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Mario Tomás Serrafero · Mar 23, 2015

Mod Spotlight: Graphic Equalizer for Notification Panel

There's plenty of amazing mods popping up on XDA every day. Some are very inventive and others are beautiful, but it's the innovative contributions and skillful adaptations that usually catch our eye. This Graphic Equalizer mod by XDA Senior Member Adi Aisiteru Reborn is a mix of both. He has found a way to get the CM 11 Tiles equalizer display mod on other ROMs, and the results are bound to allure plenty of you!   What this does is give your...

Samantha · Dec 17, 2014

Double Tap to Wake on the Nexus 6 Without Root

A few weeks ago, we featured an app which allowed the Nexus 6 to regain the double tap to wake functionality. Originally planned to have this feature, Google killed it off just before the Nexus 6’s release, as evidenced in its device-specific source code. However, Nexus 6 owners with root access were able to load the aforementioned app and regain the removed functionality. Unfortunately, this meant that folks who hadn't rooted their devices would miss out. Now, an alternate solution...

Samantha · Dec 17, 2014

Make Your Own Heat Sink for the LG Optimus 4X HD

It’s not a rare occurrence that performing a resource heavy task on your Android device (e.g. playing a game or multitasking heavily) results in the back of your device getting quite hot due to the heat being generated by the CPU. And without proper or adequate heat distribution, this heat will be most prominent at a certain area of your device’s rear. Strong heat is not the only downside of a hot CPU however, as it can also result in...

Samantha · Dec 16, 2014

MultiROM Available on the Sony Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia ZL was released back in April 2013 alongside the more well-known flagship Xperia Z, and the ZL featured almost identical specifications to its sibling. Since then, it has received Android 4.3 and then 4.4 earlier this year from Sony, as well as strong aftermarket support, as can be seen with the development of useful features such as ROMswitcher. And now, we can add MultiROM to this list of accomplishments for the Xperia ZL as well. Thanks to the...

Samantha · Dec 13, 2014

Use the OnePlus One Front Earpiece for Media Playback

Opting for dual speakers positioned on the bottom of the OnePlus One, many would say that this device's speakers look awfully similar to the ones on the Nexus 5. Despite the aesthetic similarity, the One employs two separate sound drivers, each with its own speaker grille. So although they may not be stereo, they at least produce strong sounds at top volume. However, if this doesn’t seem to just quite cut it for some One owners out there, the OnePlus One...

Samantha · Dec 7, 2014

Relocate the Dalvik Cache to Get More Space on your Moto G with Mod

Having little to no memory left on your Android device is a bummer especially when you’ve already tried cutting down your files, music, videos, photos and apps to only the very bare essentials (which definitely has a wide scope needless to say). For owners of devices without SD card slots, this can be pretty frustrating, and the non-LTE variants of the Moto G is no exception. This is because the internal eMMC storage of the device has an approximately 600MB...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 6, 2014

Best Google Nexus 6 Mods – XDA TV

The Google Nexus 6 is finally landing more and more people’s hands. That of course means that more and more developers have gotten hands on the Nexus 6. Recently we showed you how to rooted it. So what do you do next? In this video XDA TV Producer TK presents some applications and modifications that he’s installed on his Nexus 6. Check out these mods to give you an answer to the question of “what to do now.” These suggestions...

Samantha · Dec 4, 2014

Experience Flow Throughout Sony Xperia Z1 System UI

The ‘Cosmic Flow’ animation and theme were first introduced with the 2012 line of Xperia devices from Sony. They were undoubtedly quite visually striking, particularly the multicolored live wallpapers. And although Sony has moved onto the more reserved and mild ‘Experience Flow’ theme as seen on their newer devices such as the Xperia Z3, it retains the central motif of flowing lines and curves. If you’re a big fan of the theme and would rather it to appear throughout your...

Samantha · Dec 3, 2014

Use the Front Earpiece as a Second Speaker on the Note Edge

Speaking as an owner of a phone with a rear-facing speaker, I can tell you just how ridiculously small and weak any media playback sounds. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been conditioned to experience high quality sound playback in recent years with superb sound products and features *ahem* HTC One *ahem*, but hey, it’s 2014. So this is probably why it was a bit surprising that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the new innovative phablet with its screen curved alongside...

