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That´s the magic of XDA! When you think you´ve seen it all, you get something new and exciting. This time, XDA member Natkaffe pointed us to the first ROM from HTC Flyer ported for Desire HD and Inspire 4G. The rom comes loaded with full landscape support. However, this ROM is at early stages of development but according to the original poster, it is good enough to be used as daily. There are several non-working features as of yet:

– Car panel
– Almost every app needs some resizing
– Gallery starts, but doesn’t show pictures
– Most popup window needs resizing
– Touch keys don’t work in landscape
– Keyboard is too big, many letters are unavailable
– Weather animation for weather clock is not in the right place

Everything else is fully functional such as mail, SMS, youtube, social media, calendar, -camera/camcorder, clock, friend-stream, HTC hub, HTC likes, browser, locations, mail, market, and more.
This ROM should be installed only if you have some experience flashing ROMs.

Originally posted by Natkaffe
[ROM][DEV ONLY]Not for Noobs!! Htc Flyer, Usable on DHD/INSIPRE (open for all)

hey here is a HTC Flyer rom for dhd and inspire phones

The rom is good enough to be used as daily, just put a different keyboard and it should be fine for you.

Works reported by liljom:
every function is available (some cases is landscape mode) in:
-HTC hub
-HTC likes
-pdf viewer
-press reader (as far as I went without registration)
-quick lookup
-setup (where no keyboard is needed)
-SIM toolkit
-task manager

Continue to the original thread.

Thanks to M_T_M for the tip


It seems that the HTC Desire HD is following the steps of it´s predecessor, the HTC Leo because XDA member bergfex brings us Ubuntu running natively on your DHD. For now, the project is at a point where the following capabilities have been implemented: touchscreen -works as touch pad-, two finger scrolling, WIFI, dragging windows, ADB, incoming calls, and SMS. The latest update still has problems with sound, keys, USB host, and Firefox. Be sure to understand all instructions before proceeding in order to avoid unwanted results, and please leave your feedback.

Originally posted by bergfex
[DEV] Booting Ubuntu nativ!!!

This is about booting Ubuntu natively on the DHD. (without chroot and without an Andriod running at the same time)

Based on the version for the HTC HD2
Download ubuntu4dhd.zip
Download easy to use.zip
Put the linux folder from ubuntu4dhd.zip to the root of your sdcard
Put the easy to use folder to your windows PC
Bring your DHD into the bootloader
Connect DHD to the PC
Double click Start here.bat
Tip “fastboot boot boot.img” or “fastboot boot boot-usbhost.img”
(without “)
after restarting your old rom will start

Change log:
Working touchpad driver
two finger scrolling
Wifi working out of the box

Continue to the original thread for further instructions.


If you are old enough or still have a WM device, you may remember how well received transparency mods were. If you own a Desire HD, Inspire 4G or similar, then check out this beauty for your Android made by XDA member lalitsehgal21. All you need to do is to flash the new modded ROM, the transparency 4 coredroid ver6.1 by Sergio76, apply 6.1 update file, and enjoy a clear view.

Having fun with it? Please leave your feedback.

Originally posted by lalitsehgal21
Transperency 4 coredroid 6.1 rom

Hi friends i have made some changes to latest rom for DHD by coredroid ver6.1

1. c the pics if u like the effect…..

2. Copy this coredroid modded transparent rom


3. download this file


4. Jst flash this new modded rom and apply 6.1 update.zip file….

Go to the transparency thread.


Well, it really didn’t take the devs much time. Just this morning, we published an article describing a new set of tools that will be crucial for devs working on Sense 3.0 ports to be able to reduce the image sizes and get them to “fit” the screen. XDA members Flemmard and DiamondBack2010 have finally released their set of tools to work with these new files. The tool set will allow you to decompile, edit, and re-compile the .m10 files, thus allowing you to manipulate all the graphics in this new UI.

The devs have clearly stated that they tools are still in beta stage. However, they have provided some screenshots that will pretty much speak for themselves (all widgets fitting perfectly on the screen). Again, as stated before, if you don’t know how to do any of this, you may want to read up a bit on how to modify such files, else you may end up using a lot of time for no reason. If you are ready to get down and dirty, download the tool and help out with the development!

