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ElCondor · Dec 31, 2010

Guide: How to Flash your First NAND Android ROM to your HD2

Yesterday, MAGLDR was released together with the very first NAND Android ROM, capable of booting directly to Android instead of having to launch the Haret in Windows Mobile. Even though the developers (DFT) added some guidelines, a very detailed guide wasn't available yet. XDA moderator mskip decided to put everything in one place and created a thread containing every step and every requirement in order to flash your first NAND Android ROM to your HD2. Originally posted by mskip I...

ElCondor · Dec 30, 2010

Breaking: MAGLDR for the HD2: Boot Directly to Android!

Are you dreaming of booting your HD2 directly to Android? Get back into reality - it is possible now! The DFT, a team of Android and Windows Phone 7 developers and coders, has managed to create a hack which allows you to skip the boot into Windows Mobile and boot directly to Android. The hack is called MAGLDR. Based on this hack, they also created a NAND ROM for testing purposes. Other developers can develop ROMs based on this MAGLDR,...

mic_888 · Dec 29, 2010

XDA Flavoured Boot Screens / Startup Animations / Welcomeheads

If you're a regular visitor to XDA, and want to show your loyalty to the site, XDA forum member conantroutman has made up some pretty neat splash and boot screens for your HD2! Both come in the instantly recognisable XDA colours - in dark and light versions. You'll need to download the zip files and run the CustomRuu in the zip file then follow the on screen instructions. The XDA member states that no data will be deleted from your device and...

orb3000 · Dec 28, 2010

AndroidLock for HTC Leo (HD2)

If you have an HTC Leo but don´t have an Android ROM on it, maybe you would like to have a different lock screen with an Android style. XDA member Zephnath presents AndroidLock, this application will let you have useful information on your locked screen with a different look. The updated version 1.3 includes some new features and fixes like added support for Energy Roms, support for all HD2 ROMs, fixed appointments list going off screen, refined the slider images...

egzthunder1 · Dec 28, 2010

Ubuntu 0.3 for HD2 Released

The wait is finally over. XDA member dcordes, who is famous for bringing (along with a group of other devs) Android and Ubuntu to your HD2, has finally released the next version of his Ubuntu port for the aforementioned device. This has been several months in the making and because of one thing or the next, the project always got pushed to the side. However, it seems that this build has finally seen the light of day. This new release...

orb3000 · Dec 20, 2010

Windows 98 and 95 running on HTC Leo

XDA member aSiD1712 posted instructions to get Windows 98 running on your hTC Leo (HD2) using qemu. QEMU-Puppy is an OS and a set of applications on a USB memory stick. This OS can be booted natively, or on top of an other, already installed, OS. Just borrow a PC, boot your own environment and return the PC to its previous state, no installation is required. According to the original poster, the big secret to have it running properly is...

Captainkrtek · Dec 18, 2010

Gingerbread Ported to HTC HD2

As if this were to be a big surprise,  XDA Member m-deejay has ported Gingerbread to the HTC HD2. It is based on the Nexus One AOSP source and is Android 2.3.1. To flash this, you should have prior knowledge of booting Android on your HTC HD2 in order to be able to flash this ROM. This is the current Changelog: Working: - 3G / Data - Audio - Bluetooth - Wi-Fi - 720p PLAYBACK - Phone Not Working (In progress):...

egzthunder1 · Dec 17, 2010

Run Android on your HD2… from RAM!

There are various options for Android roms in the HD2 section and while all of them are very good due to the amount of time our devs pour into them, there is one that was pointed out to us by XDA member Kaymado, which we thought deserved an article for itself. XDA member DarkStone1337, who is famous for his various accomplishments in the HD2 port projects returns to the spotlight with yet another contribution to the HD2 community. He has...

mic_888 · Dec 15, 2010

Jailbreak Your PS3 Using Your HD2 With PS3DJB App

If you own a PS3 and you own an HD2, today's your lucky day since XDA forum member HackMimic has written an WM6.5 app to make things easier for those of you who want to jailbreak or downgrade your PS3. The XDA member wanted to make it easier for himself and hence others, so has posted his app including detailed instructions on how to use it. The PS3DJB app will install all files to your SD card needed to jailbreak and...

Captainkrtek · Dec 13, 2010

Soft Keys for Android on the HTC HD2

If you're tired of using the hardware keys on your HD2 to navigate on your device, there is now a great alternative. Thanks to XDA member jerryfan2000 and pbk for developing a Sidebar like UI that allows you to use the hardware keys without touching them. This app is only for Android on the HD2 and not for WM builds. The installation is pretty simple as shown in this excerpt from the OP: (1) install the apk (2) When you click...

egzthunder1 · Dec 7, 2010

HD2 Running on Gingerbread!

