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mic_888 · Mar 29, 2010

TrackMyShares – Equity tracker application

Trackmyshares is an equity portfolio tracker developed by xda member troyantonio. The application is optimized for the HTC HD2 but should work on most devices. It works in portrait and landscape views. Originally posted by troyantonio Features: Input an unlimited number of equities to your portfolio Keep up to date with the latest prices on-the-go Get instant portfolio valuations Friendly user interface and optimized screen layout 15 minute Delayed Prices Possible future developments include multiple portfolios and improved search capabilities...

mic_888 · Mar 25, 2010

Zooomer enables “Pinch to Zoom” for HTC HD2

Zooomer, developed by Bernd M Walter, a friend of the original mobilitygeek, enables "pinch to zoom" on the HTC HD2, for user installed programs. The software scans for all .exe files on the device (including SD card), you select the apps that you wish to be zoom enabled and perform a soft reset.  Simple! Currently the software only works for user installed applications although some built applications may also be 'zoom' enabled. For example Zooomer will not work with Internet Explorer...

mic_888 · Mar 16, 2010

Metal Detector app for HTC HD2

6Fg8 has released a pretty cool app that detects metal using the HTC HD2. The application (artwork by youmeus) is still in beta but is functional with ongoing bug fixing and development. Metal Detector currently only works on the HD2, as it uses the built-in compass and calculates the deviation from magnetic north. This only works on the HD2 as it houses a real physical magnetic compass and the sensor API on other devices will likely differ. It requires .NETCF3.5...