DiamondBack2010 and me are proud to release new tools for modding Sense !
Since Sense 3.0, people wondered about these m10 files, and there you go !
m10Tools allows you to decompile/edit/recompile these m10 files.
The use of the M10 Editor is recommended !

You can find more information in the original thread.

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Thanks Flemmard and DiamondBack2010 for the tip!


And just a day after the dump was discovered floating around in 911sniper, it seems that the race to get the first “working” (maybe I should say booting at this point) port of the newest HTC Sensation has finally come to an end. The lucky winner was the Desire HD thanks to XDA member capychimp. The rom called RCMixHD is in alpha stages at this point, which means, in essence, that about 60-70 percent of the rom is either buggy or non-functional, but considering this is the first custom rom ever to be sporting the new UI, we honestly don’t care too much at this point. As with every port, things will slowly be developed to get everything functional sooner or later… did I mention that the rom has working Sense 3.0?

This is fantastic news for all Desire HD owners out there (and obviously for owners of similar hardware like the EVO, Thunderbolt, and Inspire). If you have tried this rom and have played with Sense 3.0, please leave some feedback.

Known bugs:

  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Friendstream widget
  • Images needs resizing
  • Sound effects (srs) on music
  • more i dont know

You can find more information in the port thread.

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After a few weeks of development on the HTC Inspire 4G, the developers found out that software on the Desire HD can be run on the Inspire 4G without any modification. This means that, when you develop a ROM for the Desire HD, it can run on the Inspire 4G, and vice-versa. XDA member gunnyman suggested to merge the forums, because why would we have two different forums if the software is the same? It looks pretty obvious that merging the forums would be the best option, but there is still some discussion going on, as there are some members who state it would be better to keep the forums as they are now.


I agree. It would be much easier for the DEVS, which is more important. They wouldnt have to maintain 2 different threads for the same ROM, Theme or Kernel as well..


Keep in mind even though they are pretty much the same phone, they run on different networks, have different radio software, and are supported by different cell providers. People’s experiences will be different than their European counterparts.

I think the time is not right yet for a conjoined forum. Right now, there are a number of great ROMs for DHD that install easily and run without issues. This is not the case yet for the I4G. I think we need to wait until that happens, then we can merge the DHD & I4G forums, breaking out the carrier specific issues in the General section.

So, what do you think? Join the discussion in the thread!

XDA Phone Review: HTC Desire HD

January 28, 2011   By:

XDA Phone Review

HTC’s probably most popular smartphone at the moment is the Desire HD. It combines the hardware of the HD2 with Android Froyo, making it an incredible good-selling device. But is it really worth the money for powerusers? Check out our review to find out! And in case you missed it, here is our HTC HD2 review and some more general information about the XDA Phone Review series.

Many people think that the Desire HD is basically just an HD2 with froyo, without any hardware updates. When you take a look at the model numbers of the processor and the GPU, the changes might not seem to be extraordinary, but in reality, the Desire HD performs much better than the HD2. The combination of the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 and the Adreno 205 GPU really seem to do good to the overall performance of the phone: stock ROM benchmarks results are 58 fps in NeoCore, and around 1900 in Quadrant. Compare this to phones of the same release date, the hardware definitely seems to be pretty good: it beats the Nexus S, Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X  in the Quadrant benchmarks. Note that these tests have been made on stock software.

The Desire HD offers a pretty sleek “unibody” design with the aluminum body. However, there is one disadvantage of this: the battery is actually quite small. Comparing the 1230 mAh to the competition, you will notice a pretty big difference with the 1390 mAh of the Motorola Droid 2 and the extraordinary 1500 mAh of the Nexus S, it’s definitely a bit on the small size. And then, we didn’t even talk about the battery-hogging 4,3″ LCD display and the extra performance that needs extra battery juice. In practice, some people find the battery results to be not that bad, though there are many people complaining about battery life.

HTC didn’t change much to the actual Sense UI on the Desire HD. They did however add some really interesting features that make use of the internet connection of the phone: they launched HTCSense.com making it possible to access your phone through your computer’s browser, but also to synchronize data with your personal online account. We’d like to spare you the details, as they can be found anywhere.

A quick browse through the Desire HD forums show you that there’s lots of development going on. There are many ROMs available, and the Desire HD development community is pretty healthy. If you don’t want the HTC Sense software on your Desire HD and really want to enjoy the stock Android experience, you can simply flash a custom “vanilla” ROM, but this is probably nothing new for you. You can get the CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread ROMs, and you can choose from several kernels, some of which allow you to overclock the phone to 1,5 Ghz. Since the Desire HD is a pretty new phone, we look at the Desire’s development and we think that this development will continue to stay for a while.

