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XDAdesire Youtube Login

XDA forum member quicksite has created an XDADesire YouTube channel for HTC Desire owners to record and upload videos straight from their devices.

Originally posted by quicksite

It’s time we break out of text-only. We’ve got (or are about to receive) the Smartphone of the year 2010 – the HTC Desire. And I had an idea. Now that these phones all have easy to use video recording, why not make it SUPER EASY for people to RECORD VIDEOS from their DESIRES, and upload them to the easy to remember¬†XDAdesire Channel at YouTube.com.

The beauty of a shared YouTube channel is: now anyone can upload stuff quickly — whether it’s a demo of an app or ROM you’re working on, or pointing out a problem you can’t solve. SO much easier to just SHOW it than use words to describe it. All you have to remember are 2 things: One username and password for anyone here to use.

For username and password check out the forum thread!
Get uploading!

Update: it looks like the account has been taken down!

[Wallpaper] ShakeThemAll

April 3, 2010   By:


Having fun with your phone is just about everyone’s goal in life, and this new wallpaper works exactly that way. The wallpaper was made to use your G-sensor data and as a result gives you Androids falling down your screen. People might find this to be pointless modification, but it can also be something fin thing to do with your device while on the go.

Originally posted by Yougli

Shake Them All! is a live wallpaper using a realistic physics engine and g-sensors to display Androids falling down your screen. Androids react to gravity, touching, shaking your phone and even light and sound now.

TODO list:

  • Use geomagnetic sensor to interact with droids
  • Fix conflict between sound sensor and voice search
  • Advanced skin settings (Color / Bitmap)
  • Ability to have different colors for each shape (body, arms, legs) of the droids
  • Random sizes and colors

Version 1.32:

  • Improved color picker
  • Fixed a bug where wallpaper acts as if in landscape mode while in portrait mode

Version 1.31:

  • Added setting for color of droids

Version 1.3:

  • Added setting for size of droids
  • Added presets
  • Fixed issue with droids disappearing

The thread will get you all set up.


Exclusive HTC Desire Photos

March 15, 2010   By:

The HTC Desire isn’t shipping for another month or so, but we’ve got some exclusive photos for you of the hot new phone. As a reminder, the HTC Desire has similar specs to the Google Nexus One, but adds HTC Sense, plus a different hardware design.¬†Additionally, we already have a dedicated forum for the Desire. Here are the images, click on them for higher resolution views.

HTC Bravo Full Spec Sheets

March 6, 2010   By:

An anonymous XDA user has just tipped us with an extremely detailed specsheet for the upcoming HTC Bravo Android phone (also known as the Desire) that seems to have come from an internal HTC document. As a reminder, the Desire is essentially a Google Nexus One but with HTC Sense and a different case design. It’s expected to start shipping on April 7, but you can talk about it now in our HTC Desire forum. Click either image for a higher resolution view.


At Mobile World Congress HTC announced two new Android devices, the Desire and Legend. The Desire is similar in a lot of ways to the Google Nexus One, except that it adds more RAM, the Sense interface, and an optical trackball. The Legend, on the other hand, is the successor to the HTC Hero. New is a cut-from-aluminum design (be sure you watch John Wong prove the device’s rigidity when he slams the Legend against the wall at the HTC Press conference at 11:37), plus more RAM, a faster CPU, and the latest version of Sense for Android. By popular request, we’ve added general forums for the HTC Legend and HTC Desire. Enjoy!


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