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Jack Jennings · Jul 1, 2015

Google Photos ‘Unlimited’ Storage Reportedly Being Capped

When Google Photos was announced, many of us thought very highly of the idea. It seemed like Google had taken what they learned from G+ Photos and added some extra touches to polish the experience, making it something that more people were likely to actually utilize. Now however, the much-lauded 'Unlimited Storage' element may not be quite what it seemed. Here's what we can gather so far...   Reports have come in from multiple G+ and Reddit users who have attempted to back up a...

Jack Jennings · Jun 29, 2015

Apple Music Will Increase iTunes Match to 100,000 Songs

The battle for music streaming subscription dominance is starting to really heat up, with Apple planning their next offensive in line with the release of iOS9 later in the year. A major draw for these kind of services is the ability to have your current music library uploaded and copies of the tracks available to be streamed on the go.   Today Eddy Cue, an Apple Exec has released some details on how iTunes Match will integrate with the soon to be released...

Mathew Brack · Jun 23, 2015

Google Play Music Gains Free/Ad-supported Version

In what may prove to be a defining move in the war between music streaming services, Google has just announced a free, ad-supported version that is now available in the U.S. This puts the service directly in the path of Spotify (which already offers a free version) and the upcoming Apple Music which is to be launched later this month.   It is not an overly large presumption to say that the impending arrival of Apple Music prompted this change...

Jack Jennings · Jun 10, 2015

Should Google Open Up Android Wear?

2014 was going to be the year of the wearable. And it was, insofar as it was the first year that I started to notice news headlines outside of the normal enthusiast channels, covering stories regarding these futuristic devices. Android Wear was released alongside Samsung's Galaxy Gear, Google Glass became available to anybody, and even the long-rumoured Apple Watch was, at least announced. The previous year, the Pebble watch had shown the demand for something that could provide us with...

Mathew Brack · Jun 9, 2015

Google Location Aware Search Goes Live

Google quietly announced a new addition to Google Now at an event in Paris today known as Location Aware Search. The new feature uses your real time location to modify its answers to various questions. It can now understand your location, nearby landmarks, businesses and geographical features such as rivers with only vague questions to go on. During the conference, some great examples were given: "Call this conference center" - The phone dialed the reception desk "How long is this...

Mathew Brack · Jun 3, 2015

XDA Forum Member Opinions on I/O and Android M

Google’s I/O event this year brought many announcements that affected us as developers. To better understand just how our community felt about the new products and services, we reached out to some of you in the forums. We received many great responses; here are just a few of the things you felt were important.   jackfacespoon “There's going to be a huge fuss over the smaller but more specific changes to Android, and they're going to grab the media limelight for...

Mathew Brack · Jun 1, 2015

Google Launches New Privacy and Security Hub

Google has announced the launch of two large improvements to their privacy and security tools. These include a new hub that allows you to manage all your Google settings called 'My Account' and new site to answer any of your Google related privacy and security questions.   At Google I/O they announced that they will be giving people the chance to take more control over the information they provide and now these two new sites aim to achieve just this. The...

Jimmy McGee · May 30, 2015

Google I/O 2015 Recap – XDA TV

Google I/o 2015 has come and gone. The biggest celebration of Google by Google has wrapped up. They announced a bunch of exciting information, and to our delight, there were a lot of Android announcements. Additionally, there was a lot of information about other exciting and mobile related Google goodness. Here at xda-developers we have written a lot of articles breaking down those announcements. You can find links to those articles down below. However, if you wanted to get a quick...

Mathew Brack · May 29, 2015

Google No Longer Sending Calendar SMS Notifications

In a not entirely surprising move, Google announced that it's putting an end to SMS notifications for Google calendar as of June 27th. They stated earlier, "SMS notifications for Google Calendar launched before smartphones were available. Now in a world with smartphones and notifications, you can get richer, more reliable experience on your mobile device, even offline". Google Drive for Work, Google Apps for Work (paid edition), Education and Government customers will not be affected by these changes and can continue using...

Mathew Brack · May 6, 2015

Project Fi Invites Are Rolling Out

Google is now sending out the first wave of invites to its new wireless service, Project Fi. Users are already signing up and have shared the process with us. So far, it is clear that Project Fi users can have their Google Voice number transferred across if they wish, which will automatically move their Google Voice credit over as well.   What we have learned so far is that after a Voice number is transferred you will lose some functionality, but you will...

