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Mathew Brack · May 6, 2015

Project Fi Invites Are Rolling Out

Google is now sending out the first wave of invites to its new wireless service, Project Fi. Users are already signing up and have shared the process with us. So far, it is clear that Project Fi users can have their Google Voice number transferred across if they wish, which will automatically move their Google Voice credit over as well.   What we have learned so far is that after a Voice number is transferred you will lose some functionality, but you will...

Chris Gilliam · Apr 22, 2015

Project Fi Goes Live: What To Know About Google’s MVNO

Google's new wireless service, Project Fi, is now accepting applications from Nexus 6 owners with a hankering for high speeds and low rates. The virtual carrier will work on the backs of T-Mobile, Sprint, and the WiFi from every router to which you connect, making for a truly impressive coverage area at launch. As rumored last week, Fi offers $20 all you can eat domestic calls and texts, with data costing $10/GB on a month-by-month basis. However, you can't hop on this...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 18, 2015

Open War for Open Android: Antitrust for Cyanogen?

Android and openness is something we talk about all the time, but the recent developments in the industry point towards inherent flaws with this very premise. Be it from bloggers, political institutions or corporations, Android is seemingly not open enough. The “War on Openness” is ironically becoming an open war, where many players are increasing their stakes and scope to try and land a bigger hold - or at the very least, restrict Google’s - on what is the world’s...

Chris Gilliam · Apr 1, 2015

Google’s Prank Roundup for April Fools 2015 [Updated]

Once again, we have arrived on the most magical of holidays - the annual unveiling of HalfLife 3, and day on which co-workers believe it is appropriate to duct tape air horns behind doors. I speak, of course, about April Fools Day. As has become their custom, Google launched lighthearted "pranks" for each of their various services (with other tech sites and vendors following suit), and we have done our best to round up the humorous products and tweaks surfacing thus far....

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 1, 2015

Google to Acquire XDA, Dev Rewards & Policy Changes

We are delighted to announce that starting on April 20th, a finalized deal with Google will make XDA Developers a software development division for the beloved search giant. This exciting transition will start as early as next week, where new XDA Talent Scouts from Google will browse our forums and reward the best contributors and offer them software development or design positions as well. A new set of XDA Forum Moderators from Google’s Legal Department will also make sure that...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Mar 29, 2015

Sunday Debate: Corporate Cyanogen Good for Android?

Join us in a fun Sunday Debate on Cyanogen Inc. Come with your opinions and feel free to read some of our thoughts, then pick your side or play devil’s advocate to get your voice heard and engage in friendly discussion. You can read our food-for-thought or jump straight into the fray below!     CyanogenMod is widely recognized across XDA for its solid performance, great feature set and far-reaching (and also long-lasting) support for all sorts of devices, from...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Mar 25, 2015

Building The Machine: Cyanogen’s Corporate War

Cyanogen is a name that virtually all of XDA recognizes, and surely many of you have tried their excellent ROMs - perhaps you are reading this on CyanogenMod right now. While the community ROMs that most people get - be it through official sources or unofficial ports - offer some of the best experiences Android has to offer, the company that is behind the managing of the community ROMs as well as the Cyanogen “operating systems” that are built into...

Mathew Brack · Mar 9, 2015

Emerging Technology In Industry

There are many emerging technologies in the news at the moment from driverless cars to VR, but what you may not see is that many of these technologies are used everyday by people in a wide variety of industries. Many businesses even utilize technology not commonly available to the public through trials direct with the OEM, for others this technology is common place but needs to be adapted for widespread usage.   Agriculture Utilizing either GPS or a combination of radio...

Chris Gilliam · Mar 7, 2015

Hold The Hype: Google’s MVNO & The Nexus 6

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal set the internet abuzz with reports that the Nexus 6 will be the sole device supported by the new mobile network Google is set to launch in the coming weeks. The ensuing re-posts and speculation seized on the notion of an ultra-exclusive carrier, but what do we know for certain, which parts are still speculative, and does any of the speculation ring true? Let’s take a closer look at Google’s rumored network to...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 29, 2015

Microsoft To Invest in Cyanogen’s Future OS War?

