Restore Your Softbricked Moto G after Lollipop Update

Moto G lollipop

Being one of the handful of devices released by when Motorola was still owned by Google, the Moto G has finally been updated to Android 5.0 in the past week through an OTA update and an update leak. As Moto G users are installing and experiencing Lollipop, it’s inevitable that some issues would occur, such as a softbrick, especially with the different variants of the device. So, if you’ve managed to get your Moto G softbricked after updating it, a tutorial written by XDA Senior Member GI0\/\NNI may help.

Consisting of 10 steps, the tutorial teaches users how to unbrick and restore their softbricked device after updating it to Android 5.0. It essentially consists of using ADB and Fastboot with CMD and flashing . . . READ ON »

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Moto G (2013) GPe Also Gets Android 5.0.1, OTA Captured


Motorola has been a smartphone OEM for a very long time, but recent years have been quite difficult for the company. As a result, this American company found itself acquired first by Google and then by Chinese giant Lenovo. When the Moto G was released, Motorola was still a part of Google and Android’s creators ensured that the budget device would ship with great support and an AOSP-like experience.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen many devices getting their Android 5.0 updates. No more than few hours ago, we talked about the GPe Samsung Galaxy S4 receiving an OTA update. The Google Play Edition of Moto G (2013) has joined the Android 5.0 club, as Google decided to push the OTA for this device. The update . . . READ ON »

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Relocate the Dalvik Cache to Get More Space on your Moto G with Mod

moto g

Having little to no memory left on your Android device is a bummer especially when you’ve already tried cutting down your files, music, videos, photos and apps to only the very bare essentials (which definitely has a wide scope needless to say). For owners of devices without SD card slots, this can be pretty frustrating, and the non-LTE variants of the Moto G is no exception. This is because the internal eMMC storage of the device has an approximately 600MB partition called /cache, which unfortunately and frustratingly not used because cache of apps is stored in /data. Hence, this leaves 600MB of unused space on your phone.

To access this untapped memory space, XDA Senior Member Bert98 has written a tutorial l. . . READ ON »

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How to Control Both Moto G and Moto E LEDs

Moto G LEDs

Notification LEDs offer a great way to check for notification at a glance on the Moto G (2013) and Moto E. That being said, you may want greater control over them to check on charging status as well or even your eMMC (internal or external storage) activity. All of this is possible, assuming your device is already rooted.

XDA Recognized Contributor matmutant has written two detailed tutorials on how to control your device’s LEDs for various uses. As it turns out, both the Moto G and Moto E have two white LEDs each (note that both LEDs occupy the same hole; you can check matmutant’s blog post for detailed information on how he found this out). You can control them by writing to the files in the following dire. . . READ ON »

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Android Lollipop Builds Land on Next Batch of Devices

Pile of smart phones

The Android hype rages on, as we continue to see source-built ports of this OS for many devices practically every day. Some of them are ready to be considered daily driver status, while others aren’t just yet. Regardless, they are all great because once again the community says no to arbitrary limitations imposed by OEMs.

A short while ago, we talked about the Sony Xperia L getting an Android 5.0 port. Since then, XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor varun.chitre15 managed to fix all remaining defects in an Unofficial CyanogenMod 12 port. This means that the Xperia L has become one of the first non-Nexus devices to have a fully working custom build of Android 5.0 in place.

The mid-ranger from Sony . . . READ ON »

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Moto G (2014) Gains Root Access on Lolipop


The Moto G and the Moto G (2014) have proven to be quite successful devices. And for many, these phones have proven that you don’t need to spend flagship dollars in order to get a high quality device. One of the major reasons why people decided to get the Moto G was its vanilla-like Android builds and incredibly low price relative to its specifications.

It didn’t take long for Motorola and Google to provide an official Lollipop update for the 2014 variant of the device. Ever since Android 4.4 KitKat, this American OEM has delivered all possible updates in days rather than weeks or months like other OEMs–even for non-flagship devices. Hopefully now under the ownership of Lenovo, Motorola wil. . . READ ON »

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Unlock Hidden Camera Settings on Your Moto G

Moto G Camera Settings

At one point in time or another, we’ve all gotten very fiddly with the camera settings on our Android devices–maybe it was because you had just discovered that your camera actually had settings, you were playing around with a new mod or port, or perhaps you even thought of yourself as a ‘street photography’ connoisseur. With this said, if you own a Moto G and find yourself simply not satisfied with the customization options for your phone’s camera, you might want to check out XDA Forum Member GodOfPsychos’s tutorial.

GodOfPsychos has written a tutorial which teaches you how to ‘unlock’ the advanced camera settings and options for your Moto G. Originally hidden by default, these settin. . . READ ON »

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Moto G on Boost Mobile Finally Receives Update to Android 4.4.4


The Moto G is one of those, wallet friendly devices that is definitely not considered “low end.” In fact, this device from 2013 can easily compete with the “higher end” Google Nexus 4 on many levels. While the G has been updated to Android 4.4.4 a long while ago, the Boost Mobile variant was still stuck on an older Android firmware version. The situation has changed and now, all of you using Moto G on Sprint’s prepaid arm can expect an OTA update heading your way.

As you all know, Android 4.4.4 is not exactly a major update. Google released it to fix some bugs related to stability and security, so don’t expect wonders after rebooting your device after updating. . . . READ ON »

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MultiROM Also Makes its Way to the Moto G

MultiROM Multiboot Moto G

Just yesterday, we wrote about how XDA Recognized Developer Tasssadar‘s MultiROM technology had been ported to the Moto E. As it turns out, the Moto E isn’t the only budget-friendly and critically acclaimed Motorola device to receive a port. The popular Moto G has also received a port, and now it too can enjoy all of the multiboot fun.

This unofficial MultiROM port for the Moto G comes courtesy of XDA Forum Member montamer. And in the roughly half month since its official release, the port has made quite a bit of progress. It works both on standard and GPe devices, WiFi connectivity works in both ROMs, touch selection works, and of course the core multiboot functionality is fine as wel. . . READ ON »

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