Chris Gilliam · Apr 22, 2015

Project Fi Goes Live: What To Know About Google’s MVNO

Google's new wireless service, Project Fi, is now accepting applications from Nexus 6 owners with a hankering for high speeds and low rates. The virtual carrier will work on the backs of T-Mobile, Sprint, and the WiFi from every router to which you connect, making for a truly impressive coverage area at launch. As rumored last week, Fi offers $20 all you can eat domestic calls and texts, with data costing $10/GB on a month-by-month basis. However, you can't hop on this...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 18, 2015

Open War for Open Android: Antitrust for Cyanogen?

Android and openness is something we talk about all the time, but the recent developments in the industry point towards inherent flaws with this very premise. Be it from bloggers, political institutions or corporations, Android is seemingly not open enough. The “War on Openness” is ironically becoming an open war, where many players are increasing their stakes and scope to try and land a bigger hold - or at the very least, restrict Google’s - on what is the world’s...

Chris Gilliam · Apr 1, 2015

Google’s Prank Roundup for April Fools 2015 [Updated]

Once again, we have arrived on the most magical of holidays - the annual unveiling of HalfLife 3, and day on which co-workers believe it is appropriate to duct tape air horns behind doors. I speak, of course, about April Fools Day. As has become their custom, Google launched lighthearted "pranks" for each of their various services (with other tech sites and vendors following suit), and we have done our best to round up the humorous products and tweaks surfacing thus far....

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 1, 2015

Google to Acquire XDA, Dev Rewards & Policy Changes

We are delighted to announce that starting on April 20th, a finalized deal with Google will make XDA Developers a software development division for the beloved search giant. This exciting transition will start as early as next week, where new XDA Talent Scouts from Google will browse our forums and reward the best contributors and offer them software development or design positions as well. A new set of XDA Forum Moderators from Google’s Legal Department will also make sure that...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Mar 29, 2015

Sunday Debate: Corporate Cyanogen Good for Android?

Join us in a fun Sunday Debate on Cyanogen Inc. Come with your opinions and feel free to read some of our thoughts, then pick your side or play devil’s advocate to get your voice heard and engage in friendly discussion. You can read our food-for-thought or jump straight into the fray below!     CyanogenMod is widely recognized across XDA for its solid performance, great feature set and far-reaching (and also long-lasting) support for all sorts of devices, from...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Mar 25, 2015

Building The Machine: Cyanogen’s Corporate War

Cyanogen is a name that virtually all of XDA recognizes, and surely many of you have tried their excellent ROMs - perhaps you are reading this on CyanogenMod right now. While the community ROMs that most people get - be it through official sources or unofficial ports - offer some of the best experiences Android has to offer, the company that is behind the managing of the community ROMs as well as the Cyanogen “operating systems” that are built into...

Mathew Brack · Mar 9, 2015

Emerging Technology In Industry

There are many emerging technologies in the news at the moment from driverless cars to VR, but what you may not see is that many of these technologies are used everyday by people in a wide variety of industries. Many businesses even utilize technology not commonly available to the public through trials direct with the OEM, for others this technology is common place but needs to be adapted for widespread usage.   Agriculture Utilizing either GPS or a combination of radio...

Chris Gilliam · Mar 7, 2015

Hold The Hype: Google’s MVNO & The Nexus 6

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal set the internet abuzz with reports that the Nexus 6 will be the sole device supported by the new mobile network Google is set to launch in the coming weeks. The ensuing re-posts and speculation seized on the notion of an ultra-exclusive carrier, but what do we know for certain, which parts are still speculative, and does any of the speculation ring true? Let’s take a closer look at Google’s rumored network to...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 29, 2015

Microsoft To Invest in Cyanogen’s Future OS War?

Reports indicate that Microsoft is investing in the rogue Android forker Cyanogen. The funding round is said to be upwards of $70 million, and could allow for a cooperation between Cyanogen and the Silicon Valley giant in the ongoing battle of mobile operating systems. This could be a strategic movement in coordination with other investors given Cyanogen's expression of rebellion against Google's tightening control over Android, as the custom ROM maker has recently spoken out against the "tyranny" of Google in regards...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 14, 2015

Future of Hardware, Project Ara, and Market Pilot

The Project Ara developer conference 2 began today at Google Plex in Mountain View, San Francisco. It consisted on a series of keynotes to denote the plans for Project Ara to both developers and interested consumers.  Google shared details about the roadmap of Ara, which we’ll cover here, and the more developer-focused details about the newer Ara development kits and inner-workings, as well as business information to get module developers up to speed on what to expect from their new...