduzco · Oct 11, 2014

Google Play Services 6.1.71 Updates Icon, 6.1 Rolled Out

A little under a month ago, we wrote about how Google Play Services had begun receiving a version bump to 6.1. Chief among the enhancements brought forth by the new version are added e-commerce analytics support through Google Tag Manager and improved APIs for Google Fit and Google Drive, including a new Material Design compliant file picker for the latter. With this update's improved tag support, developers were then able to better understand how various user acquisition campaigns perform at...

Tomek Kondrat · Sep 16, 2014

Google Play Services Updated to Version 6.1

In addition to Android operating system proper, Google is focusing hard on giving the developers new tools to make their projects better and to fight against the growing problem of Android version fragmentation. Over the next few days, Google will be releasing an update to Google Play Services 6.1, which brings many new API enhancements to the platform independent of main Android version. The Google Play Services 6.1 update isn't quite as big as some would expect. Google has added Enhanced Ecommerce analytics...

Jimmy McGee · Sep 2, 2014

XDA Xposed Tuesday: How to Control Google Play Wake Locks – XDA Developer TV

Xposed Modules are usually pretty simple. There are a few out there where a Smali edit or a change in build.prop would produce the same result. However, sometimes you just don’t have the time or desire to dig through mountains of build.prop fields to find what you are looking for. But that’s alright, Xposed Module creators have found and shared their tweaks for us. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets...

Will Verduzco · Jun 25, 2014

Google Play Services 5 Brings Wearable Support, Play Games Improvements, and More!

Google talked about plenty of its popular products and services at the I/O 2014 opening keynote earlier today. Most notably, we caught a few first glimpses of Android L, its revamped UI, and its new permissions system. However, the platform's progress isn't limited to those with devices set to run the Android L developer preview. Rather, Google Play Services brings many key APIs and software advancements to users, regardless of target device platform version. Today, Google has begun rolling out Google Play Services 5,...

Will Verduzco · Mar 17, 2014

Google Play Services 4.3 Brings New Analytics, Tag Manager, and Address APIs, and Improvements to Play Games and Drive

For some time now, Google has been combating Android fragmentation by delivering key developer services and frameworks independently of Android OS versions through Google Play Services. And over the past year and a half, we've seen several key updates roll out, which have enabled developers to target a wider range of Android devices. Now with Play Services 4.3, Google has incorporated a few additional developer APIs and updated some of their existing services. (more…)

Will Verduzco · Jan 9, 2014

Google Play Services 4.1 Brings Turn-Based Multiplayer, New Drive API, Improved Ads, and Better Google+ Integration

Google is in a seemingly never-ending battle against Android platform fragmentation. They've approached this problem in many ways, such as KitKat's focus on lower end devices and the decentralized update process for key developer APIs through Google Play Services. Now, Google has begun rolling out an update for its Play Services to version 4.1. This comes just a little over two months after the release of Play Services 4.0. Today's update brings a few new features that may be of importance...