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Jimmy McGee · Dec 31, 2014

Sea, Sailfish & Haddock: Shipping Linux to Devices and the Community w/ David Greaves – XDA:DevCon 2014

In his presentation Firefox OS Architecture and Collaboration Opportunities at XDA:DevCon 2014, Asa Dotzler talked about Firefox as a web browser and mobile OS, and how it exists to ensure there is choice in the marketplace. As it stands right now, the big players are Android and iOS, but a little group of hackers has another option for you: SailfishOS. SailfishOS is the topic of today’s talk. David Greaves is one of the co-founders of the Mer Project, where he focuses...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 21, 2014

Jolla Tablet Announced: The Second Sailfish OS Device

A little over a year ago, Jolla released its first smartphone with the brand new Jolla Sailfish OS. Despite quite a good amount of hype surrounding the phone, its sales were rather low. The Jolla team didn't give up, and they announced their second device. This time, it's a tablet that can easily compete with top devices produced by Apple and Google--at least, this appears to be the case, given its hardware specifications. The 7.85” Jolla Tablet will ship with...

Samantha · Jul 4, 2014

Jolla Phone Launcher Ported to All Devices Running Android 4.2+

The Jolla phone has been out for a while now, and running Sailfish OS, it presents itself as a fresh and interesting alternative what we've all gotten used to over the years---albeit it has heritage in the more primitive MeeGo previously. Normally, those who are looking to give Sailfish a go would have to either get some hands on experience with the Jolla phone themselves or wait around for a port to their current device. But because both of these options...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 31, 2013

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2013 – XDA Developer TV

The end of 2013 is here, and it has been an exciting year in the mobile device world. XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan combed through all the headlines, hardware releases, and device developments that happened this year and identified the Top Five Technology Trends for 2013. Everything from expanded mobile OS offerings to great independant mobile device choices, the rapid expansion of wearable technology and Google Glass, and much more. So take a moment to check out today's video and...

Samantha · Dec 1, 2013

Android Users Will Soon Be Able to Install Sailfish OS

When the Jolla phone was announced back in May of 2013 along with Sailfish OS, plenty of us were genuinely interested in the Meego successor. This is probably due to its simplistic and customizable hardware, its ability to run Android apps, and our interest in how Jolla will do things differently. This is evident from the feedback received from the XDA community on the original article, with plenty of comments and discussions. Fast forward half a year, and the Jolla...

Jimmy McGee · May 24, 2013

Jolla Sailfish OS Device Unveiled, New XDA University Tutorials! – XDA Developer TV

New Mobile Operating System Jolla Sailfish's flagship device has made its first appearance. That and more are covered by Jordan, as he reviews all the important stories from this week. Included in this week's news are two articles about XDA-University courses teaching you how to port ClockworkMod recovery and crafting recovery-flashable packages. Jordan talks about the other videos released this week on XDA Developer TV. XDA Developer TV Producer TK gave us a run down on Google I/O 2013, Kevin gave...

Conan Troutman · May 22, 2013

Jolla Sailfish OS Flagship Device Makes First Appearance

Given the amount of coverage that Android receives around here, you could almost be forgiven for forgetting that other mobile operating systems do exist. They do, and one of the more recent platforms that is being eagerly anticipated by many that does in fact look promising is Sailfish OS. This OS is the work of a Finnish company called Jolla. After Nokia's decision to ditch the Meego operating system, which was developed in conjunction with Intel, in favor of Windows Phone devices;...