Reports indicate that Microsoft is investing in the rogue Android forker Cyanogen. The funding round is said to be upwards of $70 million, and could allow for a cooperation between Cyanogen and the Silicon Valley giant in the ongoing battle of mobile operating systems. This could be a strategic movement in coordination with other investors given Cyanogen's expression of rebellion against Google's tightening control over Android, as the custom ROM maker has recently spoken out against the "tyranny" of Google in regards...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 14, 2015

Future of Hardware, Project Ara, and Market Pilot

The Project Ara developer conference 2 began today at Google Plex in Mountain View, San Francisco. It consisted on a series of keynotes to denote the plans for Project Ara to both developers and interested consumers.  Google shared details about the roadmap of Ara, which we’ll cover here, and the more developer-focused details about the newer Ara development kits and inner-workings, as well as business information to get module developers up to speed on what to expect from their new...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 8, 2015

Google App Update Disables Features For Millions

Users from outside of the United States and Europe have reported their features outright disabled with the latest update to the Google App (formerly known as Google Search). The countries that seem to suffer from this functionality black out seem to be those in Latin America and other spanish-speaking countries. A PSA was posted on the Android Wear subreddit claiming that all of the consumer-based Google Now cards have been disabled. The user resides in the Cayman Islands, located just south of Cuba....

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 6, 2014

Google Hopes to Replace Gmail With Inbox

  Gmail isn't the only Email client that Google has in its arsenal. A few months ago, the Inbox project was launched, and since then Google developers have been working hard on feature implementation. Inbox by Gmail is a totally new approach to Email, aiming to be more user-friendly and powerful than regular Gmail service. Three of the people who created Inbox took part in Reddit AMA session, in which they answered questions regarding features, requests and overall future of...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 1, 2014

Latest Android Platform Stats: Lollipop under 0.1%, KitKat on a Third of Devices

In the last few weeks, numerous devices received Lollipop updates both in official and unofficial capacity. Despite its popularity here on XDA, Lollipop is still a very new operating system and OEMs need some time to port it to their devices. As we typically see at the start of every month, Google has released their latest Android platform statistics showing OS and hardware fragmentation on the platform. Last month, we saw Android 2.x (Gingerbread and Froyo) finally fall under 10% install...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 4, 2014

Latest Android Platform Stats: KitKat Hits 30%, 2.x Falls to 10%!

As is the case at the start of every month, Google has once again updated its Android Developer Dashboard website with the latest Android Platform Distribution Stats. These numbers show the degree of platform fragmentation and few other interesting things that can be very useful especially for developers looking to better target their applications' UI and required API level. This month is a pretty significant one for Android 4.x KitKat. For the first time in its lifetime, the OS revision...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 4, 2014

Google Inbox Given Small Visual Update

Not too long ago, Google launched an invite-only beta program for its new Email client, Inbox by Gmail. This new service has already gotten to be quite popular in just a few weeks, and many of us are seeing a stream of invitation requests on our G+ and Facebook news feeds. And now that users are routinely receiving three invites every few days, the community is ever expanding. After a week of extensive testing, Google decided that it's time to tweak its...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 3, 2014

Sony AOSP Updated for Xperia Z3, Google Play Store Updated for Wearable Sensor Permissions – XDA TV

Sony Extends its AOSP Project to include the Xperia Z3! That and much more news is covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this weekend. Included in this weekend's news is the announcement of a small wearable based update to Google Play and be sure the check out the article talking about Google allowing searches to interact with apps! That's not all that's covered in today's video! Jordan talks about the other videos released this weekend...

Tomek Kondrat · Oct 31, 2014

Google Allows Search Queries To Interact With Apps

Android 5.0 Lollipop brings lots of new features that are quite useful for end users and developers. In the interview with Google execs we talked about earlier, they talked about making integration with Ok Google a bit easier. As promised, Google has now provided a method to use the search with external applications. The solution comes in just six lines of code that can be added to the AndroidManifest.xml file in your app. After adding it, users will be able to...

Tomek Kondrat · Oct 30, 2014

Lenovo Officially Owns Motorola, Following ~$3 Billion Deal

Google is now officially no longer the owner of American phone manufacturer Motorola. Earlier today, the $2.91 billion deal finally took place, and now the American company is officially owned by Chinese giant Lenovo. The deal has been confirmed by executives of both parties. This means that Lenovo has full rights to Motorola's product portfolio and acquires all technologies owned by this OEM. Motorola's headquarters are set to remain in Chicago. Lenovo will also keep its newly integrated employees working on their existing...

Will Verduzco · Oct 30, 2014

Google Updates Play Games, Wallet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Google+, and Camera

While we haven't really had much in the way of consistent "Google Update Wednesdays" in the past few months, Google sure knows how to get back in the groove of things when they want to. Throughout the day yesterday, Google unleashed a massive wave of updates to a good deal of its first party Android apps, including Google Play Games, Wallet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Google+, and Camera. So what's new in all of these Google updates and how can you...