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Are you tired of the same old Windows Mobile Media Player? Have a look at this nice player created by scilor. He presents us his updated v10 alpha version of this Windows Mobile player. Create your own playlists as easy as it should be and enjoy the many other options.

Originally posted by scilor
SciLor’s GrooveMobile Alpha v10
SciLor’s GrooveMobile is a grooveshark(tm).com player for Windows Mobile.
Now with local playlists and an update checker!
Update: Now with option to dump your online playlists. Mhh nanogroove we compete now?

If you like skinning take a look at the “img” directory… For now I will use Barguast’s Groovefish Sources.

For more information continue on to the application thread.


This great app, created by msullivan, gives you the option to send messages via your 3G data connection, this way your outgoing SMS messages cost you nothing! This application for Windows Mobile devices allows easy text messaging via your Google Voice account (only working for USA for now). The app tries to open a few URL connections via OS networking components using your data connection.

Originally posted by msullivan
I’ve not been able to find a free application for Windows Mobile that allows easy text messaging (SMS) via your Google Voice account. I wanted something easy to use that also pulls from the phone’s contacts list. So since I couldn’t locate an app that suites these needs, I created one.

New In Version 1.1
NOTE: This version and all future versions requires the .NET Compact Framework 3.5, see below.

  • Smart contact selection. Start typing a name or number, and Easy SMS will start narrowing your choices for you.
  • Update checking and notification. A very low-bandwidth way of keeping your software up to date.
  • Debug mode. Having issues? Enable Debug Mode in your settings and let me know of the error details, maybe I can help you out with it
  • Some small bugs have been fixed.
  • Support for most special characters in message text.
  • Public source code (click through to my website).

For the application and more information continue on to the application thread.


Many users of the popular original HTC Diamond have had their shiny gadget-loving heart broken by a very common hardware bug, known as the ‘Microp’ error.

Symptoms of the bug include a dialogue box with the message ‘Microp Version Mismatch 0, Please upgrade latest MicroP firmware‘, worsened or non-existent screen backlight performance, no backlight for hard keys, an unresponsive reset button and lowered touchscreen sensitivity. The bug has plagued the Diamond community since the initial release of the device, but member siddharthsai has recently found a solution.

He provides a step-by-step guide to completely relieve your device of the aforementioned symptoms, and to prevent the error from happening again. Siddharthsai has also included links to images and videos to help you with the disassembly process – as the error stems from a hardware fault it’s necessary to take the phone apart to fix it. Siddharthsai even offers one-on-one assistance for those who are having trouble with his guide.

Continue on to the thread for more information.

Rhobuntu Updated to v9.04

April 16, 2010   By:


The ‘Rhobuntu’ project, which works on porting the popular Ubuntu Linux distro to devices including the Touch Pro 1 and 2, the Diamond and similar devices, has recently been re-energised with a bunch of updates. The most important part of these updates is the Ubuntu update to version 9.04, making the project almost up-to-date with the latest stable release for full-sized machines.

In addition, the update makes establishing a WiFi connection much less hassle-free, while also reducing some of the bloatware found on earlier builds. Setting up a 3G internet connection is now also easier than ever, and the system as a whole is substantially faster.

Functionality varies between devices, and users of phones other than the Rhodium should find the Rhobuntu thread specific to their device in their own respective forums. Continue on to the original thread for the Rhodium for more information on this update.

XTRAKT Working on HTC Touch Diamond

March 29, 2010   By:


The Diamond One had not much new things going on for it, but this cannot be said anymore as XTRAKT has been ported to it. The game that was originally extracted from the X1 to the HD has now made it to the Diamond.

Originally posted by CR7KB24

This is the first game with such great graphics and to run so smoothly on the Touch Pro. The only thing I found to kinda be cut off because of the difference in screen size is the loading screen, after looking closer I found that while playing the game the left part of the screen is slightly cut off, but it’s still good enough to play.

Quite some users are saying the game is pretty smooth and is well worth your time, cichy3000 has made a video to show off the application that CR7KB24 released for the Diamond.

If you’d like to have it on your device, the thread has all the details.


The Android look is becoming very popular in the Windows Mobile scene, so it seems about right that you’d get your phone updated. Dark Ninja recently posted the updates he has brought to his Android theme for Windows Mobile phones. The Theme did not receive a drastic update, but it did get support for 6.1, which some of you still use.

Originally posted by Dark Ninja

Update 24/3/10

  • Added WM6.1 version thanks to longice
  • More extra versions of the battery Thanks to dandnj71
  • Added versions without the taskbar, as it was causing problems

Update V6 Android Taskbar 17/3/10

  • Added Volume fixes
  • Added New wait cursor (Desire one)
  • Added New WM6.5 White Theme
  • Added Perfected Network bars

The thread is the spot for more information.

Ubuntu 8.04 running on HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro2)

Much like with the XDANDROID project, which works on porting Android to much-loved Windows Mobile devices such as the Raphael, Blackstone, Rhodium and Diamond, various members of the forum have been working together to port the complete Ubuntu Linux distro to a range of handsets.

This originated with fatsal‘s port to Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1, but support and development has grown substantially and the operating system is now working (with varying degrees of functionality) on several other devices.

The port operates very similarly to that of Android. Users must put the relevant system files into the root of their SD card, and run haret.exe to boot into Linux. WiFi support should be fixed for all devices, but the touchscreen must be used like a trackpad to move the cursor. Obviously, calls and texts cannot be made through Ubuntu as it is designed as a complete PC OS, not a mobile OS.

For your own device, please see the respective thread, read the given instructions very carefully (as they differ between devices) and remember to download the appropriate zImage:

fatsal’s thread for XPERIA X1

JesusFreak316’s thread for Raphael and Diamond

dsfreak0109’s thread for Topaz

sebbo90’s Rhobuntu thread for Rhodium

Rhodium users should also read the Wiki entry on Ubuntu for Rhodium

Don’t worry if your device isn’t currently featured: the project is still growing and it is very likely to span to other devices in the coming weeks.

For almost a year users beemerTPPC & flywhc, with great support from others within the community, have been working on HyperGPS. The project has been aimed at researching the possibility of using built-in FM receivers to get TMC traffic alerts out of the air and into the Navigational Software that support TMC.

Although the software was meant for educational use, it has now reached the final 1.0 release.
It is an important development as Windows Phone hardware producers have been reluctant to support TMC from the start and are still lacking to do so to date.

The supported devices are: HTC Diamond, HTC Raphael, HTC Blackstone, HTC Polaris, SE Xperia X1, HTC Topaz, Eten/Acer M800/M900/X650/V900 etc & Omnia II.

Originally Posted by beemerTPPC

What is new in V1.0.1:
-New cab for Eten/Acer users with GFMAPI for Eten V1.0 : Solves some issues with the volume.

What is new in V1.0:
-New cab for Eten/Acer users with GFMAPI for Eten Beta 8.
Currently it works with M900 and M800 Eten/Acer devices only.
-Solved the issues with FM radio mute
-Solved the issues with sound redirection to speaker.
-No need to use beta 5 anymore, but I leave it in download area

Continue on to the application thread.

HTC Campaign Startup Boot Screen

January 29, 2010   By:


User kiay has made a set of different boot screens similar to the ones found on the latest devices.

Amongst the supported devices you can find the Touch Pro, Diamond and Touch HD.

Originally Posted by kiay:

Hi there, this is my 1st contribution to the community, a splash screen for Raphael, Diamond, Blackstone, Rhodium and Topaz users for now…
Hope you guys like it…

Application thread can be found here.


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