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Mathew Brack · May 12, 2015

Honor: The Company Behind The Devices

With Honor having recently released several great looking phones and last year showing significant growth, we felt that many people lacked understanding of who Honor were and how they differ from Huawei. In an attempt to resolve this we reached out with a few questions for them to try and help people better understand the company and after much thought they have kindly replied with their best PR and marketing response (which you will surely see straight through).   Can...

Tomek Kondrat · Mar 15, 2015

Interview with Corgi for feedly Developer Stanislav Dmitriev

Here at XDA, we focus on highlighting the most promising projects that can instantly become hits. Not so long ago, we showed you Corgi for feedly, which brings the latest technology news to your lock screen. We reached out to one of the developers, Stanislav Dmitriev, who uses XDA as Stan.Dmitriev, to answer us a few questions regarding Corgi and other non-development things. Here's what Stan had to say. Hi, Stan! You’re one of the developers of Corgi for feedly. Could you...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 21, 2015

Interview with Andromium CEO Gordon Zheng

Here at XDA we look forward to newer technologies and the impact they could have in our lives. Lately we've been introduced to many enticing possibilities like Ampere and ExoDrive through kickstarter projects that aim towards solving the problems we smartphone users face every day and are very aware of. But Andromium wants to bring a new category of computing into our lives, and with it fix a problem that many of us didn't know we had: we are wasting the full capabilities...