Samantha · Dec 1, 2014

LG G3 Oversharpening Fix Just Got Simpler with Aroma Script

A couple of days ago, we reported on a much needed and welcomed fix to the oversharpening issue LG G3 owners have been reporting about their screens. The issue seems to have manifested from the high resolution quad HD display of the device, which on the software side, has a noticeable sharpening effect (much like in software like Photoshop). This, just until recently, could not be removed. This improved fix comes from the same creator of the originally reported fix,...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 8, 2014

Improve the Quality of Your Note 4’s Photos

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is without a doubt a great device. The highly functional S-Pen and pretty high end hardware specifications make it one of the most interesting devices of 2014. But even the best Android devices can be improved upon, and XDA is definitely a good place to look for some neat modifications. One of the aspects of the Note 4 that can be improved is the default camera application. Samsung put some restrictions on its camera application...

Samantha · Sep 30, 2014

Boost the Brightness of Your Sony Xperia Z1’s LED

I think the last time anyone has ever used a physical torch to find their earphones, keys, or contact lens case was eons ago--before phones with LED flashes were invented. Now if we have to navigate or find something in the dark, we just whip out our phones, turn on their LEDs and sweep the floor with their gloriously powerful light. Of course, we all know that torches are actually better at being torches than our phone’s measly LEDs, but one can...

Samantha · Sep 29, 2014

Unlock Hidden Camera Settings on Your Moto G

At one point in time or another, we’ve all gotten very fiddly with the camera settings on our Android devices--maybe it was because you had just discovered that your camera actually had settings, you were playing around with a new mod or port, or perhaps you even thought of yourself as a ‘street photography’ connoisseur. With this said, if you own a Moto G and find yourself simply not satisfied with the customization options for your phone’s camera, you might want...

Samantha · Sep 27, 2014

Customize the Info Panel of the OnePlus One Lock Screen

The lock screen of the OnePlus One is quite the pleasant thing to look at. It’s minimalistic and simple, yet different from what we’ve all perhaps gotten used to over the years. But by default, the customization options are quite limited, particularly in regards to the solid-colored panel that takes up the bottom half of the screen. Yes, you can say that a third party lock screen will fix this little issue, but if you’re looking for some more freedom...

Jimmy McGee · Aug 30, 2014

Top 5 LG G3 MODs – XDA Developer TV

The LG G3 has been LG's breakout hit of the summer. Using their knowledge from building some Nexus Devices and improving on the LG G2, the G3 is a beast right out of the box! However here at XDA, we are never completely satisfied with a stock device. While our review of the device shows off the stock features, there is always more you can do with your LG G3. In today's episode,  XDA Developer TV Newcomer Jared shows off the Top...

Samantha · Jul 31, 2014

Mod Lets You Have Stereo Speakers on Your Sony Xperia Z1 (Sort Of)

The stereo speakers on the Sony Xperia Z2 are probably a relatively large source of envy among owners of former Xperia flagship devices such as the Xperia Z1. And with the same design language, almost identical dimensions, and a not very significant bump in processing power, the having stereo playback is the one feature that the Z1 just had to miss out on. Luckily however, Z1 owners may be able to give this feature a go thanks to XDA Senior Member dontbelive. A mod developed...

Tomek Kondrat · Jul 29, 2014

Choose from Over a Thousand Battery Styles with 3Minit Battery Mod

The battery style in stock Android looks pretty dull. It doesn't offer the percentage remaining, customizable colors, and so on. Basically, it's not something that most of us here on XDA are looking for. Luckily, you can change your default white or blue battery style to something more fancy with just few steps. The battery style can look really nice and colorful. XDA Senior Member gharrington created a mod that gives you the ability to browse from over one thousand battery types. With a single...

Samantha · Jul 23, 2014

Implement Split View in Your LG G2 KitKat Rom with Automated Installer

Some of you may have remembered a story on the Portal a few weeks back about a great tutorial on implementing the Split View feature into your own LG G2 KitKat ROM. Although welcomed by the LG G2 community, it wasn’t a very efficient solution as it required a ROM to be modified accordingly every time you have a fresh ROM installed, and it could only be undertaken by those who know their way around smali and baksmali editing. XDA...

Samantha · May 24, 2014

Enable Stereo Speaker Playback System-Wide on Your Sony Xperia Z2

One of the most notable additions to the new Sony Xperia Z2 is its set of stereo speakers. This is particularly notable, given the rather lackluster speaker quality of previous Xperia flagships. Although the improved speaker setup results in louder and more enjoyable listening experience, it's surprising to see that Sony forgot to make the stereo playback system-wide for sounds such as the ringtones and notifications. But rather than wait for an official fix, XDA Senior Member olokos went ahead and fixed the problem himself. The remedy comes in...