Is this a phone to consider?
The Desire HD really shows you that HTC is doing a great job with their smartphones. They’re able to deliver good performance and software that attracts a lot of people. But there are  a lot of new phones coming soon, often offering even better hardware. If you’re on Verizon, it might just be a better idea to wait for the HTC Thunderbolt and for AT&T the HTC Inspire 4G. But there’s much more. At CES, the first phones with the Tegra2 chip were being announced. If you wait one or two months, the first devices will ship out with this new technology:  the  Motorola Atrix 4G, Droid Bionic and Shadow. LG is releasing the Optimus 2X, and at the Mobile World Congress we are likely to see even more phones like these. We do think, however, that these phones will get less support on XDA, so that’s really something to think about. The Droid 2 for example doesn’t have many ROMs yet, and when we compare non-HTC phone development with HTC phones, we really notice that HTC phones are much more popular.

So, is the Desire HD worth to buy at this moment? The hardware is decent enough to keep up with the competition, and could be seen as outstanding. At CES, manufacturers have promised a lot of good stuff, with the Tegra2 being shipped out soon. So if you want even better performance – perhaps for a Honeycomb port, who knows – it might just be an idea to wait a little longer. On the other hand, the Desire HD is massively supported by developers on XDA, and the overclocked and hacked kernels really make the performance of the phone even better. We guess we’ll leave the choice up to you.

We’re constantly trying to improve the content of our XDA Phone Review articles. We’re still trying to find a good way to cover all aspects that are important for powerusers. Let us know how you think about these reviews in the comments below, critics and suggestions are very welcome!


If you’re a frequent kernel flasher or just starting out, there is now a lightweight Kernel Update Utility Tool for Windows, courtesy of XDA forum member jkoljo.

The tool takes a kernel in either zImage or CWM flashable zip format and flashes it to your HTC Desire HD. The tool is also capable of pushing and applying kernel modules. The dev reassures that he has used the tool multiple times to flash kernels – more than he can count – and has not experienced a single bootloop or failed flash.

So, if you do not want to mess around with command lines and just want the job done fast and easy, take a look at jkoljo’s Kernel Update Utility Tool.

Requires Windows XP SP2 or higher, .NET 3.0 or higher and HTC Sync (or ADB drivers).

For more information and to download the tool, visit the application thread.


With its 1230 mAh-powered battery, the HTC Desire HD doesn’t offer much “battery juice”. Especially compared to its American CDMA brother, the EVO 4G with 1500 mAh, it is a pretty small battery. We guess this has got something to do with the unibody design which requires more space from the phone, resulting in less available space for the battery.

An extended battery with more power would be extremely useful for this phone. These third-party batteries are available for many phones, often delivered with a replacement battery cover to fit the extra mass of the battery. But how would one add more power to a battery when there are situations that you can’t just create a new battery cover? The Desire HD has a unibody construction which makes it impossible to install bigger batteries.

You already read the title, so you know that there are in fact batteries going to be available for the Desire HD with more mAh’s. The fact is that the size of the units haven’t been changed – some technologies made it possible to provide more power with just the same size. This has already been proven on the HTC Legend, which has the same unibody construction. The manufacturer, called Mugen, will come out with one in the end of October, which will provide an extra 200 – 300 mAh. This isn’t much, but it will definitely give some extra time (probably 3 hours or so – just about enough to completely last the day).

We hope to see this battery coming soon, and we hope that next time, HTC will think twice before putting such an underpowered battery into a 4.3 inch-display device.

[Image in courtesy of thegadgets.net]


HTC is doing a great job with the new HTC Hub. The HTC Hub on the DesireHD ROM already contains a lot of useful stuff, so XDA member v-b-n decided to upload a pack, which includes ringtones, notification sounds and a few of the many wallpapers that are available on the Hub right now.

Originally posted by v-b-n

To my amazement I found too much stuff already available on HTC Hub for Desire HD ROM users. I downloaded all the notifications and ringtones till today and some wallpapers since there are a ton of categories.

Enjoy on your old phones till you get a hand on the DHD

Check out the thread to download it immediately!


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