Thanks to a tip by XDA forum moderator krook6023, we found out that the Goliath of all WM phones, the HD2 (aka Leo) has a working port of Gingerbread, courtesy of XDA member DarkStone1337.  The message is very concise and to the point: I've done it. However, due to his personal life, DarkStone will not be releasing builds, but rather pass down the knowledge to others to ensure that his time does not go to waste. Like I said in other threads, I won't...

mic_888 · Dec 7, 2010

Dual Boot With Android Windows Boot

There are now a few tools around, that let you dual boot either into Android or Windows from your Windows Mobile device, and here is another alternative. XDA forum member LePocketPc has posted a tool for choosing the OS upon boot for your HTC HD2. Primarily for those users who still use WM as their main OS, but still want the choice of Android upon first boot, the tool brings up a screen where you can select between Android or Windows....

orb3000 · Nov 24, 2010

Looks Like WP7 for the HD2 is Beginning to Look Like a Reality, But…

Interestingly enough, it looks like the efforts of our devs, particularly XDA member Cotulla are finally going to be released soon, according to his Twitter page. What this means is that the Windows Phone 7 OS arrival at the HD2 is imminent and we should be expecting it pretty soon. However, Cotulla also mentioned something rather important in his Tweet regarding the verification system that Microsoft has put in place. It looks like since the device will not have access to Live...

egzthunder1 · Nov 20, 2010

CRT Fade Animation for WM

XDA member Jaxbot brings us this interesting mod for WM 6.5 and up. Recently, we have seen some very interesting videos and screenshots of the new and upcoming Android OS version 2.3, aka Gingerbread. One of the latest ones involves an animation during the screen turn off. Basically, the new animation will make it look like the old TVs and monitors where the image collapses into a flat line through the center of the screen and then into a point....

egzthunder1 · Nov 19, 2010

HD2 Android Fixes for Orientation and Screen Calibration

Lots of development have happened over the last few months since Android first graced the WVGA screen of the HD2. New kernels, ports, more functionality, you name it, everything has been done to get this OS as functional as possible. However, there were a few bugs still pending, which were quite annoying. One of the biggest ones is the fact that the device would hang (more specifically the touchscreen would freeze for a little while) due to the orientation sensor....

mic_888 · Nov 15, 2010

Test Your Memory With MemorizeIt Game

If you fancy trying out a new game, take a look at MemorizeIt by XDA forum member heliosdev. MemorizeIt is a game coded in C# and OpenGL ES 2.0 for your Windows Mobile device like the HTC HD2. Currently, the app has three categories: Memory - a simple game where two images have to match (needs at least 10 images). Head Tracking - an experimental image browser. Image Effects - apply shader effects on your images. The dev states that...

egzthunder1 · Nov 8, 2010

Getting Closer… New Video of HD2 Running WP7 Surfaces

There is already proof that the HD2 can indeed boot WP7, but it seems that even though we can't see a whole lot of development going on in our forums, things are moving back stage. XDA member Samsunguy posted two videos that have surfaced from a Chinese website called xda.cn. These not only show WP7 booting as per the original video released by XDA member Cotulla, but they show the OS going at what seems to be full functionality. Needless...

orb3000 · Nov 4, 2010

WP7 Theme on Your HD2

For Leo users this new bootscreen will be outstanding. We have now the chance to boot Android, Ubuntu and Maemo (in the works). And now, XDA member and developer ansar.ath.gr give us the chance to boot Windows Phone 7 on the Leo!. The developer states that two releases will be uploaded, Titanium and Jaxbot’s Metro UI, be aware this is not a WP7 ROM, it´s a WM6.5 ROM with Jaxbot´s WP7 theme included. The work is still on early development,...

orb3000 · Nov 3, 2010

Android Loader v5.0 Final for HD2

We know there are many Android bootloaders for Windows Mobile devices, but this one presented by XDA moderator mskip has very interesting boot options. The final version of Android Loader shows features like the chance to auto-load Android even if it´s not located in the traditional folder, a Windows link to reboot directly to Android without any prompts, and the option to change the startup boot option. Please be sure to read and understand how this application works before you proceed....

egzthunder1 · Nov 3, 2010

How to De-Brand Your HD2 via Goldcard

XDA member pcwe has posted this very nice tutorial on how to debrand your HD2 via the goldcard method. If you are not familiar with it, the goldcard method basically allows a rom to be flashed from an SD card which is prepared to bypass the securities imposed by the system. This seems to be a necessary step to flash certain roms like the Artemis series on the HD2. The advantage of this is that it will not modify much...